Tuesday, September 29, 2009

My Fitness Journey

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I was a pudgy pre-teen with a love for dance and an obsession with music. Like most girls, I took a little tap, jazz, and ballet. My parents let us experiment. Lacking the grace of my younger sister Jenelle, who excelled at ballet and pointe, I gravitated toward jazz. I really had no clue, wasn’t that good, but man I loved to dance, and I thought the recital costumes were way better.

I guess you could say I grew up on aerobics. As a kid in the late 70’s, my mom was one of the very first Jazzercise instructors in the state of Michigan. My sister Jenelle (3 years my junior) and I would accompany my mom to each of her classes, most of which were in the evening in local church basements or elementary school gymnasiums. The two of us would take turns dancing to the routines in our shiny spandex and changing her records between songs. I remember my mom watching the VHS tapes (although I think they were actually Beta tapes back then) to learn the Jazzercise routine for each song. She loved teaching the classes, and we watched her become strong, lean, and more confident. Growing up, I always remember my mom being on a diet. In fact, I remember every woman in my extended family always being on the latest fad diet. It wasn’t until my mom starting teaching Jazzercise that we saw her become very fit and just enjoy eating healthily. It was a great experience and one that certainly inspired me. Little did I know how profound the impact would be on every aspect of my entire life.

I began teaching aerobics when I was 18 years old. I was still a student, and I had a part-time job at a J.R.’s music store, but it seemed like a great way to stay in shape and hey, I’m not gonna lie...I loved being on stage! There were no courses to teach you how to teach and really the only formats were low or high impact aerobics. There was no spinning, kickboxing, sculpting, Pilates, or funk—at least not that were in popular demand. It was just “impact,” and unless you were a Jazzercise instructor, you made up your own routines, put together your own music, and just kinda went for it.

So that’s what I did. I mixed a tape of my favorite songs and practiced doing little routines to each one. I invited my girlfriends Liz, Katie, Nancy, Meg, Dawn, and Jenni over to the basement to “workout” with me. Those were my practice sessions. They were my guinea pigs. I stood in front, and they just followed along. There was no cueing, and I kind of doubt I was ever on the “beat.” I was, to put it bluntly, terrible, but having a good time.

Nonetheless, I had to wait until my 18th birthday before I could start teaching at a local women’s club. I loved it! I have no doubt I was the least popular instructor on staff, but I had a burning desire to be better. There are certain things you try and from your very first taste you know it’s for you! I just knew that if I had the right coaching and a whole lot of practice, I could be really good someday. That’s how many of you feel today. You know deep inside you have a calling to do something…and maybe it’s something that today you’re not that good at, but with some focus, you know you could master your destiny.

I met my then boyfriend, now husband Bret while were students at Michigan State University. He was from California, so after we graduated, we moved to Southern California. I took the LSAT, worked as a paralegal by day and applied to law school. In the evenings and before work, I spent my time teaching fitness classes. My life’s path was to be an attorney. Yet I never felt passion for law or for anything the way I felt passion for helping others find a way to live a healthier, more balanced life. I needed to follow my passion.

First and foremost, I am a mother. It’s the most important thing I do. My husband Bret and I have two children. But I am also an Entrepreneur, business expert, TV fitness personality, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, author, clothing designer, artist, and reality TV junkie! I believe my calling is to help others find ways to simplify and improve all areas of their lives, from fitness to relationships. I have been referred to as the “Rachel Ray” of fitness; I am just like the girl next door. I was not born with a fitness model body. I have to really work at it. But when you find workouts you love, exercise doesn’t feel like work. It’s no surprise that fitness has to be fun or people won’t do it! Once you find something you love to do, like Turbo Kick®, you’ll stick with it!

A little bit about my signature program, Turbo! In the early 1990’s, I blended Tae Kwon Do, dance, and aerobics into a group exercise class that combined the sexiness of dance and the hip feel of funk with the power and strength of kickboxing. I’m a total closet DJ; I taught myself to digitally re-master and edit music to match the moves of every pre-choreographed routine. I have a blast adding sound effects and highs and lows to create exciting, electric, and energetic music that will hype up the participants and leave them wanting more! Music is such an important motivator and a huge part of the FUN factor. So that’s how Turbo Kick® was born. Turbo Kick®, PiYo™, Turbo Jam®, Hip Hop Hustle™, and ChaLEAN Extreme® are some of the most popular exercise formats around. Despite the fact that I have sold millions of videos, I still teach 7 days a week. People are often shocked when they hear that. I’m shocked they’re shocked! Why wouldn’t I do what I love? It’s a dream come true to know that millions of people have changed their lives from the ground up using my DVD’s, but nothing fuels my passion like getting in front of a live group and personally involved in someone’s life transformation. So yes, I teach every day, and I plan to continue until I’m 100!

