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There's a lot to be said about accountability. Accountability can come in many forms. I personally believe that if you're trying to get your eating under control, you need to keep a food journal and it's best to partner up with someone who you can swap journals back and forth. Accountability is making arrangements to meet a friend for a walk, and to do Turbo Jam together. Accountability helps us go the extra mile. It's what makes us get up and go when that little voice is saying, "Don't workout. You're tired today. Just rest." Accountability helps people reach their goals quicker. It's a perfectly timed kick in the pants. Everyone needs accountability and those who think they can operate without it, are doing themselves a disservice. Even the fittest of fitness professionals need accountability.

The more layers of accountability you have, the more likely you are to succeed. Be accountable to your family. Ask your husband or partner to review your food journal each day for "honesty" in reporting. Make a promise to your best friend that you'll workout together everyday this week. Find a life-coach. Hire a personal trainer. Start a blog and post your post workout thoughts, or your food journal there. Join an on-line support group like those found at where you'll find accountability and support. Set, and post your physical goals out in the open where everyone can see them. One of the best forms of cyber accountability I have ever found is at There you fill out a brief on line profile, post your picture and commit to a workout schedule. Each time you workout, you simply sign-in and your picture appears along with everyone else across the country that is working out at the same time! The site service is a free form of very effective accountability. Skip your workout and you’ll soon receive an e-mail reminding you to return to your workout schedule. It’s powerfully motivating to know there are other people logging on at the same time expecting to see you there working out along side of them.

The Holidays are a tough time for many to maintain, let alone lose weight! We are so conditioned to believe we are suppose to consume more alcohol, cookies, fudge, eggnog, stuffing, tins of popcorn, holiday candies, and fatty party trays. You don’t. Resolve to take control. You’re driving this car. You own the machine. Take care of it. You can do it. You can do it NOW!

Don’t wait until January 1st to find accountability. Get a jump-start and start today. Check out Post your picture, schedule your Turbo Jam workouts and make this the year that you LOSE weight during the Holidays. Then, when others are only learning how to use Wowy in January, you’ll not only be using it, you may be the recipient of $1,000 that will randomly be given to one lucky person who logs onto on January 1st at 10:00 am PST, and 1:00 EST. I’ll be there! Nothing would make me happier than to see a Turbo Jammer win that $1,000 prize.

So, if you’re reading this blog and plan to post your picture and use Wowy as one of your layers of accountability, please post your reply here! If you’re already using, please post your message here to encourage others to do the same.

See ya at!




TuxBaby said...

Perfect timing for this post! I have been sidelined for the past 2 months from overtraining but really, the past 3 weeks of those 2 months have been more of a lack of motivation on my part. But today, I've decided that I need to get BACK ON TRACK and went into WOWY and set up a workout schedule for every day for the rest of the year and for about half of January.

I love using WOWY!! And I WILL be there on Jan 1st, bumping elbows and knees with all the other people, pushing play to start the year out.

But first- let's ROCK the end of this year, even before 2006 gets here!


Shabby Girl said...


THANKS for that post!! You hit the ol' nail RIGHT ON THE HEAD for me!

Now that I've become certified in TK I am ACCOUNTABLE to each and every person that steps into my class!

Thanks for reminding me of this very important KEY component of success!


irish_robbie said...

Right on Chalene!! Accountability has been the number one reason why I haven't fallen off the wagon over the past few months!

When Motivaton falters, I have discipline and Accountability to fall back on!

I have a blog that I journal my food and my workouts and I have hada couple days that I have worked out simply because I didn't want to have to look at a blank spot in my journal!

You and those I've met because of you have really given my fitness journey a new boost! Thanks a gazillion!


Amanda said...

"You’re driving this car. You own the machine. Take care of it. You can do it. You can do it NOW!" OMG!!! I love that line! This post was perfect for me. I have been feeling myself slipping and letting the holidays be my excuse! I'm putting an end to that TODAY! You're right, I am DRIVING THIS CAR! If I don't take care of it, who will!?


Anonymous said...

Chalene, I just got through posting these thoughts a few days ago about how I normally do not meet my goals but for some strange reason when I posted them in my WOWY diary, I was able to say NO to eating after 7! I commented that the accountability thing really works! You have just confirmed all that I have learned to be true since I started this program. Telling others what you eat and when you workout really gets you in gear to do it. Thanks for making us accountable! And I am already signed up for Jan 1st!
Missy (Missile)

Shellbabe said...

