Tuesday, February 28, 2006



It's time to throw a party! It's time to inspire the World to be fit! Are you a walking-talking promoter of all things Turbo? Do you love Turbo Jam™ and/or Turbo Kick™ and want to help spread the love? If so, then please read on!

I have long said that fitness is so much more meaningful when you help another person change their life with it. When we're overweight we are less patient, less happy, illness is more common, lives are shorter, and depression is all too common.

There are SO many people who need your gift. Your gift is when you motivate someone to feel better, to be better!

The quest to be fit sometimes seem overwhelming. So many never even stick to 5 straight days of exercise, because the task seems so huge! I have a plan to reach these people and anyone can do it! You don't have to be the picture of perfect health, a fitness buff or anything of the sort. You will, however, need a drive to help other succeed!

I want to get people across the country to try Turbo Jam! I want people who would never dream of going to take a class at the gym to know that there *IS* a workout for them that won't placate to their ability, that will allow them to step into it slowly, get in great shape and have FUN doing it!

TURBO JAM is how we "pay it forward" and reach this inactive population.

I hope you share my goal. I can tell you that the rewards of helping another person reach this goal is one of the most rewarding feelings you will ever have. It truly will lift you up and keep you soaring high! I want you to help inspire your neighbors, co-workers, aunts and non exercising friends to be fit! Just tell them... "We can do this! Let's do this together!!!"

Together with Beachbody, I am organizing 1,000 people, across the globe, on the same day, to throw a Turbo Jam House Party and invite 10 to 20 people (similar to Tupperware parties) to introduce Turbo Jam to new exercisers and people looking to lose weight and get fit! Don't worry..we won't be exercising in your house....just getting each other excited to start the program on the same day and stick to it... stick to it like glue for 10 days straight!!!

We are planning a national campaign of these parties to get people to try Turbo Jam and who better to lead these parties than those who know first hand the benefits of the Turbo workout! This party will have a profound purpose. Together, all those attending will support, motivate and encourage each other and take the Turbo challenge ......Lose up to 10 pounds and 10 inches in 10 days by combining the Turbo Jam workouts with the highly successful Turbo Slim diet plan.

Beachbody will be flying me to the location where the host who has done the best job of putting together a "Turbo Newbie" group of people who need fitness inspiration! I can't wait!

I would be grateful to have you consider being a host. To be considered, take a few moments to answer these brief 10 questions. Please click the link below to access them. The hosts get the coolest stuff, plus total training and step by step instructions on how to host the perfect Turbo House party. The party date is tentatively scheduled for May 2006!

Thank you in advance for your time!

I love you guys!!!


Here's the link



MelissaKunkler said...

Yikes! I hope I did it right, the quiz didn't ask me for my e-mail address. I did put my name on it though! :)

jojobeauvermont said...

WOW! I am so excited about the possibility of "Throwing a Turbo Party" in Vermont. I would love to meet you in person Chalene. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you for this opportunity to "PAY IT FORWARD"

psychpom said...

Yeah, what's up with the survey not asking for an email address?? There was nothing that said how you would know if you got chosen. I have been checking this sight and others ever since I heard about the house party thing (from the chat)!! After I did the survey I read over the blog again to see if I missed anything. I am starting my list of "Turbo Newbies" now!!

irish_robbie said...

Yes I'm not sure either Chalene, so if you see the "ROBBIE" quiz, that's me :)

Or...if you see ANY other quizes that you aren't sure who they are, but you're choosing them to win...THAT's ME TOO! :)

chancem said...


This would be the absolute greatest opportunity for me to share the workout I love most, Turbo Jam!

I answered all questons honestly and I would love for my friends and aquaintences to experience all of the positive effects of Trubo Jam. So many of my friends question how I continue to stay committed to a fit lifestyle all while being a mom, wife, work a full-time job, etc. It's time to share and show them just how! Through a PARTY! Who doesn't want come to a party???!!!

I can't wait to get more info and would be totally jammed to chosen as a host!

stephanie said...

I signed up but not sure there are even 10 people in my town - tee hee! But I've talked to my family (they live in another state) & they are willing to do this with me via the internet & phone calls...so we are ready to go.


Shelley G. said...

Wow, I am so jazzed about the possibility of being a TJ Hostess! Although I haven't lost any weight (didn't really have any to lose), TJ has helped me firm and flatten in all the right places! Plus, it's so stinkin' FUN that every morning I do it, it puts me in a great mood for the day! I so want to encourage others to get fit and healthy, and I have many family members and friends who could definitely benefit from a regular fitness program. Most of them, however, are of the "I HATE working out!" mentality. I think introducing them to TJ could change all that for them! Thanks, Chalene! Am keeping my fingers crossed that I get picked to be a hostess! I promise to be a great one!!

yogagirl said...

I just filled out the quiz. I would love to host a party. I'm always up for a good party. People are always asking what I have been doing,because I look leaner than last year at this time. Right away I shout out Turbo Jam Baby!!!! I know I'll have no problem putting a crew together. A lot of my friends have just had babies & are tring to get the baby weight off. Thanks Chalene for giving this opportunity to us. Hope to hear more about it soon!!

Brooke Powers said...

I think this is so great Chalene! This is going to benefit so many people. I already have a group of people that I have parties with, and we call them Turbo Parties!!!! We have one about every other week, and they rock! I have told all my girls that they need to be asking other girls to come so we can have a blast and a house full of people, although our house is already full when we have them now, so if we invite more, we might have to rent out a building somewhere! Anyways, wasn't sure if I filled the thing out right because it didn't ask any contact info, but can't wait til the party gets here, whether I am a host or not, we are still going to rock the house!!!!
Brooke Powers

Brooke Powers said...