She’s got the look! I’m a girlie-girl! I love fun fashion. I’m easily distracted by anything shiny. I’ve been known to stop my class in the middle of Turbo to find out where someone bought their shoes! Most of us feel like a million bucks when we have a new outfit that fits well, flatters the body, and says something about our personality. That’s why I created Turbo Wear. Part of the fun of working out is feeling great. It’s not easy to “feel great” if you don’t think you “look great.” I created a line of clothing that was flattering, fun, and made women feel great when they worked out! Put on a pair of my lightweight sweat wicking cargos, a cute tee shirt, a hip baseball hat, and some funky knee high socks, and you’re transformed and ready to TurboKick™!

I’m the founder and CEO of Powder Blue Productions, the fitness and lifestyle company that produces Turbo Wear, Turbo Kick®, PiYo™, and Hip Hop Hustle™. My husband Bret and I started the business in 1997, in a spare bedroom of our home, and now it’s a multimillion-dollar company. Both of us share the same priority, our children. We share a partnership in business and in our personal lives. As partners, the commodity we work to build is not wealth, but well-adjusted children with good character. We plan our lives around them. They are first. No job, no email, no amazing opportunity will ever be more important than being there for our children. Period.

When I re-read my own bio, it sounds like I do a lot. I do, but don’t be misled. I don’t do it all, and I have no plans to! I don’t believe you can “do it all” and enjoy a balanced life. I do what is important to me and my family, and everything else comes second. I’m not bothered when some “fan” calls me out for not answering their email or taking on the next project. I do professionally what I can with the time I have left over after my family obligations. Family comes first for me. I believe in balance. I often say, who cares if you’re the perfect weight or the perfect shape if the rest of your life is falling apart. Balance is the key.

I’m most passionate about family, fitness, to-do lists, prioritizing your time, and being good to others. But don’t be surprised to hear me blog about everything from the latest techno-gadget I’ve fallen in love with, this fantabulous bra I found, the life-changing book I’ve just read, the killer recipe I just found, or how to get rid of toxic friends. Let me be your “go-to” girl!

I want to help you live a fuller life by finding a way to do the things that are most important to you and the important people in your life. I want to help you understand how to identify your priorities, get more done, have more time, and stop worrying about what other people might think! I’m your straight-talking girl-friend who will give you a swift kick in the booty when I think you’re off track, and I’ll be the first to give you a high five when you accomplish your goals. I hope that you’ll allow me into your house as a fitness expert, but that you’ll understand my message is about far more than fitness. I look forward to getting to know you!

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Monday, September 14, 2009

Lower your Expectations – Kanye West is Consistent

By: Chalene Johnson

I so look forward to the MTV VMA's every year. Each year the show seems to one up the previous year! I just devour every minute of the fashion gone wrong, the over the top performances, the theatrics, the celebrity couples, the rants, the comedy... every hot, messy minute of it. With the exception of the host, who was NOT funny. I still, after two years, have no idea who he is and why he has been given this honor and who, by the way, really needs a stylist - skinny jeans and vest? Really? Not so much. But aside from the host, I thought this year’s show was captivating from start to finish. Pink. I'm speechless. Wow! Beyonce, when my son was 18 months he went through this stage where he would get really, really excited. He didn't know how to express his feelings, so instead, he would just open wide and bite down hard... on me! I wanted to bite Beyonce. Lady GaGa: I had no interest in her until this years VMA's. I thought she was a just a gimmick. Wrong. She is wildly talented, demented and a freak show that you can't take your eyes off. I'm dying to see her live!

