Wednesday, October 05, 2005

We are live and legit!

Today I got to spend some time with the funnest, nicest people you'd ever want to exercise with. We spent just about an hour today going over the live workout we will film tomorrow. The cast of this one is so special.... they are my actual students. I wanted you to get a sense of what a live class looks and feels like. So, I invited just a about 10 or so peeps from my class to join me for a workout a couple of workouts. I picked just some of the people who when they're in class I'm happy because they're energy is so positive and so fun. If you loved Chicken George in the CP1 and 20 Minute Turbo... you'll love this workout. It's legit... we are going to film it straight through... no breaks for hair and make-up and to towel off. Now you will know the "not so cute" truth about this workout. I call it the "nasty" factor. The nastier you look (and smell) after this workout.. the better!

Get ready for a mascara running, hair dripping, sweat flying, hips pumpin', "real deal" workout! Wahhoooooooo!

We'll be filming Booty Sculpt and Cardio Party Remix - LIVE... tomorrow. I better get some ZZZZZZZ's!

Love ya... mean it!

Dj Cj


Kim aka sugarshoes said...

Auuugh!!! I love it! I can't wait for the new workouts!!! The LIVE workout is such a great idea. Your workouts infect me with the 'nasty factor' too!!! :D

Neeeena said...


akiko525 said...

Yes, yes, yes!!! I just want to give you a huge hug! I can't wait!!! I am so adicted to Turbo Jam! Please give us some more!!

stephanie said...

CHALENE - woman I can't wait for this live workout to be released. I believe in the "nasty" factor - as you put it - cuz when I really push it my hair is matted to my head - face is bright red (almost as red as my hair) and I look horrible but I feel great. BRING IT BABY DOLL!! I'm ready!
You rock girlfriend!


suz42 said...

Chalene, you are the greatest. Turbo Jam is fantastic. I never thought working out could be so much fun or that I would love it so much. I want to get every work out you make.

Kerri said...

Chalene - I love the workouts so far and love the fact that they are shorter than going to a class because my time is so short in the evenings and I would not have time to do much of anything else. So it is GREAT to be able to do something I LOVE!!!

Shane and Mel said...

I just started and I have been trying to work out every morning with you. I have six children and the abs on that woman in the picture inspire me. I home school two and have a five month old baby. Really its your energy on the DVD that create the desire to GET UP and GET GOING. I really look forward to the "live" DVD. I think that would really be a motivator. So thank you for your service on many levels. I do hope I can keep it up.

nessaboo said...

This workout has changed my life! I actually LOOK FORWARD to working out---I am SO EXCITED for the new vids!

Anonymous said...

I ordered Turbo Jam but have not received it. I am excited to try it but I've had a very tacking experience just during the ordering experience. I feel very bamboozeled. "Free Express Shipping" does not mean what most people would think it means (from your info-mercial.) So I sucked it up and paid the $12.95 shipping, THEN come to find out extra items had been tacked onto my order that I specifically told them I DID NOT WANT. So instead of my total being $72.80, it was $119.70! And customer service (if I can even understand them!) are not very willing to help. We'll see what happens once I actually get the product. I know this isn't your fault, Chalene, but it is YOUR product, it's got your name on it, I'd think you'd want to know if people are being misled and taken advantage of. I feel very deceived.