Okay, I so just read the message boards and got the new link to put in your email address when you fill out the survey. Thanks for posting that for us. Have a great day all!

Anonymous said...

I would really *LOVE* to host a TJ party!! When it comes to TJ/TK, I could talk all day long about how fun it is! I recently went to a TK Certification and had an awesome time! I would love to show my friends that working out at home *can* be fun and effective. I haven't taught TK (yet), but hosting a TJ party would be right up my alley! I hope I have the chance! =)


cherriza said...

I was one of a few that got chosen to host a Biggest Loser party before the second season and I LOVED IT. I would love to host a Turbo Jam party!

c_mowrey@hotmail.com said...

AWESOME! I would LOVE to host a Turbo Jam House Party! I have the perfect group of friends and neighbors that I would love to motivate with Turbo Jam! I'm having GREAT success with the Turbo Slim 10-Day Kick Start! Currently on Day 8 and have lost a total of 8 pounds! This program really WORKS, but YOU have to work it!


Pam Lawhorne said...


How Do I Get On Your List!

I filled out the form but it did not ask for an email or ph #. My email is PLawhorne@carolina.rr.com. or visit my site at www.pamlawhorne.blogspot.com. I LOVE Turbo Jam. I have been doing it for a couple months. It's the first time in my ENTIRE life that I have actually looked forward to working out. In the last 6 wks I have went down an entire size. Not sure of the weight because I have decided to stay away from the scale. You have a awesome program. Thanks for sharing it with us!

celine baker said...

Hey, I hope I'm not too late but according to your May 06 date it seems I am. I just recieved my workouts and as a mom of four and also an avid workout fiend I must say I LOVE THIS WORKOUT! It is so different, energizing and compelling to others I can,t imagine not wanting to host a Turbo Party just for the sheer fun of it, not to mention, it really is a way to love your friends into shape! Who can resist having so much fun working out plus recieve benifits that far outweigh the effort, time and money that go into it! It just makes sense! Your a blessing, Thanks for giving of yourself! Celine baker

flarez said...

Sorry I missed this opportunity, but I would love to speak to you Chalene about taking your classes, teaching Turbo Jam and bringing it into my business here in Naples Fl. Pls drop me a note when you can about how to go about doing this. I read in your profile that you do teach these classes and I'm pretty fired up about the possibility of bringing Turbo Jam here. When we speak I'll fill you in on the biz, the future and why I want to do this. Thanks!! Abby

Lindsey said...

Chalene...Hey mama, I wanted to tell you I bought Turbo Jam and it made me laugh to see that you went to Michigan State, I BLEED GREEN!I am a junior at Michigan State studying theatre and dance under Dr.Dixie Durr who I am sure you know! Hit me back girl AND Smile because it burns more calories than frowning! bixlerli@msu.edu
Hope to hear from you, and by the way, you've got some flavor...most Spartans do!

jheizler said...

Hey Chalene,

I wanted to tell you how much I enjoy doing your Turbo Jam workouts. Last August I was in an automobile accident leaving my car totaled and me with Cervical Whiplash. I could not work out for 8 weeks and had to go to Physical Therapy. Before my accident I was 128 lbs and in shape. After, since I could not workout I went up to 138 and I lost my tone shape. After my physical therapy was complete my physical therapist said that I could start a ball exercise program. My sister told me about Turbo Jam get on the ball. I bought the program and now I am at 133lbs. I have purchased more of your workouts and I feel much better that I am getting back into tennis again, and recently I was able to take a 3 mile bike ride with my family. It feels great to be active again. You are an absolute gem. You are hysterical and I look forward to getting up at 4:45 am to do the workouts 5 days a week (it is the only time I have for me with 2 boys ages 4 and 7). You are right about not knowing you are almost done. When I do your workouts it starts out at 45 minutes and the next time I check your time it says I have 15 minutes left. I LOVE TURBO JAM!!

Is there any way to just buy a copy of Turbo Sculpt? The weight has come off and I feel better but I know I need to tone (especially before my vacation to Orlando in May with my husband and no kids’ whoohoo).

Very Satisfied Customer

Janice Heizler

2765 Springrock Hill Trail
Lawrenceville, GA 30043

Christina said...

Hey Charlene

I dont know if you look at this website as i see it dates back quite a number of years, my name is Christina, im seventeen year old chick from a little city called Tauranga in New Zealand. i know i was about 2 years out from your world wide hosting a party - just a little too late!!! (haha)
however i found the green turbo jam DVD in my house, i dont know where i got it from (i think a friend left it at my house)but I tried it and its FANTABULOUS!!! I do turbo jam almost everyday and I don’t know how, but I would really like to maybe get a turbo jam class started up at my school (its an all girls school and every year i see girls in general getting lazier and lazier - this would get them on their butts)
I wouldn’t run the class but I would play the DVD on a large screen maybe?? However I’m wondering if that breaks any copyrights laws?? Can I do that?? please contact me back ASAP, school starts here in a few weeks and i really want to get onto it
if you could email me at xtinajensen@hotmail.com
I realise you people are really busy so il try and find other places where i can send this to you or someone that will know the answer!! :) thanks for your amazing work in turbo jam!!!

Caryn said...

Chalene, I did 3T this morning and loved it! Afterwards, I watched the segment of your sweet side. At the end you said to e-mail your story to you. BB won't let me e-mail you because I'm not a club member, but I would still like to e-mail you my story. How can I reach you?
Caryn Rasmussen