Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Well I've been absent from my blog and the boards for about a week, so there’s plenty to catch up on!

Presenter Training Camp:
Last week my team (Holly and the crew) at Powder Blue Productions and I hosted nearly 30 of the top instructors from around the country for a 4 day intensive presenter camp to train them how to certify instructors to teach Turbo or PiYo. They were an amazing group, with one thing in common… a passion for sharing fitness with others. It was an amazing, fun, exhausting, educational and humbling experience to be with so many talented and passionate fitness friends.

The photo is from our reception, held at the Powder Blue Production offices. You’ll see Mindy and Holly if you look close.

Back to Video Production:

Since their departure I’ve been working around the clock to create and test new workouts for you. We will be filming 4 MORE workouts in less than a week. I can finally put the rumors to rest...these workouts will in fact include two LONG videos (between 50 and 60 minutes) and two shorter videos (approximately 30 minutes).

I'm planning an additional 4 videos the first week of December as well. Those videos will include 2 long and 2 shorter titles.

All week I've been reading people's e-mails and pleas about the length of the new videos. Everyone hopes to have new videos that are "just the right length" to fit in with their lifestyle. I can completely relate. My Mom read some of the posts and tried to pull “an insiders job” by calling me to inform me that she and the ladies on her street would like more 20 and 30 minute cardio workouts and added, “and don’t forget…*I* gave birth to you!”. My up the street neighbor flagged me down on my way to drop the kids off at school to inform me of the results of her informal polling survey, that “longer workouts” are what people want. I love it! Truth of the matter is, people want and need both!

Luckily for us, Beachbody is the kind of company that really listens to it's family of customers and are allowing me to do multiple workouts in both lengths! Wahooo! Not only that, but we are really going to "create a house party" and use more people, “real” people in the videos. I think it's so cool to be able to relate to someone in the workout.

These new workouts will feature some of your favorite faces and some new ones too! You’ll see people who have just started doing Turbo and those who have been doing it for years. And la la la ladies….just wait until you meet “Uncle Rico”. Wahooo… Uncle Rico!!!!!!

So my Mom and her posse’ will definitely get their quick-fix workouts and my up the street neighbor will get the long workouts she lobbied for. I plan on making these workouts until I’m 6 feet under, so there’s plenty of time to give you all kinds of variety and push the intensity and challenge as your level of fitness and skill level increases.

More later..




Anonymous said...

50-60 MINUTE WORKOUTS!! WOOHOO!! THANK YOU CHALENE!!! I think everybody is now happy that you will come up with both 30 minutes and 50-60 minute workouts :) So I guess for the upcoming 10 workouts - that would mean 5 DVDs will be 30 minute workouts and the other 5 DVDs will be 50-60 minutes long?!
I will get ALL!

Thanks again.

Kelly Ann

Neeeena said...

great news, no matter what length, cuz I'm hooked.

and boy, do I hope YOUR uncle Rico is NOTHING like my uncle Rico. I wouldn't get paid to watch my uncle Rico jam. eeks! :)

Jam on!!!

I love George!
Pigtails rule!

akiko525 said...

Chalene! I can't wait! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! You are right. I think it is fair to have 30 min. workout DVDs and 50-60 workout DVDs. What about the 2 LIVE workout DVDs? How long they are going to be? I would love to see your mom in those new DVDs.

In those new workouts, I would like to see more routines for "7 Step" and "Capoeira Step" since they are only featured in "Lean & Burn" DVD.

I am so looking forward!

Akiko Yoshii-Johnson

Belle said...

Chalene, LOVE the photo from the reception and you look gorgoues in that black dress!!

Thank you SO much for posting an update (I've been checking your blog everyday :))!! I am THRILLED w/ having both longer and shorter w/os! Sometimes when I wake up a little late, it's great to have the option of the 20-minute w/o.

And don't worry Chalene - whatever TJ you make, I'm gonna buy. You might as well accept the fact that you've got us all hooked on TJ!!

And your mom is HILARIOUS!! I love that spirit! :D

Kim (aka sugarshoes) said...

Auugh! Where the heck is Holly in that picture. I feel like I am searching for Waldo! (no offense Holly, you ROCK!!) I did find Mindy though! Thank you Chalene for putting all this time and effort into what you love doing and sharing it with us. I will certainly benefit from the long AND short workouts and I appreciate both!!

