Friday, December 30, 2005


Okay... this has absolutely zip to do with fitness or your "tools", but it's totally useful. Your regular broadcast program has been interrupted to bring you this important emergency alert.

Attention all Target shoppers....

You know that little section right when you walk into all Targets that is filled with $1.00 items? You can find
totally rad little thingies that you have no need for, but they are so cheap you just buy a bunch? Well as if $1.00 for a really nice dog bowl, or a cookie recipe book weren't deal enough... TARGET HAS A 75% OFF SALE ON ALL $1.00 ITEMS. Now I'm no mathematician, but it didn't take me long to figure this one out. "A QUARTER?" I yelled to strangers walking by. Then it turned into a statement..."A QUARTER!!!"

Run... don't walk to Target..... today. This makes it even more URGENT that you trip to Target to pick up your "tools"! Tell your husband,..."I'm off to Target cuz that Turbo Jam guurrl is gonna save us some money honey!" If
you're at work and can't really leave... I'll write ya a note. It's almost worth a corrective action (or whatever they're calling them in corporate world these days.)

So, thinking ahead for my five year old, Cierra's birthday I bought her party favors...

10 black and pink satin purses - .25 cents each
10 Pink Pearl and black satin box necklaces - .25 cents each
10 Pink pearl head bands - .25 cents each
Total per set: .75 cents
Grand Total for 10 sets: $7.50

Okay and they had these bigger black satin purses with a tiny pink bow that are like 4 inches tall,
and maybe 9 inches long..kind of like a clutch. I bought a whole bunch of those too! I give my girlfriends
and employees gift certificates to the nail salon for manicures and pedicures and how much cuter would
they be to deliver them in these little purses. Heeellllooooowwww! It's a quarter...less than a greeting card,
less than a stamp, less than a 1/16th of a cup of coffee

There were dog bowls, and cat collars and costume jewelry and cd cases (to hold your Turbo Jam
DVD's) and recipe books, and, and..and...

P.S. If you live near the Mission Viejo Target, you should consider another location. I cleaned that one out and
I plan to hit a few more in the greater Orange County area. Big Lots - Shmig Lots.

Marthas of the world unite!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Get the Right Tools - Part 2

Part 2: All the Right Tools...

Stop... If you haven't already, please read Part 1 (see below) and hurry back.

Let's face it when it comes to burning calories, nothing comes close to Turbo Jam. In fact, I double dog dare ya to find a workout video with half the funk-factor (Funk-Factor: The less than pleasant odor resulting from profuse sweating associated with a killer T.J. workout.) But when it comes to weight loss it's more than just burning calories, but rather...burning more than you consume.

To consume fewer calories most experts will tell you to get some self-control. I'm going to tell you to get some plastic.

By consuming just an extra 100 calories per day (a second teaspoon of salad dressing, a bigger serving of cereal, a small extra glass of juice) you can easily pack on an extra 10 pounds a year. Conversly, by using the right tools and modifying habits just slightly, you can drop an extra 10 pounds a year (and that's assuming you weren't doing Turbo Jam) by simply equiping yourself with some good plastic. Details to below. Throw in some T,J, and with one hand on my hip and the other snapping a "Z"....... three words for ya.. "LOOK (*snap*) ING (*snap*) GOOD (*snap*)."

Containers, containers, containers:

America is the land of plenty. The businesses, the buildings, the boobs and the burgers..they're all bigger in the old U.S of A. No where is this concept more damaging than in the food industry. We want more for less. Super size it! Big Gulps are the new small. A small mitten size bag of popcorn used to do the trick. Now we order buckets bigger than paint cans! Newsflash...America is Fat!

It's not OUR fault that portions have grown over 60% since the 70's. But it is OUR problem. Ironically the only place I can think of where the portion sizes are appropriate for most adults is found at a 30,000 foot altatude. It's ironic only because it's the one food that you really don't want a lot of anyway! As nasty as it might be, airline food has the portions just about right.

There's only one way thing to do... Get some tools.

Rebels unite. Re-size your portions and win the war on fat! And where can you find these miracle tools? Just about any home/kitchen store will do. My personal favorite for such finds is a little place where I expect more and pay less. A little place that many of us use the french pronounciation of "Tar- Sshjay". A fabulous shop-stop where you pop in for batteries and leave 2 hours later with $300 worth of stuff you describe to your husband as "things we like totally needed." Target is the bomb, off the chain! If you live in the midwest...Meijer's Thrifty Acres is even better! You could find this stuff at Wal Mart or even your local grocery store.

Weight loss happens so much faster when you get a handle on portion size. One of the best ways to take control of your portions, rather than accepting what the food companies have decided is an acceptable portion, is to re-package it. Never leave an open bag of food in your cupboards. That's just an invitation to have conveinent food amnesia (when you continue to forget that you've already had several cookies, but you're back for more! If you're grazing, grabbing, or accepting the portions as packaged, may I wish you the best of luck! If you're serious about being a TJ success story ...get some good plastic containers with lots of little ones (i.e. the size that only holds a cup or half cup) That's the most common portion size for each food entre. Prepare each little container with pre-portioned servings stored in the fridge and ready for grabbing. We re-define "fast food" by having these things available and pre-measured. Items featured available at Target.


