Monday, December 26, 2005

All the Right Tools

So you want to create your own "extreme make-over". Get in line sistah! Right after that stroke of midnight New Year's Eve kiss, many of us embark on a mission to "remodel" the ol' bod. Hey, no time like the present to get mad serious and make it happen this year. Any carpenter (even J.C) knows the importance of good tools. You certainly wouldn't go about remodeling your bathroom without proper equipment and supplies. The outdated, unmatched, rusty tools tucked into the corner of your garage, hiding behind dust covered, half empty cans of paint are not going to give you the HGTV result you were going for. You (or your contractor) would make a trip to the local building supply mega store and find the best products at the best price.

Why would you approach your personal make-over with anything less?

Let's get real. If you're planning on turning that body into a fine tuned Ferrari, how are ya gonna start with worn tread, no-name brand, dirty, flat tires on those feet? And you're wondering why your knees hurt! Geeesh!

If your serious about making a dramatic change, it's time to get the right equipment. Over the course of the next week I'll share some my personal must-have's when it comes to "good tools".

Today's tip.... IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SHOES. Shoes will make the most dramatic difference in your experience.

SHOES: As a general rule, shoes should be considered "dead" and laid to rest after 300 to 500 miles, or between 60 and 100 hours of impact depending upon several factors. Factors include impact of the activity, weight of the individual, terrain, quality of the shoe, pronation or supination of the foot, and overall construction. All effect a shoe's lifespan. Only use, not the number of months you own a shoe is relevant. Marathon runners and those who log substantial hours need to replace them more often. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking with it.) It's not the length of time you've owned the shoe, but how many and the kind of hours you put on them.

My feet are my livelihood. Shoes are my most important purchase. I'll wear a sports bra from Wal Mart, but when it comes to shoes... never sacrifice quality. I buy the best and rotate them often. I rotate my shoes (wearing a different pair ever couple of days), to extend the life of the shoe. (Okay, okay, okay...and to match my outfit. Fine. Are you happy?).

Do you really need an excuse to go buy a new pair of shoes? Maybe it's your household's CFO that needs to justify the purchase. Consider that flat, dead, overused and/or poorly made shoes often result in back pain, knee pain, hamstring injuries, joint pain, knee injuries and sprainked ankles just to name a few good reasons.

COMMON QUESTION: Which shoes are the best?
ANSWER: The ones that fit your foot and are most suitable for the type of activity/use and take into consideration the surface you'll be working on are the best. (Well and for the fitness fashion forward crew, color is a key!) How is that for a non specific answer. Sorry! It's true. But let me refine that for Turbo Jammers. Find a reputable athletic shoe source. For T.J'ers working on carpet, I recommend a shoe with minimal tread, yet designed for impact, i.e. cross trainers, basketball shoes, certain dance shoes. For those who exercise on hard surfaces, i.e. wood, cement, tile, etc. tread becomes less of an issue. Tell Al Bundy that you're doing "kickboxing" and he''ll only suggest a standard cross trainer or aerobic shoes. Who's this guy kidding? There's kickboxing, then there's TURBO JAM... Word to ya motha! So rather than explaining that your activity of choice as "kickboxing" describe your activity. Try something like this..."Have you ever seen the Power Rangers? No? Okay. How about Kill Bill? No? No problem. How about a K1 match? No? Well, basically cross the martial arts of Bruce Lee with hip shakin' of Shakira and that's what I do. It's called Turbo Jam."
CONSIDER: Turbo Jam involves impact at the toe box. It requires that you be able to pivot with ease, and simulates either walking or running in place depending on whether you add a high impact component or low impact component to your workout. There is really not that much lateral movement, i.e grapevines, shuffles, etc. commonly used in other KB workouts.

WHAT DO I WEAR? (Blushing...) "I thought you'd never ask." I wear Nike Shox and I have for years. They work for me AND they're way sassy. (This is not an endorsement and I'm not sponsored by Nike, but there's something liberating about admitting you have a problem. "Hi, I'm Chalene and I'm a SHOX-A-HOLIC". The truth of the matter pulse quickens even thinking about a new pair!) SHOX are to me what Manolo's were to Carrie. I run in them and I TJ in them and I dream of them. When NIKE came out with the NIKE Shox Boot NZ, I could barely breathe. Delighted and creeped out at the same time at the thought that someone at NIKE must have read my diary. Some people collect figurines. I collect Shox. They fit my foot, my wallet and my fitness fashion. (subliminal message to NIKE... send Chalene free SHOX... send Chalene free SHOX)

DISCLAIMER: That doesn't mean they'll work for you. I have fitness friends who hate 'em. (Make that former fitness friends!) Every foot and workout surface is different. Thank goodness the days of barefoot aerobics have passed us by. Know thy foot. Do you pronate? Supinate ? High arch? Low arch? No arch? Wide feet? Narrow feet? Stinky feet? Ashy feet?

