Tuesday, June 27, 2006

My month at a Glance

Wow! June proved to be a super busy month. I thought I would use this space to remind myself of all the blessings I experienced in the last 4 weeks. Here's a peak!

First weekend of June we heated the pool and haven't been able to get the kids out since! Here's Brock jumping off the rocks! Close your eyes dad!

I presented Turbo Jam at the Evolution Fitness Conference. Great group!

I taught Cierra's Kindergarten class Turbo Jam all year long as part of their physical education. They were so fun. They performed a modified, cutified version of the "Turbo" section at the school performance.

I'm so proud of my kids for so many reason. Brock recently ran enough laps in the "jog-a-thon" to have won special recognition. Here he is enjoying his reward...."Principal for a Day". He also got to sit in Principal Gabel's chair and wear one of his hats.

I continued work on my book! I'm really excited about it. It's only been in the works for oh...7 years. It's a funny read about my Murphy's law life, how to keep all things in balance, make fitness fun and lose weight on a diet that gives you health, energy and allows you to still look forward to your meals. I talk about all kinds of things... parenting, the challenges of marriage, business, family, friends and how to understand that you can't "do it all" and anyone who says you can or should is full of it! Brock took this photo to demonstrate that I purse my lips like Grandpa when I'm concentrating.

Ellie, Holly, Fashion Ashley and I have been working around the clock to design new Turbo Wear for IDEA, and Camp Turbo Kick. Our boutique is FULL! We're planning a big fitness fashion show for the Camp and I can't wait. We did one 18 months ago and it was such a hit. We had a runway and "real" models, an MC and so many people showed up we had to close the doors. This time we have a much bigger venue. If you haven't registered for camp yet, you should! http://www.turbokick.com

In June we were invited to be at QVC two times. Here's the first trip!

The success of the Turbo House Parties were out of this World. A big thanks to the folks at Lifetime Fitness in Garland, Texas who showed me the best time I've ever had teaching a live Turbo Jam class. I can't believe this facility and the amazing staff it has on board. They were beyond wonderful! I also want to thank Jackie Bull and her group of over 50 friends who got on board with the Turbo House Party and lost tons of tons of weight together. More importantly... they had fun and found a program that keeps them together, motivated and inspired. I surprised Jackie with a visit to her club. The turn out was so great! We had to move from the group fitness room to the basketball courts so we could get our groove on!

While I was in Texas, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to show up to a Dallas area club and surprise the Turbo Instructor (featured center in red plaid pants). Bless her heart... she was awesome and allowed me to just enjoy being one of her students! Thanks for the great workout!

The House Parties got a surprise visit from video star and southern bell...Ms. Mindy. Here she is jammin' in the living room with Jackie Bull of Garland, Texas. Check out that cute skirt.... I wonder where she got it????

Next, my darling 19 year old cousin Ashley came to spend the month with our family. She just finished her first year at Syracuse University in New York and spent a month here in California helping me with the book, music, before and afters and every other project currently on the front burners. What a nice treat for our family! My daughter (6 yrs) told all of her friends that Ashley Simpson was staying with us to escape the press!

We celebrated Father's Day at the Montage in Laguna Beach. Featured in this photo is truly the World's best Dad. I couldn't, and wouldn't do half the things I do if it weren't for Bret. When I'm not there, he is, and visa versa. He makes every practice, every game, every recital. He hugs and kisses our kids and celebrates their uniqueness. He shows them how to treat a woman with respect and love. He's fun, silly but can be stern and serious when needed. He's the perfect mix of discipline (or what I like to call Daddy love) and sweet, kind and loving with our kids. He's the best. I never thought I would meet someone who was a better Dad than my own, but I have.

I spent hours viewing applications and videos of those applying to be Presenters for Powder Blue Productions. I love the vidoes. Some are sooooo funny, entertaining and motivating. To those people, I say..."Get in ma bella!" I love 'em. They get it. They live large and love life. I can't wait to meet them. Some where soooo boring, so blah, so not Turbo.... Sorry. Those people ended up in the "not this year" pile. Advice... don't hold back. Don't worry what people think of you. Go for it. You were holding back! Let lose and have fun! I give credit to anyone who took the time to complete the long process of applying to be a presenter. It's a scary process, but our selection of top notch trainers is what I believe has made us so successful. Top notch people, with top notch charachter and a sincere love for fitness and helping others; that's the key!

So here's our second trip to QVC in June. What a crazy month! Look how amazing these ladies look! I'm so lucky to know these ladies and to be able to spend time with them (especially my sister). It's so much fun to do QVC. It's high pressure and never knowing what's going to happen next and I just thrive on that adrenalin! Love it! Love it! Love it! I am totally coated in self-tanner in this picture. We might look cute, but the stench from that self-tanner was killin' everyone around us. We were known as the stinky Turbo girls.

After our appearance, we went straight out for Sushi!

No one has a better laugh than Holly.

We decided that because we didn't have time for a workout earlier in the day, we better get our workout at the restaurant. We cleared out a few tables, asked the manager to turn up the tunes and we had our own "girls only" dance party...right there in the Sushi restaurant. My apologies to all the patrons who we scared away. If you love to dance and your with a group who loves to dance.... throw in a few kickin' tunes, and there's just no stopping the dance party! I'm serious. We were dripping with sweat and laughing so hard. We danced for over an hour and a half (and again... this was a sushi restaurant). Silly girls.

Speaking of dance.... Here's Cierra with her Hip Hop instructor, Khai! He's totally cool, with a black and red faux-hawk. He's a featured dancer in the "Dont Cha" video with the Pussy Cat dolls, which he choreographed.

Here's her troop.... The little guy in the middle is destined to make a hip hop video. Awesome skills. We had to "fib" about Cierra's age so she could get in the group. Sssssshhhh!

My Month at a glance! Man that was fun. I take nothing for granted. Thank you lord for blessing me with a great family, great friends, a job I love, a passion that fuels me and all the kind words from our ever growing Turbo family!

Here's to a great July!