Plastic baggies are essential for the Turbo Slim diet. Prepare snacks ahead of time. Keep an emergency stash in your whip (gangsta mom slang for "car"). In my center counsole are a few pre-measure bags of raw almonds and dried cranberries. I keep a baggie in my gym bag too! On Mondays I make edamame and fill small bags to serve as snacks for the next three days. How about a small baggie with drained garbanzo beans and a dash of salt? How about a small baggie with 5 to 10 Oreo double stuffed cookies? Not. (Just making sure you're still with me.) Are these like the cutest plastic bags you've ever seen? Don't they make ya just wanna run out and buy a pair of SHOX to match? A bit on the pricey side, you can get three boxes of these at for around $15.00. A fair price to pay for fashion forward baggies :) Think how much more exicting to eat carrots from one of these works of art.

My sister got all the grace and all the height. As a teen she was asked to dance for the Grand Rapids Jr. Ballet Company. Those girls weren't allowed to gain an ounce. She learned to estimate calorie content on everything from a piece of reubarb pie to a kithchen sponge. Napolean Dynamite had like nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills... Jenelle has MAD calorie counting skills. It's learned. You have to start with Calorie Counting 101. That means for about a week, maybe more... you going to need to measure and weigh things...(Oh please, like you thought I couldn't see you rolling your eyes.) It's not that big of a deal and it's really what you MUST DO IF YOU CLAIM TO BE EATING VERY WELL, EXERCISING AND NOT LOSING WEIGHT. Second newsflash of the day... weight loss has and always will be a matter of burning more calories than you consume. Pssst...pssst...over here... (whispers) "You might be underestimating your calories". So get a food scale. Good ones start at about $19.00. The one featured is less than 60 but it practically does your workouts for you. This way cool scale weighs your food, estimates your calories for you and even adds and records your total calories for the day/week for up to 4 people. It's like a scale on steriods. Too cool! This too is available at Target for around $60.00. Food scales range between $19.99 and $59.99

4. FRESH IS BEST: When it comes to fresh food there are two things that get me excited... the first is a really good paring knife. A great paring knife makes cutting fruit and vegetables fast and fun! I love me some cucumbers. Cucs with sushi, cucs with salt, cucs with non-fat ranch dressing, cucs with vinegar and splenda, cucs on my eyelids at the spa! The skins not so good, so you will have to peel, slice and dice. You need a killer knife. Ooopps... make that a great knife. I have a Cutco knife that I've had since I was a door to door salesperson for them at the age of 20 (which was like pretty much just a few years ago). I spent 7 days in training and sold 3 sets before retiring and cashing in my pension plan. I love this knife though. I mean I REALLY love this knife. I've checked. To get one, you have to go through a sales rep. I'm willing to put aside my pride and have a lesser salesperson deliver that pitch I once knew so well. However, I would love to hear from those of you who have found "THE" paring knife. Please post a reply below.

The second thing that makes the "fresh" life a little faster is the George Foreman grill. Dare I suggest he might have been the first "Chicken George"? Naaawwoooo! Say it ain't so.

Undeniably he does make a great grill that speeds up the process and decreases fat on fresh protein! I bet Rogers Poultry tastes great on the Foreman Grill. Target has about 5 different versions ranging from $19.99 to $150.99. I actually have the $19.00 version and have had it for years and years. They all work great. Just consider how many people you'll be grillin' fer.

Okay...go get those tools! More before January 1. Please check back....spread the word. 2006 is our year!



Monday, December 26, 2005

All the Right Tools

So you want to create your own "extreme make-over". Get in line sistah! Right after that stroke of midnight New Year's Eve kiss, many of us embark on a mission to "remodel" the ol' bod. Hey, no time like the present to get mad serious and make it happen this year. Any carpenter (even J.C) knows the importance of good tools. You certainly wouldn't go about remodeling your bathroom without proper equipment and supplies. The outdated, unmatched, rusty tools tucked into the corner of your garage, hiding behind dust covered, half empty cans of paint are not going to give you the HGTV result you were going for. You (or your contractor) would make a trip to the local building supply mega store and find the best products at the best price.

Why would you approach your personal make-over with anything less?

Let's get real. If you're planning on turning that body into a fine tuned Ferrari, how are ya gonna start with worn tread, no-name brand, dirty, flat tires on those feet? And you're wondering why your knees hurt! Geeesh!

If your serious about making a dramatic change, it's time to get the right equipment. Over the course of the next week I'll share some my personal must-have's when it comes to "good tools".

Today's tip.... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOES. Shoes will make the most dramatic difference in your experience.

SHOES: As a general rule, shoes should be considered "dead" and laid to rest after 300 to 500 miles, or between 60 and 100 hours of impact depending upon several factors. Factors include impact of the activity, weight of the individual, terrain, quality of the shoe, pronation or supination of the foot, and overall construction. All effect a shoe's lifespan. Only use, not the number of months you own a shoe is relevant. Marathon runners and those who log substantial hours need to replace them more often. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.) It's not the length of time you've owned the shoe, but how many and the kind of hours you put on them.

My feet are my livelihood. Shoes are my most important purchase. I'll wear a sports bra from Wal Mart, but when it comes to shoes... never sacrifice quality. I buy the best and rotate them often. I rotate my shoes (wearing a different pair ever couple of days), to extend the life of the shoe. (Okay, okay, okay...and to match my outfit. Fine. Are you happy?).

Do you really need an excuse to go buy a new pair of shoes? Maybe it's your household's CFO that needs to justify the purchase. Consider that flat, dead, overused and/or poorly made shoes often result in back pain, knee pain, hamstring injuries, joint pain, knee injuries and sprainked ankles just to name a few good reasons.

