Sunday, August 06, 2006

Happy August

Happy August!

Just wanted to check in and say "hi!" and see how everyone is doing!

I myself, just got back from a great trip to Las Vegas for the Wold IDEA Fitness Convention. This is an amazing event designed for fitness instructors and motivators from around the globe. We take classes on how to teach classes, design programs, check out the latest fitness gadget and toys, see what's happening in the world of fitness fashion, take from othe fitness instructors and generally get a years worth of education in one weekend. I was floored early this year to learn that I had been selected as one of the top 3 finalists for Fitness Instructor of the Year aside two amazing instructors...Fred Hoffman from Paris, France and Maureen Hagman of Canada! Wel/Users/chalene/Desktop/100_0790.JPGl, I didn't win, but I'm more than prepared to be the Susan Lucci of the Fitness Industry! Seriously, these are two very deserving, funny, humble, passionate and talented individuals. But I'm not above pulling a "Tonya Harding" if I have too.

From Vegas we flew to Michigan for 5 days of fun. Though I grew up (down state) my parents have semi-retired half of the year on a beautiful lake in Northern Michigan, Hubbard Lake, near Alpena. Of course Jenelle and my brother Bill were there too plus their spouses and my adorable little nephew Tyler!! We spent the days filled with jet-skiing, biking, running, swimming, water skiing, tubing, 4 wheeling, and of course Turbo-ing. A dear friend has opened a health club in Alpena.. the Bay Athletic Club at which of course she offers Turbo Kick classes. So, though it's nearly an hour drive to get there from the lake, Jenelle, I, Bret and my Mom made the trip 5 times to teach Turbo as a guest instructor. We also woke up early 5 a.m and drove in for the conclusion of a 4 week Bootcamp Class she offered that actually took the participants out of the club and onto a near by island via footbridge. There we ran the island, climbed stairs made of tree logs and raced to the finish! It was a total blast and I so enjoyed surprising people with our visit.

Here's Cierra foolin' around on the jet ski. She's a ham for the camera. I have no idea where she gets that. Brock shares an infinity for Chocolate with his mother. Here's the aftermath of 3 smore's.

I also stopped by Staples and bought my folks a wireless router so I could do my live chat last week. They're actually pretty technologically advanced! Staples was a riot. The young girl at the register looked up at me and said, "I just have to tell you... I love you. I do your videos everyday.... but WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Now mind you, this is a town that when a horse gives birth, it makes the evening news. It was darling.

The highlight of the whole trip was going to the tractor pull and motocross races at the Alpena County Fair. Having grown up in small towns, I'm not shocked by anything. To see a woman 200 pounds overweight, no teeth, eyes set wide apart, and a cigarette dangling from the mouth while she nurses her baby... not that big of a deal. But for City Boy Bret.... well, let's just say his mouth was hanging open! It was pure entertainment for him! Nothing like a county fair with the smell of barn animals, fried food, carnies! It's a great contrast for my kids who might otherwise think that Laguna Beach is the norm.

I am holding off on unpacking since I will be heading out again Monday to Philly....hello QVC! I will be on twice at 4am PST and also 6pm PST. Please tune in! I've got some new faces coming along with me. Several of the gals who take my live classes here in Orange County and who have totally transformed their bodies will be along for the ride! They are all currently dousing themselves in self-tanner (man that stuff stinks...but it's better than skin cancer!) I can't wait for your to see their incredible results!

I can't wait to meet the many people who I understand are coming to Cali to spend some quality time with me and the crew next week! It means a lot to me that you would spend your hard earned dollars and time on this event. I will do everything in my power to make this a life changing event in a sense far further reaching than fitness alone!

Lastly, a big thank you to everyone who motivates, encourages and "happy dances" for those who need it on the Turbo Jam message boards. Thank you for your positive energy! I read all of your posts here. Some make me smile...they all make me feel like a million bucks and happy to have found people who I have so much in common with! You Frickin' Rock!

Take Care! I'll post photos shortly!