Kim (aka sugarshoes) said...

P.S. Is Shilo and Christine D. in that picture too??

I'm playing "I Spy" with myself, haha!!

CherylAnn said...

Hi Chalene,
Wanted you to know how excited I am about TJ. I just started the 10/10. There hasn't been a person out there that has motivated me as much as you have (besides Oprah). You are a sincere and wonderful person and I want to thank you for being so passionate about your work. You have truly helped to make life better for so many people. You are an angel and are blessed. My goal is to lose 60lbs., be in your next infomercial and do TJ with you and OPRAH! I am so excited to do these workouts everyday. There is so much conversation I want to have with you about all of this, but I'll wait until we meet in person (nothing like being too presumptuous)LOL
Sincerely, CherylAnn Cavalier
113 Brentwood Drive, Wallingford, Connecticut 06492 - 203.269.4453

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Chalene will have both 60 mins. and 30 mins. dvds! I belong to the "i prefer longer workouts" club so I'm definitely excited! I do understand the need for both long AND short workouts so I will buy both. My work schedule doesn't permit me to go to a Turbo Class often so DVDs are the way to go for me. I hope the workout length, intensity and fun will be similar to your Turbo Kick classes!

Ashton Miller

isabee03-Amanda said...

I CAN'T WAIT!!!! December feels so far away! Chalene, thank you so much for giving us the gift of Turbo Jam!

Anonymous said...

Please, please Chalene let me know when will any of the new workouts be released -- just an idea. November? December? I can't wait to order!

Christine said...

I was searchign for Holly too in this picture, but I remember now...she TOOK the picture. =( So Holly's isn't in it. =( YES, you got that correct, I am in it (Christine D.) right above Chalene with the blonde hair and so is Shilo. Miss Shilo is there as well, Grreat catch!! =)

Kim aka sugarshoes said...

I wouldn't miss your purdy self Christine!! Thanks for the info on Holly - whew - I thought I had gone crazy!! Shilo, such a cutie!

Something Smart said...

I can't wait to get these .. same for the Live ones.

Thanks Chalene!

Melody L. said...

I read in Carl's blog that you'll be filming some hour long advanced workouts in January?! That'll be absolutely FANTASTIC and AWESOME! I couldn't wait to get my hands on these workouts! Of course, I'll also get the 30 mins. and 45 mins. workouts to mix and match but 60 mins. would be the MEGA BLASTER! I am thrilled and hope you continue make several one hour workouts :)

Much Thanks!

longin2bslim said...

All I have to say is as long as George is there, I am ok! When I finally got Cardio Party 2, and I did not see George, I thought I will just die. He is so funny, and he keeps me smiling all the way through the workout. I just want to know where did he learn to move like that? hehehehe

Belle said...

Chalene, after reading in Carl's blog that you're gonna be filming even more TJs, and especially the one hour ones, all I can say is WOO HOOOOOO!! Thank you so much for your boundless energy and for continuing to make such great w/os for us!

Elizabeth said...

I have a question if anybody can answer it would be greatly appreciated. I have always been skinny and not very much body fat at all. I am recently having my second baby and have put on the pounds stomach, hips back etc. everyplace but the butt. so it looks as if I have no butt. I have always been lean and so fat on the butt is just not there. I am very self conscious about my appearance so if there are any techniques that will work or put some fat on my butt please let me know thanks much Elizabeth. P.S. I do not know if I am leaving this message in the appropriate place or not. I am using this for the first time. thanks again

jojobeauvermont said...

New longer workouts will be great.
Thank you so much. 30 minute workout will be great also for the days when I only have a small window of time to workout. I am hooked on TurboJam and can't wait to get home from work everyday to "JAM:. It feels good to be excited about exercising again. Can't wait to add all the new DVDs to my library of TurboJam and other BeachBody workouts.

P.S. How can I become a certified Turbo Jam Presenter?

JoAnn Fortman
59 Spring Hollow Lane
Barre, Vermont 05641

Thanks again. JoAnn

Anonymous said...

when will the new dvds be available

Anonymous said...

I've been trying to get the Turbo Jame Maximum Results from Beachbody. The first one they sent to the wrong person, and then the send me some Hip Hop abs, which is not what I want. I hope that in the future I can order your products through some place other than Beachbody since I don't think I'll ever use them again.

Wendy Baker