COMMON QUESTION: Which shoes are the best?
ANSWER: The ones that fit your foot and are most suitable for the type of activity/use and take into consideration the surface you'll be working on are the best. (Well and for the fitness fashion forward crew, color is a key!) How is that for a non specific answer. Sorry! It's true. But let me refine that for Turbo Jammers. Find a reputable athletic shoe source. For T.J'ers working on carpet, I recommend a shoe with minimal tread, yet designed for impact, i.e. cross trainers, basketball shoes, certain dance shoes. For those who exercise on hard surfaces, i.e. wood, cement, tile, etc. tread becomes less of an issue. Tell Al Bundy that you're doing "kickboxing" and he''ll only suggest a standard cross trainer or aerobic shoes. Who's this guy kidding? There's kickboxing, then there's TURBO JAM... Word to ya motha! So rather than explaining that your activity of choice as "kickboxing" describe your activity. Try something like this..."Have you ever seen the Power Rangers? No? Okay. How about Kill Bill? No? No problem. How about a K1 match? No? Well, basically cross the martial arts of Bruce Lee with hip shakin' of Shakira and that's what I do. It's called Turbo Jam."
CONSIDER: Turbo Jam involves impact at the toe box. It requires that you be able to pivot with ease, and simulates either walking or running in place depending on whether you add a high impact component or low impact component to your workout. There is really not that much lateral movement, i.e grapevines, shuffles, etc. commonly used in other KB workouts.

WHAT DO I WEAR? (Blushing...) "I thought you'd never ask." I wear Nike Shox and I have for years. They work for me AND they're way sassy. (This is not an endorsement and I'm not sponsored by Nike, but there's something liberating about admitting you have a problem. "Hi, I'm Chalene and I'm a SHOX-A-HOLIC". The truth of the matter pulse quickens even thinking about a new pair!) SHOX are to me what Manolo's were to Carrie. I run in them and I TJ in them and I dream of them. When NIKE came out with the NIKE Shox Boot NZ, I could barely breathe. Delighted and creeped out at the same time at the thought that someone at NIKE must have read my diary. Some people collect figurines. I collect Shox. They fit my foot, my wallet and my fitness fashion. (subliminal message to NIKE... send Chalene free SHOX... send Chalene free SHOX)

DISCLAIMER: That doesn't mean they'll work for you. I have fitness friends who hate 'em. (Make that former fitness friends!) Every foot and workout surface is different. Thank goodness the days of barefoot aerobics have passed us by. Know thy foot. Do you pronate? Supinate ? High arch? Low arch? No arch? Wide feet? Narrow feet? Stinky feet? Ashy feet?

I can't tell you what shoe to buy, it's almost as personal as what jeans fit you the best. Lord knows you have to try on every pair before you find one that fits. I CAN, however, fill you in on a few hot places to score a deal...
I'm a repeat offender at They know me by name. I find amazing deals on kicks in wildly obnoxious colors deeply discounted because no other would venture to wear them in public. I also love and And DON'T even think about visiting unless you're ready for a full-blown, shoe- designing addiction followed by a messy family intervention and months of outpatient therapy.

Anyone have a good treatment facility to recommend?

More later this week.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!

The Johnson Annual Santa Party

I hope I remember everything!

With heels on, I'm just a few inches taller than the 8 year olds!

Monday, December 05, 2005




There's a lot to be said about accountability. Accountability can come in many forms. I personally believe that if you're trying to get your eating under control, you need to keep a food journal and it's best to partner up with someone who you can swap journals back and forth. Accountability is making arrangements to meet a friend for a walk, and to do Turbo Jam together. Accountability helps us go the extra mile. It's what makes us get up and go when that little voice is saying, "Don't workout. You're tired today. Just rest." Accountability helps people reach their goals quicker. It's a perfectly timed kick in the pants. Everyone needs accountability and those who think they can operate without it, are doing themselves a disservice. Even the fittest of fitness professionals need accountability.

The more layers of accountability you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Be accountable to your family. Ask your husband or partner to review your food journal each day for "honesty" in reporting. Make a promise to your best friend that you'll workout together everyday this week. Find a life-coach. Hire a personal trainer. Start a blog and post your post workout thoughts, or your food journal there. Join an on-line support group like those found at where you'll find accountability and support. Set, and post your physical goals out in the open where everyone can see them. One of the best forms of cyber accountability I have ever found is at There you fill out a brief on line profile, post your picture and commit to a workout schedule. Each time you workout, you simply sign-in and your picture appears along with everyone else across the country that is working out at the same time! The site service is a free form of very effective accountability. Skip your workout and you’ll soon receive an e-mail reminding you to return to your workout schedule. It’s powerfully motivating to know there are other people logging on at the same time expecting to see you there working out along side of them.

The Holidays are a tough time for many to maintain, let alone lose weight! We are so conditioned to believe we are suppose to consume more alcohol, cookies, fudge, eggnog, stuffing, tins of popcorn, holiday candies, and fatty party trays. You don’t. Resolve to take control. You’re driving this car. You own the machine. Take care of it. You can do it. You can do it NOW!

