Friday, October 07, 2005

The crew setting up lighting and cameras in the actual group exercise room where I teach TJ 5 days a week


Neeeena said...

Dang! how long is that torso?

AZTLGRL said...

Now see...SHE gives me hope..I'm a 6 footer and whenever I tell people how much I weigh they say "Well that's cause you're sooo tall!" like tall people are destined to be huge or something. I dig this! Thanks for posting it CJ.

Jenelle said...

DANIELLE!! It's YOU! And you look fit & beautiful as usual! You guys must have had a BLAST..wish I could've been there to see the filming! Yes, AZTLGRL, Danielle is tall - I'm guessing 6ft (Lene, correct me if I'm wrong).

Soooo arizona tall girl (sneaky little display-name-maker that you are) kick it up a notch!! (jk!)