Friday, September 23, 2005

What an experience!

The real reason I loved this project and the real reason Turbo Jam will be so much for for people... Heather and Lara from BeachBody. Lara (supermodel on the right) is the VP of Creative and Heather (Curly blonde on the left) is the Director of Production. Together they make an unbeatable team and two great bosses.

Bret, my super supportive hubby there for me even after I took out all of my stress on him for three weeks straight and to top it all off, he played Mr. Mom and did it like an old pro. He lost 12 pounds once he started doing Turbo 4 x a week!

Trying to learn how to operate the camera.

Me... the control freak... taking over in the editing bay.

Everyone being mean to me and making me mop up their sweat between takes.

Our set

Here's me when I stole Ronnie the make-up ladies make-up bag. She had a heart-attack when we saw me using a lip brush on Mindy's eyebrows. Oooops.

That's Rico checking to see if he could remove the battery from my back so that I might "shut up" for 5 minutes.

This is Vicki and she's been doing Turbo for 7 years. She's going to be 50 in a week, and has two kids and the most amazingly ripped abs! That's Bryan behind her. Look at that body. He eats donuts regularly, and like all of us believes if you find a workout that burns serious calories and fat, you can eat anything in moderation! (BTW... he is 7% body fat!)

It look like I might have a head wound here, actually it's Ronnie the make-up gal trying to erase my wrinkles.

First rehearsal on the not yet finished set


Mary Cecy said...

Thanks for sharing the making of TJ. I love your workouts. Today it helped me with some stress I was experiencing. Now I got to make sure I get the coordination down. ;)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is what I love!

mbpharr aka Martha said...

Hey Chalene

I love your blog. But more importantly TJ rocks. I send to stay things like in the songs all day long but I get these funny looks from my co-workers. If only they knew the power of TJ!!! Thanks for sharing your journey with us.

Neeeena said...

I see Mindy!! Yay!
but am I going to have George withdrawals? :)

cat1985 said...

Hey Chalene,
Thanks a million for TJ, Blog, and making of TJ. You have this great inner personality that makes me feel like I have known you for a long time. I am absolutely hooked on TJ. Can't wait till follow up series from you. You are a wonderful person inside and out!
May God bless you and your family.

stephanie said...

Chalene - love, love, love the pics girlfriend. "SWEET" (Napolean Dynamite). I love the behind the scenes stuff and love the blog - keep 'em coming.

Frizzell said...

sure wish your customer service was a 1/16 as helpful as your programs are.....and I'm being nice!!

here4me said...

Well, all I can say is I found this by pushing around everywhere and I have no idea how I got here, but I'm sure happy I did! I got a few good laughs!! he he he!
Thank you Chalene, you've made me a happy gal! I've lost 23 pounds in just September with TJ!! I love ya! Keep the blogs and pics coming, I love to see it all!! Hopefully I'll find this again!!

sarah said...

Chalene! My roomate and I have been doing the Jam every morning before going to work for a little over a month now. We have so much fun! Everyone in out firm knows the moves now, and we got all the girls saying "la, la, la, ladies...". Anyhow we love it, but we also love the workout pants you have in the Ab Jam DVD. Where did you get those? They rock! Please, let me know, we have been trying to find them everywhere =).

Anonymous said...

OMG - I was wondering why I never saw YOU sweat in the earlier videos. LIGHTS, CAMERA, BREAK, uh... MAKEUP. I like to see you sweat too. I thought there was something wrong with me....:)

Anonymous said...

HI Chalene! My Name is Jo, 26, from Texas. I have a beautiful two year old girl(Cheyenne), and I gained 70 lbs in the pregnancy(got up to 200), then lost 45 (delivery and breast feeding)(155), then gained back 15(170) and I was at 170 for the longest time. My goal is to get to 140-150. I have been doing TJ for a little more than a month now, and have lost roughly 11 lbs.I am now at 158! I feel great! in fact, I can't even concentrate in school if I don't get up and do my "esersize" -(Cheyenne reminds me) I love it and wonder how I ever could have lived without it before. Now the more serious stuff- I'm not looking for a free ride, or anything, but my house got broken-into 2 days ago, and they took one of the two DVD's I had bought from TJ. (It was inside my DVD player that they took)I would love to go and buy it again, but there's 2 reasons why I can't, My husband was really reluctant to kick out the money the first time, thinking that this would be a failure too, like the endless diet pills and health food that never took. The other reason is that we have to replace everything; the DVD player (in order to even do my TJ), and the laptop that is absolutely necessary for my school. We are not rich by any means, but I still need to do my workouts and it's killing me that I can't! Please anybody help!

jazfest said...

Your my hero.


Bini said...

I had bought the Turbo Jam DVD more than a year ago, but haven't utilized it fully so I wanted to know if there are any gyms in Dallas, TX which have certified Turbo Jam instructors & workouts?

Thank you for your help.