Don’t wait until January 1st to find accountability. Get a jump-start and start today. Check out Post your picture, schedule your Turbo Jam workouts and make this the year that you LOSE weight during the Holidays. Then, when others are only learning how to use Wowy in January, you’ll not only be using it, you may be the recipient of $1,000 that will randomly be given to one lucky person who logs onto on January 1st at 10:00 am PST, and 1:00 EST. I’ll be there! Nothing would make me happier than to see a Turbo Jammer win that $1,000 prize.

So, if you’re reading this blog and plan to post your picture and use Wowy as one of your layers of accountability, please post your reply here! If you’re already using, please post your message here to encourage others to do the same.

See ya at!



Sunday, November 13, 2005

I want to be rich!

This year I realized it feels much better to be “rich” than wealthy. In June, as we were close to wrapping up work on the Turbo Jam™ infomercial I had a few moments to reflect on the experience. I had experienced richness, wealth and even a few moments of emotional poverty. What I have learned is that those of us who share with others are truly “rich”.

Honestly, it was the most challenging thing I’d ever been through. I pride myself on keeping my kids first and everything else second. That was the part that killed me. When you own your own business you can let things slide if there’s an important baseball game or ballet recital. When you’re working with other entities, that’s not always an option. Despite the challenges, everything went so well thanks to my “family” at Powder Blue and my family-family. I truly couldn’t be more blessed to have found a spouse who graciously stepped up to the plate to took over 100% of the matters of our family and running our business in my brief absence. He mastered the art of pony tail making on a moving target, cooked the meals, chauferred the kids, chatted with the other Moms at dance class, finished the laundry and the end of the year school reports and all the while being my biggest cheerleader. He kept me motivated on the days that I (literally) worked through the night and pumped me back up when I felt a little deflated. I am richly in love with a great guy.

I am also certain that we chose the right company to bring Turbo Jam™ to the masses. I have radar for people with good hearts. When I met Jon and Carl (the founders of BeachBody), they immediately set off my “good peeps” alarms! These are “my kind”. They’re all about customer service, but they like to take chances and do “real” fitness. They’re hip, they’re cool, they're nice, they’re funny, they wear jeans to the office and get this… they’re fit!!!! I can’t tell you how many unfit fitness executives I met with. Carl, Jon and especially Lara Ross have made sure my program is represented with authenticity and all the kooky-crazy-non-conventional stuff that’s “just me”, flaws and all. Let me just tell you, BeachBody has more than earned my respect. When I explained that Turbo is all about the music they agreed. They put together the biggest budget for music I’ve ever heard of! Turbo Jam™ is everything I hoped it would be… and so much more! They took such good care of me. There were always flowers and fresh fruit waiting in my hotel room, thoughtful calls and thank you notes from their staff when I should have been thanking THEM! I felt so honored. rocks! Turbo enthusiasts will be proud!

Aside from constantly worrying about missing moments with my kids, the second most challenging part of the project was preparing the choreography and music for the 7 workouts. Those who know me are well aware of my need to be a “control freak” when it comes to music. If I were 15, I’d write to MTV and see if I could be “MADE” into a dance club D.J. I’m a music freak. I like to add perfectly timed sound effects, just the right bass lines, and hard core motivating re-mixing! As is typical for me, I finished all of this prep work at about 3 a.m. on the 1st day of our 3 day shoot for the first 7 exercise videos to be filmed in three exhausting days (8 am to 8 pm). I was still tinkering with the musical sound tracks in my dressing room up until about 5 minutes before they announced “We’re rollin’!” With my heart pounding, my head racing, and the make-up lady chasing me, I would sprint to the set with a CD and in hand yelling, “Wait, I have a better version!”

I had this great group of incredible Turbo friends behind me, my sister and best friends, like Anna-Rita, Holly and Mindy. They created a killer set and hired the best exercise video director in the business. We were filming in an actual movie studio sound stage with real camera men, video editors, a team of make-up artists (which I desperately needed having lost so much sleep), kraft services and all the “Hollywood” stuff I had only dreamed of! I finished taping each workout and the director (watching remotely from an editing truck) would announce over the p.a. system, “Okay…let’s move on.” Things went great. Everyone said it was the best “cast” they’ve ever seen. They couldn’t believe we were all friends and how much fun everyone had. The various crews could be seen dancing, kicking and punching while we filmed each section. Many commented they were blown away with how cool this workout was, how contagious the energy, and motivating the music. I should have been feeling pretty good about things at that moment. I should have been soaking in all of the compliments and kuddos. But something felt wrong, off, not right.

As for the wealth vs. rich part, I was about to get a big fat check for something I’d gladly do for free (ssssshhhhh! Let's keep that between us!) I love sharing Turbo Jam and motivating people to move! We had just wrapped filming all the videos. Friends and long time business associates were calling to congratulate me. They all opened with, “Aren’t you excited? Don’t you feel great?”

I didn’t know how to answer. The truth was I felt “weird”. I tried to hide the fact that I just felt “empty”. In fact, I felt shame for not feeling “elated” to have finally realized this huge goal I had been working towards for so many years. I couldn’t put my finger on it. These were perhaps the most important workouts of my life and I felt… well… I felt…. “weird”. I can’t think of a better word. I just didn’t feel like me. It was uncomfortable.