Hey Chalene! I use WOWY all the time. I've been a member of Beachbody for about a year and a half now and just started using WOWY about 2 months ago. I wish I had tried it sooner. It helps so much with accountability. I usually try to get a success buddy to make sure that I'm here when I say I'm going to be. The eating thing is tougher for me but my DH is helping me with that. Actually doing your 10-day Turbo Slim helped a lot too. It got me in the right mind set.

Unfortunately I will not be able to WOWY on New Year's day as I will be at a family event all day. But I will make up for it!

You're the best! I so love your workouts! And I can't wait to get the new ones when they come out.


yoly127 said...

Chalene you have motivated me to get back on track and restart using WOWY.

Thanks to TJ I'm at my best this year and can't wait where this journey will go when I get my hands on the new workouts.

Thank you and Happy Holidays

AZTLGRL said...

What are you all doing here?! GET YOUR BUTTS TO WOWY!

Right on Chalene!

laura52 said...


You speak the words of truth and I am estatic that I can feel the truth come right through your words.

Thank you for speaking everything I believe in and have turned my life around to believe in.

WOWY is friends online. Period the end. Even as a Newbie, you get to recognize the Regulars. They motivate you to prove that showing up everyday is a good thing.

As a Regular, you get to recognize the Newbies and encourage them to believe that WOWY is a great thing, because it is. Where else can you find a workout partner at any time of day? Let alone before the sun rises or is even thinking about rising?

I personally think that the $1000 in the pot for a draw should be going to everyone that logs on, on New Years Day and not just at 10:00 PT/1:00 ET etc. Why? Because it is a dedication to WOWY to actually workout that day and not use New Years Day as an Excuse. (those voices) IMHO of course!

Cheers to The Healthy Fix For 2006 Christmas/Chanukah Blitz!


A positive attitude creates will.
A negative attitude creates nil.

psalm9567 said...


I just ordered my TJ last week from the infomercial and I can't wait to start it. I have been with BB since May of this year and have done one round of P90. I am in my second round but have hit Plateau-city! Tony recommended mixing it up, so you are my mixer! I can't wait to meet you and jam with you!!

WOWY rocks, I love it! I haven't been in lately due to back problems, but am getting back in tomorrow morning. Nothing like going to meet the same folks every morning to sweat together!

Thanks for the encouragement and I'll be seeing you on my TV soon!


benedict said...

great blog, I needed to find my motivation again! I lost 67 lbs with other bb products. But, I have let 18 lbs creep back on. So, now I have to be accountable to me! Thank you for the motivation, I love the tj workouts! They should help keep me going!

LeeNee said...

WOWY has been a true turning point as far as accountability in PP. I started Mar 2004 and, although some days due to computer problems, I couldn't log in - I have managed to PP 6 days out of 7 since that time (aside from the week when I broke my arm and had it in a cast). Great way to hook up with others who are of LIKE MINDS.

Thanks Chalene for sharing your energy with all of us here. Merry Christmas. Come visit the Turks and Caicos Islands sometime. Love to have you here.

Lee Nee

LeeNee said...
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sugarshoes said...

You can bet your buns WOWY IS one of the best ways to stay accountable!! I will be there every day that I push play! See you all on January 1 too!! :D


Neyda123 said...

You are my rock! I can't tell you how you've changed my life. You inspire me everyday and I look forward to TJ workouts all the time! I've lost 15 lbs. w/TJ so far, and 22 w/Slim in 6/Slim Series. I plateaued w/SS and needed a boost, and along came Turbo Jam. All of a sudden I started shrinking, right before my eyes! My abs, inner thighs, all of my trouble areas, just melting away. I have you and BB to thank for that. Can't wait for the new videos!

Anonymous said...

I totally agree Chalene! I made the commitment to try to lose weight over the Holidays, and thanks to Turbo Jam I think I will. Thank You so much for designing such a fun, effective workout that I actually look forward to! For my Cristmas present can I ask for some 50-60 minute TJs to add to the arsenal? 40-45 minutes flies by too fast!

stephanie said...

Okay Chalene just wanted to let you know that you are so right - I'v had a hard time the past few weeks keeping going - got sick then just got lazy...but I've found if I had to post to the beachbody message boards & say I didn't workout that instead I push play THEN go to the message boards - I will not quit & WOWY has kept me going - knowing people are there waiting for me is awesome. You can't do this for the long run without accountability! trust me - I've tried & failed. So you are right on girlfriend. LOOKING FORWARD TO THE NEW WORKOUTS!

steph aka stufaweni

Gwendolyn said...