I can't tell you what shoe to buy, it's almost as personal as what jeans fit you the best. Lord knows you have to try on every pair before you find one that fits. I CAN, however, fill you in on a few hot places to score a deal...
I'm a repeat offender at They know me by name. I find amazing deals on kicks in wildly obnoxious colors deeply discounted because no other would venture to wear them in public. I also love and And DON'T even think about visiting unless you're ready for a full-blown, shoe- designing addiction followed by a messy family intervention and months of outpatient therapy.

Anyone have a good treatment facility to recommend?

More later this week.


Anonymous said...


irish_robbie said...
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JamieLynn said...

Chalene... I LOVE IT!!! You are fantabulous (just like your nifty shoes).


leannwoo said...

Chalene, I take it you get the Nike womens catalog via e-mail like I do. I saw those new shox in salmon skin. I kid you not, the skin of a salmon! Awesome, but way out of my league.

laura52 said...

I just bought a new pair of shoes for working out because my knee was bothering me and the pain was gone in less then a week.

With all the sales this week, I wished so bad Santa had endorsed a huge fitness cheque to me! :D

Thanks for the links!


irish_robbie said...

I hear that Shox cure Diabetes, Male Pattern Baldness and Chicken Pox too!

I'm gonna go buy a pair right now! :)

Too funny Chalene! You're addcited :)

Personally I can't wear shox, because of my overpronating, and need for extra support, but my wifey has been wearing them for a long time now and swears that they are the most comfy shoes she's ever worn!

Now those boots...I just don't get it, but if YOU love em, flaunt them! :)

Melody said...

Please tell us when all the new six workouts will be available. I'm really excited to start a rotation with these dvds and my deluxe turbo jam set. Hope we get info real soon! Thanks!


mermandrea said...

Hi Chalene,

Love the photo.... looks familiar...

HMMMMM could it be the pic I I I posted on the boards...

And you guys were laughing at me when I was pointing and shooting at you and Monica's feet....

As someone who wears a size 5 shoe (OK, don't laugh!!!)... I bow to the Nike gods.... they actually make and sell 5's that fit me... I have 2 pair already

I'm Andrea... and I fear I'm becoming a ShoxAholic...

KellyC_bb said...

Shoxaholic doesn't even cover it for me, people
I just need the income to support it now!

Leili said...

Too funny and so true!

I'll check out the treatment facilities for ya ;)

Christine said...

I've become a shox addict as well, but only the TL's or the Responds. Hubby look sand sees another pair, but it's all good. A pregnant lady needs to have good sneaks! (and of course to be able to match my outfits!)
I highly agree with Miss Chalene. Sneaks are the key to making you feel motivated to work out, feel good, and not hurt your joints.

I've also bought mine off of roadrunner sports.

Mary Cecy said...

I need me a new pair of good sneeks. gonna have to go and try some on. Wonder if the hubby will notice when our account is on zero!! J/K. He is a shoe freak more than I am. So it will be all good. He might even be proud that I am actually getting some and rotating them. He does it all the time.

Thanks Chalene for making me see the light!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chalene this is Delicious4u on WOWY website and I have to say that issue with the SHOX had me laughing here at work. I will try them out again but my feet seem wide or narrow heck I don't know, but I will check them out. Thanks for the information. Love you and I love TJ this is my second week.

Kim aka Sugarshoes said...

Chalene, if I were a cow in the middle of the road, you would know just how to blow the horn to get me to move. :D I'm off to Finish Line tonight to find me a sweet pair of shoes that I am LONG overdue for. THANKS!!!

Tina said...

Chalene - you are too funny! I really enjoy reading your post. I've bee wanting a pair of Shox - maybe I'll buy a pair with my Christmas bonus!!!

Anonymous said...

We knew it was all about the outfit! I am hoping to get the Nike Shox Andalucia and see how they work for me, since the Nike website says they are good for kickboxing! Hope they work for me!
(Hey if you get on Oprah, maybe she will provide all the audience with new Shox!)

Belle said...

Chalene - this was TOO funny but very true about the importance of good quality shoes. And who can discount the importance of wild & crazy colors, right? :D Maybe I'll have to try these Shox things especially if they DO come in a Size 5 (Andrea - finally I meet another person w/ a small foot :;!)

Can't wait to check out the new w/os AND see what you post on your blog tomorrow!

barbiedahl said...

You have made this a safe place to admit that my SHOX complete me....

But keep it on the DL that you can buy them somewhere other than hubby thinks that's the only place.


MPgurlie said...

you are too hilarious charlene! i love reading your blogs! by the way, my name is marilyn... i just bought your program and hope to start it soon.

MPgurlie (as known in threads)

Anonymous said...

It isn't fair that these funky boots are no longer in production...I want a pair!