I went back to my normal teaching schedule on Tuesday of the following week. Whew… I began to feel “normal” again. It’s true. I’m not an actress and I guess that’s why it felt so “weird” after filming the videos. Where was my Turbo family? Where were my loyal front row regulars? I was missing the faces, energy and personalities that inspire me to lift them up. I never realized how much my own students, like Leili, Astrid, Claire, Ed, Zane, Danielle, Scott, Tina, Camilla, Carol etc. etc. have done to inspire me each time I teach. It brings out the best in me when I see the beautiful face of a woman with 75 pounds to lose or a man who is sure this couldn’t be an intense workout. I do what I do for them. I need the inspiration of these people as much as they need mine. It feels like I’m flying when I’m in a room full of people sweating and smiling all at once. It must be like what a pastor feels when the congregation affirms with an infectious, “Aaaaaaamen!!” on Sunday morn. It’s like heaven on earth for this little fitness preacher. Motivating a group of people makes me feel like a rich woman.

But, they weren’t there. I was missing the tall guy in the front who makes noise all hour, the grimaces, the smiles, and struggles that so fuel me. Instead of feeding off of the amazing energy of the people I know and love, I was trying to get something back from the reflective lens of a camera. I felt like I was teaching to a faceless class. Strange.

We finished filming and I was emotionally and physically spent. It took about 4 days to fully recover. That week I filmed the outdoor Turbo Jam class at Universal City Walk. There to support me was a close friend and fellow fitness professional. I confided with him my “weirdness”. As if it were so obvious anyone should be able to figure it out, he said, “That’s because you’re not an actress and last week you had to play the part of an instructor. We [fitness professionals] do what we do NOT because of the paycheck, but because it is fulfilling to see people’s faces light up when they’re having a great time and the joy people feel when they reach a new goal, or just master a move.”
This photo was captured by someone as we were discussing this very topic. The person who snapped it had no idea how profound this moment was. I'm so grateful to have this picture. This is that moment.

Not but 5 minutes later I met a woman who had lost 30 pounds doing Power 90. She explained she was happy to hear that Turbo Jam would be coming to BeachBody and excited to invite me into her home. We spoke for only minutes, but for me it was a connection. She told me of the message boards at Beachbody and the many people she’d met. Her name was Andrea and she probably has no idea, but she cured me. I was out of my funk. The cloud of “weirdness” had lifted.

Andrea, or at least the person who Andrea represented, was exactly what I needed to lose that “weird” feeling. I finally had a face. That’s all I needed. I just needed a face. All I wanted was someone I could “see” when I looked into the camera and assured, “You can get through this!”

I recently finished another set of Turbo Jam videos. What a different experience. The viewer will probably not detect a difference, but man did I feel a connection this time! I now look into the camera and see the many faces I see everyday on the message boards, those who work out with me on Wowy and the special people who have visited me in Southern California since finding Turbo Jam through the infomercial. This time I could see so many faces and the experience was truly fulfilling.

I am richly blessed to do what I do. It’s no wonder that many instructors by night are doctors, lawyers and independently wealthy folks by day. It’s no wonder that despite his amazing success with TaeBo, Billy Blanks still teaches a healthy dose of “real” classes at his facility in Sherman Oaks, CA. It’s no wonder that when I ask a room full of people to raise their hands if they “love” their job, the ones that do are in professions that help others, teachers, nurses, firemen, mothers, personal trainers. To do what you love will make you rich, maybe not wealthy, but I’d rather be rich.

[Side note: I always read my mini-articles out load to Bret when I’m done writing them. I do it because I like to see if the words sound as conversational as I intend them. Boy, this one was tough to get through. It will probably read like a normal account of my month, but for me, this one represents so much. It was a turning point. I couldn’t read two words without doing a lip quivering sob. I don’t know if writing this was therapeutic, or just that rush of emotion when you have a (insert Oprah voice here) “light bulb moment” or perhaps I’m just pre-menstral (sorry…too much information) All I know is that I’m so happy now; cured of my “weirdness” and rich, rich rich...richer than I thought I could feel! ]

Monday, November 07, 2005

Halloween Fun!

Okay.. I know only like 1% of the population might watch the show but Dogg The Bounty Hunter is the coolest show on TV. If you love reality TV, combined with
a little white trash and good wholesome values... you'd love this show!

So here is my dedication to Dogg the Bounty Hunter (see on A&E Wednesday nights). Of course Bret was Dogg and I dressed as the Dogg's wife "Beth". She rocks, but I'm not sure how she drives with those puppies.

We "became" Dogg and Beth. It was imperative we stay in character... at all time. "No ice in paradise Sistah!" We downloaded the theme song and drove around in our SUV looking for Bounties until our children pleaded with us to "turn iiiiittttt Dooooooowwwwwnnnn!" and suggested we stop "acting so weird". It may be time to admit you have a problem when your 5 year old has to ask more than once, "When can we be done trick-or-treating?"

Enjoy Dogg Fans!

Friday, October 28, 2005

Party People Throw Your Hands in Da Air!

Dang! Now that was a party! We just wrapped up filming on 4 new titles for all the Turbo Party People and let me tell you... we had a flippin' riot! As usual, no need to hold "Hollywood" type auditions for these workouts... I just asked a few of the folks who do TJ with me every week, put the music on and start the party. It's real..with the craziness, free style and fun loving sweat drippin, hip pumpin', club thumpin', fist pounding energy that had even the camera crew off their feet and doing the workout when they were supposed to be filming (really!).

Here's Mindy and the newly blonde Holly (who changes hair color more often than most of us change the sheets!)

4 new titles...

