Tuesday, February 28, 2006



It's time to throw a party! It's time to inspire the World to be fit! Are you a walking-talking promoter of all things Turbo? Do you love Turbo Jam™ and/or Turbo Kick™ and want to help spread the love? If so, then please read on!

I have long said that fitness is so much more meaningful when you help another person change their life with it. When we're overweight we are less patient, less happy, illness is more common, lives are shorter, and depression is all too common.

There are SO many people who need your gift. Your gift is when you motivate someone to feel better, to be better!

The quest to be fit sometimes seem overwhelming. So many never even stick to 5 straight days of exercise, because the task seems so huge! I have a plan to reach these people and anyone can do it! You don't have to be the picture of perfect health, a fitness buff or anything of the sort. You will, however, need a drive to help other succeed!

I want to get people across the country to try Turbo Jam! I want people who would never dream of going to take a class at the gym to know that there *IS* a workout for them that won't placate to their ability, that will allow them to step into it slowly, get in great shape and have FUN doing it!

TURBO JAM is how we "pay it forward" and reach this inactive population.

I hope you share my goal. I can tell you that the rewards of helping another person reach this goal is one of the most rewarding feelings you will ever have. It truly will lift you up and keep you soaring high! I want you to help inspire your neighbors, co-workers, aunts and non exercising friends to be fit! Just tell them... "We can do this! Let's do this together!!!"

Together with Beachbody, I am organizing 1,000 people, across the globe, on the same day, to throw a Turbo Jam House Party and invite 10 to 20 people (similar to Tupperware parties) to introduce Turbo Jam to new exercisers and people looking to lose weight and get fit! Don't worry..we won't be exercising in your house....just getting each other excited to start the program on the same day and stick to it... stick to it like glue for 10 days straight!!!

We are planning a national campaign of these parties to get people to try Turbo Jam and who better to lead these parties than those who know first hand the benefits of the Turbo workout! This party will have a profound purpose. Together, all those attending will support, motivate and encourage each other and take the Turbo challenge ......Lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in 10 days by combining the Turbo Jam workouts with the highly successful Turbo Slim diet plan.

Beachbody will be flying me to the location where the host who has done the best job of putting together a "Turbo Newbie" group of people who need fitness inspiration! I can't wait!

I would be grateful to have you consider being a host. To be considered, take a few moments to answer these brief 10 questions. Please click the link below to access them. The hosts get the coolest stuff, plus total training and step by step instructions on how to host the perfect Turbo House party. The party date is tentatively scheduled for May 2006!

Thank you in advance for your time!

I love you guys!!!


Here's the link


Saturday, February 18, 2006

Survey: What one phrase or comment works to help you avoid mindless eating or overeating?

Quick survey....

What one phrase, concept or technique helps you avoid mindless eating, i.e. the eating (or drinking) that you do when you've already had enough calories for the day and you're not really hungry?

Please keep replies brief and on this subject so that we can get a nice big list going! The more replies we have the more likely we'll be able to switch a light bulb on for someone else!

Here's mine:

When I find myself mindlessly standing in the pantry staring at the shelves about to grab something I don't need ... I ask myself, "What do I want more....the junk or the fit body?" 94% of the time I choose the later. Sometimes I give in :)

What's yours?

Friday, February 10, 2006

QVC Totally Rocks

What a flippin' way cool year this has been. Today I returned from a brief visit to QVC in Philly, PA. May I just say that I have never had so much fun "on the job". I want to be laid to rest at QVC. I walked in those front doors, took a deep cleansing breath of the adrenalin and passion in the air and thought to myself... "ah... home. Home sweet home."

So in the event you've never heard of QVC, it's a television shopping network that runs live shows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has done so since 1986. I know that television shopping networks are considered by many the ultimate in cheese whiz. Oh sure, there's no shortage of material ripe for the Talk Soup mockery, and there are plenty of items sold that you're thinking, "Who buys this stuff?", but let me tell you...shopper to shopper, it's time to tune back in. You only have to order one item to know that you've received exactly what was advertised, at a price found no where lower, and you've already been given a hands on tutorial on how to use the product. Now, being a trendy self-proclaimed fashionesta I've, to this point, not been too keen on the apparel items. That, I'm sure, is a blessing in disguise, as I have spent a pretty penny snatching up the coolest, hardest to find, "why didn't I think of that" gadgets to simplify my life. Name brand items are offered at the lowest of prices, impossible to find mom and pop items really make viewing a bit like "treasure hunting". I love flipping to the QVC chanel and seeing things you really can't find anywhere else! I buy all my linens, electronics, kitchenware, cutlery, luggage, cleaning supplies, sports chairs, gardening flowers and tools and all my basic gold pieces, like hoops and chains. I also love watching the show for the hosts. They crack me up, You feel like you're just out at the mall with your overly enthusiastic best girlfriend or guyfriend. This fall I tuned in and they were featuring a folding portable chair to take to sporting events. I thought to myself, "there is no way I'm going to need or want this thing", but I let the show run in the background as I continued getting ready. Oh sure, you know what I'm going to say... 2 minutes into the features on this chair and WHAM...like an alcoholic who doesn't know how they got there...."HI, yes, I'd like to order item number JF233455".

Not only did I order one for me, I ordered 4.. count 'em 4! Once the chair came in and I took it to the baseball field and proceeded to give all the sidelined parents my mini QVC pitch on the product. In the last six months I probably sold another 40 chairs just during football season. Now I'm not a partner in this chair making company, I just love spreading the word when I find a smokin' deal on a must have item!

So...now the "pinch me" part.... Turbo Jam will soon be featured on QVC! Hooray! I love it when I get to check-off a big fat item from my life-time "to do" list and this was definitely on it (below Oprah of course).

As with all guests who appear with the show "hosts", you are required to attend an all day training seminar to fully understand how things work, what to do and how to do it. Complete with a tour, a fabulously hands-on practical seminar and a behind the scenes peak into green rooms, countless sets, line production rooms, hair and make-up, props, madly rushing production assistants and so much more.

Here are just a few pics from one of my favorite life experiences. I promised a post today, so I'll keep this brief and detail the experience later this weekend! Let me just say it was one of the funniest, funnest, furiously fast paced, educational, enriching, energizing, enjoyable days of my life. If I were a quarterback and just won the Super Bowl and the cameras were on me, you know what I would say? "I'M GOING TO QVC!"