But the big news of the night was, of course, Kanye West storming the stage and ripping the microphone away from sweet innocent, doe-eyed, 19 year old Taylor Swift during her attempt to deliver an acceptance speech. I may be the only person in the bloggesphere to say this, but I wasn't stunned or surprised in the least. Why? Because he's done this before. Kanye has had previous award show rants about Gretchen Wilson, Justice na Simian, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. He's a big spoiled bratty baby. His actions were rude, childish, thoughtless and small; but they were completely predictable.

Most people will tell you through their actions what you can and should expect from them in the future. We spend so much time being upset and disappointed when people don't behave or respond as we "wish" they would. I think we can learn a lesson in human predictability from Kanye's outburst.

I have great parents. Still married after 40 years, Marge and Bill didn’t drink or do drugs and raised my sister, brother and me to be good upstanding citizens. They are, however, late to everything. Because of my Dad’s compulsion to fit in one more things; my parents have missed a few things including thanksgiving dinners, flights, and the beginning of almost every movie, to name a few. I love them, but I have learned to expect them to arrive late. One of my dearest friends has never once called to make plans for the two of us. She waits for me to do the planning. I used to take it personally and “keep score”. I adore her, but I needed to accept that she’s simply one of those people most comfortable in the “passenger seat”. My kids are most demanding of my time when I have a cut throat deadline and really need to focus. When my husband has gone beyond 3 hours without food, he’s…well…shall we say…easily agitated.

These things used to frustrate me. You probably have someone in your life that routinely has you in a fit; and once again they have disappointed, frustrated, offended, or inconvenienced you. How often are you disappointed by the same set of circumstances, same friend, same frustrating co-worker or the same relative? Why don’t they just see the light, strand up and fly straight once and for all?

Ironically, the person who disappointed you most recently tried to tell you this was going to happen. Forget what you believe to be right or wrong; if you want to predict how people will behave, just glance at what they’ve done in the past. If your Mom or Dad were selfish or abusive toward you as a child; why would you think he or she would miraculously become a better person now that you’re an adult? If you have a friend who is always late, why would you foolishly believe this time they might be on time? If your sister is a total flake, what would possess you to ask her to help you with something important?

Response: “This time I was really hoping it would be different.”
Reality: People rarely change.

A friend of mine has shared stories with me of her horrific childhood and the pain she endured at the hands of her abusive, alcoholic single mother. Despite the cards dealt to her, my friend is a fantastic mother and a wonderful friend! I’m very attracted to resilient people. This girl defines resilient. She’s conquered her past, ended the cycle of abuse and created the life she deserves. Yet, several times a year, in a moment of weakness she invites this woman (who doesn’t really deserve the title of Mother) back into her life. Seduced by the fantasy of a relationship repaired, undermined by her deep rooted longing for the love and care she was denied; she allows her back in. Though not as trusting as she was when she was a child, there’s still a part of her that believes that this time things will be different and each time…it remains the same.

Your abuser will probably never drop to their knees and deliver the gut wrenching apology you deserve, no matter how many opportunities you create for them. Don’t expect people to change by creating more opportunities. They will only prove that people rarely change. It is what it is. They are who they are. Take it or leave it, but be realistic. The most that you can or should expect from people is exactly what they have done in the past. Should they do more, be more, or rise to the occasion…well then you can be pleasantly surprised. But to be surprised when someone acts or responds exactly as they always have is waste of your precious energy.

Be an optimist, but when it comes to people, a healthy dose of realism is required.

Why be disappointed by things you should expect. Most people will behave tomorrow as they did today. Most people are consistent: consistently reliable, consistently in a heap of drama, consistently negative, consistently taking charge, or just consistently inconsistent. If your best friend remembers your birthday a week late each year, why be disappointed this year? It has nothing to do with her adoration for you. Keeping track of dates is not her strong suit. It’s not personal. Get over it.

Unrealistic expectations are a sure-fire way to stir up stress levels and harbor futile frustration. It is useless. You can expect that your unreliable babysitter will not show up on the one day you need her most. You can expect that the “angry” woman who works the front desk will be just as unhappy today as she was yesterday. Expect that your toddler will use a Sharpie™ to make his mark on your beautiful white couch. Your boss, who hasn’t given you an “atta-boy” in six months, is not planning a parade in your honor. Accepting these things as fact does not mean that you’re rolling over, or condoning them. Rather, accepting them is to acknowledge that you can’t control the actions, thoughts or behaviors of anyone other than YOU! Expect that which is likely, predictable and realistic based on past experience and then relax when it happens.