1. Totally Tubular Turbo - Sculpting with weights and Tubing (resistence bands)
Approximately 30 min.

2. Kick, Punch and Jam - Pure Cardio plus Capoeira. This workout is very intense, but a bit less dancy (well except that yours truly can't help to shake a little here and there!). This one is a butt kicker, but the approximately 50 plus minutes really do fly by. In fact one of the cast members asked me when we finished "Wasn't that supposed to be at least 50 minutes", I said, "It was!". She replied, "Dang. That flew by!"
Approx. 53 min.

3. Fat Blaster - an interval workout combining 2 minutes of aerobic work followed by 2 mintues of a Turbo Drill...repeated for 30 minutes. Eat your Wheaties before you try this one. You'll want to use this workout any time you want to be certain to drop some serious calories and drop 'em fast!
Approx. 30 min.

Here's three of the Turbo Girls from the Fat Blaster (Jenelle - my little sister, Leili - My adopted sister, and Mindy - My favorite Southern Bell

4. Cardio Party 3 - Total party! Jenelle, Mindy, Anna-Rita, Holly, Vicki, there all back (and yes Chicken George was invited to the party, but needed a bit more notice with his *cough* *cough* CEO responsibilities and all). None the less, we did him proud and had everyone give us a taste of their own personal style! You'll love this worktout. It's about as close to a live class as you can find. We had a huge cast and the energy was so high that even after they yelled "CUT", we were still kicking, puncinging and jammin'!
Approx. 52 min.

Here's the crew pretending that we are not exhausted for a quick photo between workouts... the second picture (with my sister collapsed on the floor might be a bit more accurate!) Oh and Mom...don't worry... I'm wearing "spankies" under my skirt. Think of it as a kilt.

Post work out!

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well I've been absent from my blog and the boards for about a week, so there’s plenty to catch up on!

Presenter Training Camp:
Last week my team (Holly and the crew) at Powder Blue Productions and I hosted nearly 30 of the top instructors from around the country for a 4 day intensive presenter camp to train them how to certify instructors to teach Turbo or PiYo. They were an amazing group, with one thing in common… a passion for sharing fitness with others. It was an amazing, fun, exhausting, educational and humbling experience to be with so many talented and passionate fitness friends.

The photo is from our reception, held at the Powder Blue Production offices. You’ll see Mindy and Holly if you look close.

Back to Video Production:

Since their departure I’ve been working around the clock to create and test new workouts for you. We will be filming 4 MORE workouts in less than a week. I can finally put the rumors to rest...these workouts will in fact include two LONG videos (between 50 and 60 minutes) and two shorter videos (approximately 30 minutes).

I'm planning an additional 4 videos the first week of December as well. Those videos will include 2 long and 2 shorter titles.

All week I've been reading people's e-mails and pleas about the length of the new videos. Everyone hopes to have new videos that are "just the right length" to fit in with their lifestyle. I can completely relate. My Mom read some of the posts and tried to pull “an insiders job” by calling me to inform me that she and the ladies on her street would like more 20 and 30 minute cardio workouts and added, “and don’t forget…*I* gave birth to you!”. My up the street neighbor flagged me down on my way to drop the kids off at school to inform me of the results of her informal polling survey, that “longer workouts” are what people want. I love it! Truth of the matter is, people want and need both!

Luckily for us, Beachbody is the kind of company that really listens to it's family of customers and are allowing me to do multiple workouts in both lengths! Wahooo! Not only that, but we are really going to "create a house party" and use more people, “real” people in the videos. I think it's so cool to be able to relate to someone in the workout.

These new workouts will feature some of your favorite faces and some new ones too! You’ll see people who have just started doing Turbo and those who have been doing it for years. And la la la ladies….just wait until you meet “Uncle Rico”. Wahooo… Uncle Rico!!!!!!

So my Mom and her posse’ will definitely get their quick-fix workouts and my up the street neighbor will get the long workouts she lobbied for. I plan on making these workouts until I’m 6 feet under, so there’s plenty of time to give you all kinds of variety and push the intensity and challenge as your level of fitness and skill level increases.

More later..



Friday, October 07, 2005

Here they are OC Style! That's a WRAP!

More cast photos. Don't zoom in too close, you'll see all the streaks from my self-tanner. Hmmm....looks like Mathew and Danielle (in the back) may have been drinking between workouts??? How cute is Erica in that hat??

This is our crazy, fun, director extroidinare...Andrea! She used to be a producer on the Life Styles of the Rich and Famous. She's also worked with the best... including Billy Blanks, Kathy Smith, Richard name a few! Wow!

Going for it in the Finale! Check out Toni to my left. See those abs??? She has had seven children and this was her fist video experience! I love having those abs in class. It motivates me to eat clean!

That's real sweat!

Don't be so serious ladies! Smile!

Party people from Live and legit...taking a little dance break

Setting up the room.

The crew setting up lighting and cameras in the actual group exercise room where I teach TJ 5 days a week

What lovelies! You'll recognize these fun ladies when you recieve Cardio Party Remix and Booty Sculpt Live and Legit. Danielle, the tall one in the middle, is 6 foot 2 and one my best friends. Standing a full foot taller than me, we make quite the couple!

Stacey aka KElSMA from the message boards. This is our post workout photo to show ya'll how sweaty and messy it gets! What a beautiful smile she has! A big smile motivates me when I'm teaching!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We are live and legit!