I can't wait for the new workouts come January! I'm enjoying Turbo Jam. I'm most looking forward to Kick Punch and Jam, Cardio Party 3 and Fat Blaster. I'd like to suggest more one hour workouts. Please have music louder option. Hope your workouts will be like Turbo Kick in intensity and choreography.

Gwendolyn said...


I can't wait for the new workouts come January! I'm enjoying Turbo Jam. I'm most looking forward to Kick Punch and Jam, Cardio Party 3 and Fat Blaster. I'd like to suggest more one hour workouts. Please have music louder option. Hope your workouts will be like Turbo Kick in intensity and choreography.

KellyC_bb said...

WOWY allowed me to work out with Chalene in cyberland, before tackling a real-life Live TurboKick class in California
To say I love BeachBody, TJ, and Chalene, is a gross understatement, and I will be in WOWY on New Year's Day, just like any other day :O)

lgarnant (LouiseG) said...

Thanks Chalene--I'm a big fan of WOWY. Not only is it great for accountability, but it's great for CONSISTENCY!! I WOWY at 5:30 am eastern time. Just knowing I've committed to somebody that I'll meet in WOWY helps me to push play instead of pushing that snooze button!!! Now it's such a habit (after a year and a half) that I HATE not being able to be there (like when I'm on vacation). So EVERYONE SIGN ON TO WOWY!! Last spring I even won $100 in BB gift certificates, so who knows--anyone can win that $1,000 on Jan 1!

chrislenay said...

I just ordered Turbo Jam last week and I can't waite to start. I'm 41 and 20 pounds over weight. II've been avoiding social events and dating because I don't feel good about myself. Tonight at dinner my dad told me I was FAT! Wow did that hurt...I use to be thin untill I hit my late 30's then my body changed and not for the better. I want to be healthy, lean and feel good about myself again. I pray that I can stick to the program and transform my body and mind!

chrislenay said...
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Ann Cruz said...

I love TurboJam. After two kids I need to start taking care of me so I can run after them. I have over 50lbs to lose but I feel extremely motivated with TurboJam to get up at 5 am and have some time for me to workout. I would like to know if you have a schedule for the workouts for the best results. I just pick one and do it but would like to know if there is a better way to do them.

Thank you for giving me the motivation I needed!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have the 3 video package but lost my schedule of days and what work outs to use. how can I get a new one, or can you post on this site?

Big Valley said...

I have been doing turbo jam for 3 weeks. I keep trying to use the tracker. However there is always something going on the with link. when I get there it quickly flips to million dollar baby. I want to track my progress. Can you please e-mail back. thank you. Valerie Boyd

Nancy said...

country girl

Just started the TJ last week. It does give me a reason to roll out of bed at 5:15 a.m. Most motivational I've tried so far. Hope to be able to lose the extra pounds to keep up with my grandchildren. Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Chalene, Im an avid fun of yours. i was fliping the channels and Ive seen your ad.. and its true you really change the way work out has to be done.. i just give birth and now im very motivated to go again. i have the package last year and ive been working out but now i have to lose at least 40 pounds.. i tried to go to but its a little bit complicated.. its keep on going back to million dollar body.. please email me the update ( your the best..

Lorri Wesolowski said...

From wesolint2
I have a number of serious health problems, two of which are MS and diabetes.I ordered TJ after seeing it on an infomercial during one of my late nights not sleeping because of serious pain issues.I thought if I could only do just what I could do maybe, just maybe I could do a little more later.I found that as I did more, I could do more and so the circle went!I now work out,2 dvd's every day, have lost 23lbs,and 7" around my waist!I feel better than I have in YEARS!I can't thank you enough. You have no idea what you have done for my health,pain level,mood,looks,self esteem,marriage of 21 yrs,my kids, my entire life.My dream is to meet you and maybe some day be a coach or (my biggest dream)to be in a TJ video.Teaching a TJ class at one of my local gyms or even in my home would be a dream come true for me,too.I am a new person, physically and mentally.If you could only know what you have done for me-there are no words to explain it.My Mother actually brought my Aunt over to my house last month to look at me!I have been doing TJ for 41/2 months and I am truly, truly a new person.Thank you, thank you Chalene.I love TJ and I love you for giving me my life back.
Lorri (wesolint2)

Eubanksa said...

One of my resolutions are accountability also, along with staying positive about my image and staying motivated to get to my weight loss goal. I was thinking it would be awesome if you came out with a Turbo Jam soundtrack that we could purchase so that on our off days we could listen to your motivating pumped-up music while weight lifting! Please consider this idea. After all we love Turbo Jam because its a great workout with GREAT MUSIC! Keep up the good work and good luck with your resolutions!