Monday, November 07, 2005

Halloween Fun!

Okay.. I know only like 1% of the population might watch the show but Dogg The Bounty Hunter is the coolest show on TV. If you love reality TV, combined with
a little white trash and good wholesome values... you'd love this show!

So here is my dedication to Dogg the Bounty Hunter (see on A&E Wednesday nights). Of course Bret was Dogg and I dressed as the Dogg's wife "Beth". She rocks, but I'm not sure how she drives with those puppies.

We "became" Dogg and Beth. It was imperative we stay in character... at all time. "No ice in paradise Sistah!" We downloaded the theme song and drove around in our SUV looking for Bounties until our children pleaded with us to "turn iiiiittttt Dooooooowwwwwnnnn!" and suggested we stop "acting so weird". It may be time to admit you have a problem when your 5 year old has to ask more than once, "When can we be done trick-or-treating?"

Enjoy Dogg Fans!


Belle said...

Ummm, Chalene, you know I love you and all, but that photo is just a little bit scarey!! Your upper chest could be an entity in and of itself! LOL Thanks for posting that photo. Tell Brett he looks totally "in character" too! BTW do you guys watch "Earl"? That show is hilarious too IMO.

fitbizzz said...

Too funny! I can't wait to show my husband this picture. He never misses an episode.

LauraJ said...

You are *too* funny! It's right up there with your christmas "white trash" photo.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!! I thought my hubby and I were the only Dogg, Beth, and cutie Leland watchers. We totally love that show. I am pretty impressed with what Beth can do with those puppies too. Geez! I totally love your costumes. I might have to steal your idea for next year. Awesome!!
Shakin' and Sheddin',

Leill said...

I don't even recognize either of You crack me up girl...crack me UP! :)

Happiness Within said...

I love the show and I love your costume! You did a great job recreating DOGG and Beth. No ICE!!!

laura52 said...


You have proven to the world that humoUr (hey, I'm Canadian EH ;) ), can take the world by storm!

I am really glad you said who you were because honestly, I thought for sure you were dressing up at Dolly! And Hubby was from Easy Rider!


stephanie said...

Chalene - girl you and Bret are a riot! How fun!


Anonymous said...


Shabby Girl said...


I just totally spit coffee through my nose!!!

I AM A TOTAL DOGG WATCHER!!!! WOOF!!! I LOVE that OZZY song in the beginning!!!

You guys captured their spirit!! and Beth's "twins"

YA BRA!!!! =)

Willbehot said...

Chalene~ My husband was "Dog" for Halloween too! He wanted me to be Beth but I already had a different costume in mind. You guys look great!


connorcakes said...

That is too funny!! You look great. My husband and I LOVE to watch Dogg the Bounty Hunter!