Today I got to spend some time with the funnest, nicest people you'd ever want to exercise with. We spent just about an hour today going over the live workout we will film tomorrow. The cast of this one is so special.... they are my actual students. I wanted you to get a sense of what a live class looks and feels like. So, I invited just a about 10 or so peeps from my class to join me for a workout a couple of workouts. I picked just some of the people who when they're in class I'm happy because they're energy is so positive and so fun. If you loved Chicken George in the CP1 and 20 Minute Turbo... you'll love this workout. It's legit... we are going to film it straight through... no breaks for hair and make-up and to towel off. Now you will know the "not so cute" truth about this workout. I call it the "nasty" factor. The nastier you look (and smell) after this workout.. the better!

Get ready for a mascara running, hair dripping, sweat flying, hips pumpin', "real deal" workout! Wahhoooooooo!

We'll be filming Booty Sculpt and Cardio Party Remix - LIVE... tomorrow. I better get some ZZZZZZZ's!

Love ya... mean it!

Dj Cj

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Whew! I found you!

Hey guys!

Thanks for stopping by my BlOG! I wrote this piece this week and thought I would share. I hope it makes us all realize the value of being who we are.

Get really good at being you…

The truth of the matter is, most people aren’t going to think you’re “the bomb”. At best, most people will find you likeable, tolerable, nice, efficient, a good worker, a decent person, helpful neighbor or maybe a friendly acquaintance. Yet when it comes to choosing their all time favorite, it’s probably not you. It ain’t me either! Don’t take it too hard. In fact, we should be contented. Think about it. We only have enough time in our day, week, month, year, life to devote meaningful time to a small group of amazingly important people. Too many people live their life desperately controlled by their need to have not just approval, but the adoration of everyone they meet. Some are certain others will reject them if they are “just” who they are. I suppose we’re all guilty of meeting someone so remarkable that we find ourselves in some small way longing to be more like them.

When we held auditions for the cast of Turbo Jam™ I asked people whom I know and adore to audition for the director. I invited people who I would want to spend time with. I think 40 auditioned. There was room for 8. It was difficult to help those I know so well, understand it was “nothing personal: if they were not selected. I assured friends that we may have needed a certain look, a white 40ish female, a muscular black male, tall, but not too tall, a red- head with pierced ears or a petite green-haired alien with high kicks. It wasn’t personal and there was nothing for them to do differently. Yet, I found even the most self-assured of my fitness friends questioning their physique, their experience, the outfit they wore, their hairstyle or energy level that day. Quite simply, they weren’t what she (the director) was looking for and there was nothing anyone could have done differently to be selected.

The point is most of the people who cross our paths in life have their own agendas. They are looking for someone other than us. For them, we are too short or too tall, too quiet or too loud. We are too young or too old, the wrong sex, or wrong body type. They are looking for someone easier to dominate or more intense. They aren’t looking for us. The solution:

Get very good at being exactly who you are.

This principal applies personally and professionally. 8 years ago, when people started hearing about my Turbo program, I got a lot of unsolicited advice. Most told me I needed to be more drill like, more like Billy Blanks if my classes were going to have mass appeal. I tried for a while, but that didn’t fit me. I like to groove. I can’t help but dance when I hear a great song, and I knew there were others who felt the same. I watched a hundred fitness videos trying to figure out what traits I could pick up on. I didn’t much look like any of the tall, lean, graceful beauties I had come to know in fitness videos. I’m short, stubby and a bit of a spaz. Each time I heard a critque of my programs or my style I jerked to attention and wondered what I could do to change so that I could appeal to that “one” person. I started to drive myself crazy. Somewhere in those early years I came to terms with the notion that I was not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s okay!

Have you ever got a haircut, or picked out a new outfit or just gone out of your way to do something nice and received dozens of compliments? You can tell when compliments are genuine and it feels good. It feels great. Yet the one person who says even remotely negative can haunt you for days. Have you ever felt insecure because people gravitate toward your friend and not you or self-doubt because you were overlooked for a promotion or a second date? So what! Two things you need to remember 1) that person has their own bizarre agenda and 2) you can’t be everyone’s cup of tea!

t's a valuable lesson to teach our children. Too often we try to shield them from the realities of life rather than teach them how to handle with confidence anything that comes their way. They might not get invited to every party, picked first by the team captain, or be liked by every girl in their class. Pretending that these things don't or won't happen only sets them up to feel "devastated" and take it personal when it does.

You don’t even want to be everyone’s cup of tea! Believe it or not, I know people who don’t like Oprah (shocking, I know, and trust me, I’m reconsidering my relationship with these people). Think about it though, if everyone was looking for you, you wouldn’t have enough time to devote to the people important in your life. If it were possible to please everyone, there would be only one type of workout. There would be no Pepsi, only Coke. Once I figured this out, I was totally cool with people deciding my workout wasn’t their cup of tea. What a relief! But the same principals apply on an interpersonal level as well. So how do we contend with these momentary or sometimes lengthy bouts of doubt? Simple. Be you.

You need to know who you are not, to know who you are. Be you times two! Don’t doubt yourself, or hold back. Those who operate in fear of people rejecting them are tolerable, nice, average, boring, nondescript but not memorable. I’d rather have a legion of critiques if it meant I could connect with a modest group of people would find in me or Turbo Jam “exactly” what they were looking for. Hooray! We found each other! Think of your all time favorite people; those who really leave their mark on you. Picture the quilt of characters that forms in your mind, each person wildly different than the next, but each uniquely engaging. As amusing as you find them, you’ve probably introduced them to others who are not sure what you see. Don’t change to be more like anyone other than you, just get better at recognizing the best parts of you.