Don’t invite a house full of kids over and not expect a mess. Don’t throw a party if you’re a clean freak. Don’t rely on someone who has been unreliable. Don’t expect a guy who has cheated on his wife won’t do it with you. Don’t think that the girl, who gossips about everyone, won’t do the same to you. Don’t believe that your dysfunctional parent(s) will suddenly see the errors of their past. Don't let Kanye West get anywhere near a microphone at an award show if you're not ready for his obnoxious rant!

The opening line of the book, 'The Road Less Traveled' by Scott M. Peck begins simply, 'Life is difficult.' Peck’s message isn’t negative. It’s the truth. If we expect that life will be difficult, we will be better equipped to handle its challenges and more likely to tighten our seatbelts and enjoy the excitement of the bumpy ride. Children of healthy marriages expect that relationships take work and that conflict will arise and that loving caring partners compromise, apologize and make-up!

When we accept that difficulties are a part of life, when we consider that most people are predictable, when we expect imperfection and malfunction, when we anticipate having to do the job ourselves and set expectations realistically; we lead a happier more predictable existence. When someone disappoints, frustrates or drives you crazy, just smile and think to yourself, “Well, I expected that.” You have two choices: 1. Accept who they are and set your expectations realistically or 2. Decide that you won’t tolerate the behavior and drive your car in a different direction. Changing the other person is not an option. You only have the power to change you.

So, set your expectations for others where they should be. Don’t take it personally. People do a great job broadcasting their next move; just pay attention to what they’ve done in the past.

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I love LOVE sweet potatoes! I eat them at least a few times a week. I mix them with some diced up chicken breast, so YUMMY!! If you have a sweet tooth like I do, add a lil splenda to it to get that Thanksgiving dinner feel. 
But did you know just how good for you these tasty potatoes are? 

The scoop on the Sweet Potato:

One baked sweet potato (3 1/2 ounce serving) provides over 8,800 IU of vitamin A or about twice the recommended daily allowance, yet it contains only 141 calories making it valuable for the weight watcher. This nutritious vegetable provides 42 percent of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin C, 6 percent of the RDA for calcium, 10 percent of the RDA for iron, and 8 percent of the RDA for thiamine for healthy adults. It is low in sodium and is a good source of fiber and other important vitamins and minerals. A complex carbohydrate food source, it provides beta carotene which may be a factor in reducing the risk of certain cancers.

For those who are always on the run like myself, you need to try these amazing pre-washed and pre-wrapped  sweet potatoes!!  Just throw them in the microwave and in about 6 minutes you will have a perfectly baked delicious sweet potato. Enjoy!!!!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The More Turbo, Less Latte Diet Plan

