Friday, September 23, 2005

Turbo Jam - "That's a Wrap!"

After 8 years and a great deal of attention to important details, it was music to my ears to hear the director of th Turbo Jam exercise videos booming over the studio P.A, "That's a wrap!" We shot 7 amazing videos in 3 days, complete with out-takes, behind the scenes interviews, a team of "real" Turbo cameras ranging in age from 26 to Over 50 and we'll leave it at that!

I could not be more proud of this project. Beachbody more than stepped up to the plate! They
allowed us to keep this program as authentic to the gym experience as I wanted. They believed me when I told them we needed to make the music our first thought and not our last thought. They never asked us to compromise. The videos offer the pure individual expression of each participant so that those at home would find someone they would be able to identify with. We were able to use a 'modifier', Anna-Rita to show people they could get killer results (she's lost 70 pounds) without having to jump or use high impact. They also created a really cool "special" set for us to share this workout with our new friends. It kind of feels like a mature (is that the word I'm looking for?) or classy dance club.

We had the best director in the business, Andrea B. who routinely reminded me that I should NOT sing and (other than that) really let me be my dorky, dancey, music obsessed spazmatic self!

Thanks to my Turbo Team, Anna-Rita, my lil' sis Jenelle, former Laker Girl and crazy new Mom Angela, Energy bunny Holly, Terry our resident singer/new Dad, Big smiles and big biceps from Bryan, our Sweet Southern Bell Ms. Mindy from Dallas, who also has lost 40 pounds, Vicki who at age 50 has abs I could only hope to have some day, Pendu who has the best attitude and a great energy, my sexy, serious, super sweet spouse and Number one Dad, Hubby Bret, and last but not least, George. Every time George entered the room, everyone started having fun. What a blast this guy is. He has a real zest for life and he brings it to this workout!

Let me not forget to thank all at Beachbody, especially Lara and Heather for their amazing contribution in the form of dedication, trust, care, expertise, and talent! Thanks to Jon and Carl for finding the best in the industry to make sure only the best were on this project and for their financial investment in the music. Oh... the music.... The music is OFF THE HOOK!!!!!!!! The best you'll ever hear in an exercise video... at least until we film another one next month!

Yahoo! Let's Go Turbo!




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Mary Cecy said...

Your workouts are great. I know many people were waiting for TJ and now the waiting starts on the new tapes you will be doing in the near future. I LOVE the music. I am someone that always love to dance and have fun. You have brought that. I would love to meet you and the crew some day. Thanks for your dedication and sharing your family with us.

laura52 said...


You bring to fitness what I have used all my life to do a task I wanted to get done, but didn't want to think about it. MUSIC. I have danced with my vacuum cleaner many a days as my partner to the music drowning out the vacuum. :D

Now, you have brought this to exercise. Geniune genius!

Although I might be the geekiest looking Jammer right now as a fairly new, newbie to the Jammin' set, I sure am one of the happiest ones.

Thanks for bringing a whole new element to workout out into my life.

I actually love doing Ab Jam!

Keep on inspiring the world with your talent. The word is out now!


Neeeena said...

oh, ok...phew! You mentioned George.
all is right with the universe.


I hope I don't start to freak him out, like, stalker-wise. I'm just playin'. :) But I love him.

turbojammer4life said...

Hello. I am a 34 year old wife, mother, and business owner. I have three young children. My youngest is 8 months old, my middle is 2 and my oldest is 6 years old. Your Turbo Jam is excellent! I have lost 26 pounds after having my thrid and final child, and I look and feel fabulous. I would like to request something of you and you probably have never received this request before. Anyway, my sister and I own a cheerleading gym and I choreograph all of the competition routines. Well, as I am turbo jamming to the 20 Minute workout, I am jammin'! The music pulls you in and makes you want to just jam! I wondered if I could purchase a copy of the exact mix that you use for the 20 minute Turbo Jam. I e-mailed customer service at BeachBody, but they said that the music was not yet available. I figured, it is not yet available for CUSTOMER SERVICE to allow me to purchase it. BUT, you - I know that you have access to it and can allow me to get it from you. I am willing to purchase it from you. I mix our music as well, and it is always so hard to find exactly what we want to make the routine pop. Turbo Jam has it! I would have to do some mixin' and splicin', but that 20 Minute Turbo Jam music has all that we would need in it for our entrance music. Please, please, please, allow me to purchase this from you. Perhaps you could e-mail it to me in mp3 format, or just mail me a copy or let me know where I should send the amount of what you will charge me for it, and I will gladly send it to you so that I can get the music. Our first competition is Sept 2 and I need to get crackin on the choreography. I already know what I want to do though, to the Turbo Jam Music, b/c I just jam with it when I am doing Turbo Jam. I hope you can and will help me. You can e-mail me at I know your mission is to help people, and believe me, you would truly be helping me out a whole lot right now. Thank you so much and God Bless.

fiti said...

Hi Charlene, I live in the Kingdom of Tonga (small island south close to New ZEaland). I was introduced to turbo by a friend who bought it while in NZ for a holiday and i've been doing it for 2 weeks now....right now i'm sore after doing the ab class (the second tape) yesterday and it feels so good....this is awesome and thank you for the great workout....i don't have to leave my home for a good sweat....already i think i've lost almost 2 can i pay for something i want to order from your site if u don't have a credit card? i'd like to get hold of new stuff i see on your site....a new tape i think....tks again! Fiti