Boldly be you, the real you, even at the risk that many may not care for “your type”. Be the person you are when you’re around the people who find YOU amusing. Those who are looking for exactly what you have need to be able to recognize you when they find you.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Get Ready to take a Live Turbo Jam Workout!

For those who stopped by my live chat the other day, you probably already know that we are in production on tons of new videos. The one's I'm most excited about are the ones for those of you who are wondering what a "live" class is really like. Thanks to the "ask and you shall receive" attitude of Beach Body, you're going to get it.

These workouts are going to be the real deal. We're shooting them in the gym that I teach Turbo Jam in nearly everyday, with members who really take my classes. Our plan is to catch the "raw" and "real" feel of a live class. We won't be stopping to dry off or red-do things. When I teach a live class...It's anything goes! Lot's of play, loads of fun, turn up the volume and do your own thing. I've invited some really fun people that you're going to love working out with. I think you'll love seeing all the different styles of Turbo Jamers!

Kickin' it up a notch (or two..)
When I teach a live class I use the same choreography for about 12 weeks. Yet, every couple of weeks I add in an extra layer of difficulty so that people are pushing themselves and doing more as they learn the routine. That's not as easy to replicate on video. Hold on though...I think I've figured out a way to take you to that next level and I hope you'll love it. It's Cardio Party Remix. I don't know if this has ever been done before?! I've picked the best sections from each of the three cardio workouts... i.e. the 20 minute Workout, Cardio Party 1 and Cardio Party 2, but with all the extra bells and whistles, to really give you an intense workout. We've done this for fitness instructors, and we called them "best of". They are the best workouts and the most fun of all!

We film in just a couple of days. I'm working around the clock to make sure you get a totally live and legit feel from this class. I can't wait. I want to do it tomorrow!

We're also going to film Booty Sculpt and abs... but that's another blog :)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Turbo Jam - "That's a Wrap!"

After 8 years and a great deal of attention to important details, it was music to my ears to hear the director of th Turbo Jam exercise videos booming over the studio P.A, "That's a wrap!" We shot 7 amazing videos in 3 days, complete with out-takes, behind the scenes interviews, a team of "real" Turbo cameras ranging in age from 26 to Over 50 and we'll leave it at that!

I could not be more proud of this project. Beachbody more than stepped up to the plate! They
allowed us to keep this program as authentic to the gym experience as I wanted. They believed me when I told them we needed to make the music our first thought and not our last thought. They never asked us to compromise. The videos offer the pure individual expression of each participant so that those at home would find someone they would be able to identify with. We were able to use a 'modifier', Anna-Rita to show people they could get killer results (she's lost 70 pounds) without having to jump or use high impact. They also created a really cool "special" set for us to share this workout with our new friends. It kind of feels like a mature (is that the word I'm looking for?) or classy dance club.

We had the best director in the business, Andrea B. who routinely reminded me that I should NOT sing and (other than that) really let me be my dorky, dancey, music obsessed spazmatic self!

Thanks to my Turbo Team, Anna-Rita, my lil' sis Jenelle, former Laker Girl and crazy new Mom Angela, Energy bunny Holly, Terry our resident singer/new Dad, Big smiles and big biceps from Bryan, our Sweet Southern Bell Ms. Mindy from Dallas, who also has lost 40 pounds, Vicki who at age 50 has abs I could only hope to have some day, Pendu who has the best attitude and a great energy, my sexy, serious, super sweet spouse and Number one Dad, Hubby Bret, and last but not least, George. Every time George entered the room, everyone started having fun. What a blast this guy is. He has a real zest for life and he brings it to this workout!

Let me not forget to thank all at Beachbody, especially Lara and Heather for their amazing contribution in the form of dedication, trust, care, expertise, and talent! Thanks to Jon and Carl for finding the best in the industry to make sure only the best were on this project and for their financial investment in the music. Oh... the music.... The music is OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!!! The best you'll ever hear in an exercise video... at least until we film another one next month!

Yahoo! Let's Go Turbo!



What an experience!

The real reason I loved this project and the real reason Turbo Jam will be so much for for people... Heather and Lara from BeachBody. Lara (supermodel on the right) is the VP of Creative and Heather (Curly blonde on the left) is the Director of Production. Together they make an unbeatable team and two great bosses.

Bret, my super supportive hubby there for me even after I took out all of my stress on him for three weeks straight and to top it all off, he played Mr. Mom and did it like an old pro. He lost 12 pounds once he started doing Turbo 4 x a week!

Trying to learn how to operate the camera.

Me... the control freak... taking over in the editing bay.

Everyone being mean to me and making me mop up their sweat between takes.

Our set

Here's me when I stole Ronnie the make-up ladies make-up bag. She had a heart-attack when we saw me using a lip brush on Mindy's eyebrows. Oooops.

That's Rico checking to see if he could remove the battery from my back so that I might "shut up" for 5 minutes.

This is Vicki and she's been doing Turbo for 7 years. She's going to be 50 in a week, and has two kids and the most amazingly ripped abs! That's Bryan behind her. Look at that body. He eats donuts regularly, and like all of us believes if you find a workout that burns serious calories and fat, you can eat anything in moderation! (BTW... he is 7% body fat!)

It look like I might have a head wound here, actually it's Ronnie the make-up gal trying to erase my wrinkles.

First rehearsal on the not yet finished set