By: Chalene Johnson
When people ask me what’s the easiest way to “lose weight,” I like to tell them about the “latte diet.” It’s really just a euphemism for cutting something seemingly minor out of your daily habits, which may be the cause of unnecessary, unaccounted-for calories.
I’m 5’2”. Okay, fine. I’m 5’1 and ¾” to be exact! If I gain two pounds, it looks like ten. There’s just nowhere for it to go. In the past couple of years, I’ve really buckled down and done my best to get a handle on the little things that make a big difference for those of us struggling to lose or maintain weight. A light bulb went off for me when people started sending me their own before and after photos representing the weight loss and body transformations they experienced with Turbo Kick™.
Many of these people started to see a difference when they began doing Turbo Kick™ three, four and even five times a week. There was a period of time when, due to poor scheduling on my part, I was teaching only one Turbo Kick™ class a week and a whole slew of other formats I didn’t enjoy very much.
I decided to give up every workout I wasn’t looking forward to, for whatever reason. I added three more Turbo Kick™ classes to my weekly workout schedule. I returned to teaching Turbo three or four times a week. Wow! What a difference I saw and felt in my own body.
Next, I decided to get critical, rather than defensive, about the calories I was consuming. For many years, I reassured myself that I was eating “clean” and working out six days a week and because of that, I was probably as fit as I was ever going to be. I was eating far healthier than most people I knew. Hey, we can only do so much with the genes we’ve been dealt, right?
I decided to write down everything I ate, and I mean everything! I even recorded the left-over crust from Cierra’s sandwich, the handful of cereal here and half a broken cookie there. I looked at the calorie content on the things I was consuming, including the Starbucks soy latte I enjoyed each day. After a few weeks of food journals compared with the calories I burn each day as recorded by my BodyBugg, I realized things were not as “clean” as I had thought. There were quite a few things I could do without. So I set out to cut out and cut back.
I still eat those last syrup-drenched bites of pancakes that Brock (thank God) leaves on his plate, but just one bite instead of four, and I count those calories! I replaced late-night handfuls of cereal with dried cranberries and almonds. If I want something sweet, instead of fat-free yogurt (which is loaded with sugar), I now do sugar-free Jell-O™. But the thing in my diet that I believe has had the most positive impact was cutting out the daily soy latte habit. In doing so, I save nearly $140 a month and about 7,000 calories. What a simple way to lose two pounds in a month!
Everyone has his or her “soy latte.” It’s a metaphor for something you’re eating every day that you really don’t need, that you really wouldn’t miss if you cut it out, cut back or replaced with something containing fewer calories. Most of us know what to eat; we just don’t keep track of it very carefully. It is reported that Americans underestimate their calorie consumption by an average of 40%! Wow!
To break your current plateau, take a close look at what you are eating (and drinking). Really account for every calorie. Use a food journal. There are many free apps available for your smartphone, but a Post-it note on the fridge will work, too! Make a serious effort to consume fewer calories. Consume the right balance of calories, i.e., protein and carbs, based on your activity level. And last, but not least, burn more calories and work those abs by doing the right kind of workout (hint: starts with a “T” and you hear sirens about 30 minutes into it!)

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Wednesday, September 02, 2009

The Magic of Positive Thinking

By: Chalene Johnson
The potential of the human mind is striking.. To think that each person has the power to guide their behaviors, successes, failures, outcomes and outlooks with the unbelievable power of the mind is truly exciting. Each of us has personally witnessed both the positive and negative outcome of its might.

The Pitfalls of a Negative Mindset
On occasion, you have probably allowed yourself to slip into a pattern of negative thinking. When this happens, your mind has the power to transform a relatively minor circumstance into a monstrous, life-halting event.

Here’s a common example. Have you ever jumped to conclusions about a friend or a co-worker? Unsure of what really went down, insecure about what someone might really be thinking of you, you allowed your mind to take a detour leading you down the dangerous path of negative thinking. How quickly the mind can morph a former pal into one of the World’s most notorious villains. It is most common for people who are insecure or the victim of past hurt to engage in this pattern of thinking. By thinking the worst, they won’t be disappointed.

Those with the propensity to think negative will assume the worst as a means to safeguard themselves. If an acquaintance or co-worker seems distant or distracted, the mind of the negative thinker kicks into overdrive, “She’s really avoiding me because she’s talking about me behind my back. I really don’t care because she’s the one with the problem. I knew this was going to happen. She’s obviously a very jealous person with many issues. No one should ever trust her.”

(Hold on…I’m no psychologist, but we’re about to go deep!) This processing method allows the negative thinker to maintain a mental upper hand. A lack of confidence leads them to first believe that others don’t like them, that they are about to be “found out” or that others have identified their shortcomings. The negative thinker hides this vulnerability from him/ herself and others by casting negative aspersions into the air to create a distraction. He or she will then repeat these allegations mentally and sometimes verbally until they become their reality. The vilification of the negative thinker’s intended target then masks or replaces his/her initial feelings of insecurity about him/herself. He or she seeks validation from others constantly. “Is Lisa mad at me?”, “Deana is being immature and self centered!”, the negative thinker will state in a way that sound more like a question than a statement. Thus, mentally he/she protects him/herself from personal pain or external attack. By making statements about others in a way that corners the listener into half agreeing, he or she feels validated.

Please watch this clip:

The Law of Belief
Conversely, the positive thinker regards him or herself in a favorable light. The positive thinker worries not about what others might be thinking about them, because they feel good about what they are doing, who they are and what they stand for. Author Brian Tracy calls it the “Law of Belief”. He writes, “Your beliefs act like a set of filters that screen out information that is inconsistent with them. You do not necessarily believe what you see, but rather you see what you already believe. You reject information that contradicts what you have already decided to believe, whether or not your beliefs or your prejudices are based on fact or fantasy.”

The Power Potential of Positive Thinking
Positive thinkers assume the best of people and situations and filter out negative information, creating a positive reality. They miss the negative things that “hurt” people see, magnify and obsess over. People who enjoy success in business have filtered out self-limiting negative thoughts about their inadequacies and truly believe they can do exactly what others before them have done, and perhaps even better. People who enjoy personal peace believe that everything will work out as it should and think the best of others because they hold themselves in the highest regard.

Have you ever been thinking about someone you haven’t seen in months only to answer the phone to hear his or her voice? Ever really needed a size small and found the last one hiding at the back of the rack? Have you ever been late to go do something nice for someone and miraculously every traffic light turns green just as you approach it? If so, you have experienced the power of positive thinking.

Positive thinkers meet the right people at just the right time. They have a better life and happier existence because they have chosen to frame it precisely that way. They chose the right kind of people to invest in friendship. They never say, “I don’t have enough time,” or “We don’t have enough money.” Instead, they find a way to make it happen. They have confident children, fulfilling careers and meaningful friendships. I personally believe some people are born positive thinkers, but anyone can learn. Not positive by nature? Baby steps are what you need to take. Start with something small and focus on one thing such as, “I actually enjoy working out.” Each time you finish a workout recognize how good you feel, believe you love to exercise, focus on the endorphins that are pumping through your body after your workout. Before long, you will truly begin to enjoy something that in the past you might have viewed as a “task” or chore.

Here’s another example of changing your way of thinking. Before your next social event at which you may not know a soul, picture yourself being loved and admired by everyone you meet. Assume that all in attendance have heard great things about you. Assume in advance that people will like you exactly the way you are. Tell yourself that a “cold” or less than interested greeting is simply the other person’s nervousness or “anxiety”. Assume that people already think the world of you, so there’s no need to prove or doubt yourself. Make it your goal to put the emphasis on the other person. Make it a game, a challenge to meet as many people as possible and help to put “them” at ease. Instead of responding to the urge to “tell” others about yourself, your accomplishments, or opinions, make it your goal to listen to the people you meet. Collect the life stories of others and ask open-ended questions. Listen, digest and become a student of those you meet. As with any sport or skill, practice makes perfect. Before long, you’ll relish the opportunity to meet new people and take their walls down one brick at a time. Before long, you’ll feel a sense of happiness and confidence when entering social situations. Practice reframing your thinking and create a new reality of one that is currently negative or unhappy.

If you decide you’re in a good marriage (even if you’ve had major problems of late) and behave as though you love your mate, your positive thinking can create an about-face on your divorce bound relationship, not in one day, not in one week, maybe not even in a month’s time. But, if you change the way you feel about something or someone, you change your reality. If you truly believe people like and care about you, you will be rewarded with the truest of friendships. If you believe there are no limits to your potential, you will be blown away each day by the many things you’ve been able to accomplish about which others can only dream. Next! All of this is true, and ironically it’s accurate in the reverse too!

Your Life Around

Want to turn your life around? Then, it’s time to recognize that you hold all the cards. You don’t have bad luck, a bad marriage or a crummy job because fate dealt you a bad hand. You have most circumstances, both positive and negative because you have attracted them to you or you have decided to do nothing about it. Of course, there are things 100% out of your control, but there are many in which you need to recognize your part in attracting, or perpetuating the problem. You bring to you what you expect. Expect that it’s going to be tough to make ends meet this month and I promise that will be your reality. Decide that you’re going to do something about it and have more money this month than last and you will succeed. Period! Decide that you will make time for exercise. Decide that you love your life.

I expect the best of people. I expect that I will win and I expect that every goal on my list will be fulfilled. I know I will be happy and I know I will do right by others.

Obsess about the negative and I guarantee you’ll lead a life of drama and upheaval. A pit in the bottom of your stomach will become your regular companion. You’ll enter a room of strangers assuming their thinking negatively about you. You’ll dominate conversations or gossip about others in an effort to prove your self worth. You will believe the negative things you are saying to yourself and that is what you will project to the world. Change your mind and you can change your life…overnight.

Filter out the negative and focus exclusively on the positive and I guarantee that amazing things will happen.

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