Friday, February 10, 2006

QVC Totally Rocks

What a flippin' way cool year this has been. Today I returned from a brief visit to QVC in Philly, PA. May I just say that I have never had so much fun "on the job". I want to be laid to rest at QVC. I walked in those front doors, took a deep cleansing breath of the adrenalin and passion in the air and thought to myself... "ah... home. Home sweet home."

So in the event you've never heard of QVC, it's a television shopping network that runs live shows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and has done so since 1986. I know that television shopping networks are considered by many the ultimate in cheese whiz. Oh sure, there's no shortage of material ripe for the Talk Soup mockery, and there are plenty of items sold that you're thinking, "Who buys this stuff?", but let me tell you...shopper to shopper, it's time to tune back in. You only have to order one item to know that you've received exactly what was advertised, at a price found no where lower, and you've already been given a hands on tutorial on how to use the product. Now, being a trendy self-proclaimed fashionesta I've, to this point, not been too keen on the apparel items. That, I'm sure, is a blessing in disguise, as I have spent a pretty penny snatching up the coolest, hardest to find, "why didn't I think of that" gadgets to simplify my life. Name brand items are offered at the lowest of prices, impossible to find mom and pop items really make viewing a bit like "treasure hunting". I love flipping to the QVC chanel and seeing things you really can't find anywhere else! I buy all my linens, electronics, kitchenware, cutlery, luggage, cleaning supplies, sports chairs, gardening flowers and tools and all my basic gold pieces, like hoops and chains. I also love watching the show for the hosts. They crack me up, You feel like you're just out at the mall with your overly enthusiastic best girlfriend or guyfriend. This fall I tuned in and they were featuring a folding portable chair to take to sporting events. I thought to myself, "there is no way I'm going to need or want this thing", but I let the show run in the background as I continued getting ready. Oh sure, you know what I'm going to say... 2 minutes into the features on this chair and an alcoholic who doesn't know how they got there...."HI, yes, I'd like to order item number JF233455".

Not only did I order one for me, I ordered 4.. count 'em 4! Once the chair came in and I took it to the baseball field and proceeded to give all the sidelined parents my mini QVC pitch on the product. In the last six months I probably sold another 40 chairs just during football season. Now I'm not a partner in this chair making company, I just love spreading the word when I find a smokin' deal on a must have item! the "pinch me" part.... Turbo Jam will soon be featured on QVC! Hooray! I love it when I get to check-off a big fat item from my life-time "to do" list and this was definitely on it (below Oprah of course).

As with all guests who appear with the show "hosts", you are required to attend an all day training seminar to fully understand how things work, what to do and how to do it. Complete with a tour, a fabulously hands-on practical seminar and a behind the scenes peak into green rooms, countless sets, line production rooms, hair and make-up, props, madly rushing production assistants and so much more.

Here are just a few pics from one of my favorite life experiences. I promised a post today, so I'll keep this brief and detail the experience later this weekend! Let me just say it was one of the funniest, funnest, furiously fast paced, educational, enriching, energizing, enjoyable days of my life. If I were a quarterback and just won the Super Bowl and the cameras were on me, you know what I would say? "I'M GOING TO QVC!"


Anonymous said...

Yay Chalene!! I'm sooo exicited for you. Missed your chat the other night but others filled me in. Thanks woman - you are doing the world a huge favor and about to spread the word to even more through QVC. Way to go!!!

irish_robbie said...

You are LIVING The dream CHALENE!! Shopaholic Chalene gets on QVC! That's like EATAHOLIC gets to live in a 24hour BUFFET, or POOPAHOLIC gets to camp out in the bathroom section of HOME DEPOT!!

I've lost a gazillion pounds thanks to Beachbody and Heather and I are completely in love with YOU and TURBO!

I WISH we had QVC here in Canada, becuase our Shopping Channel here is bum compared to QVC!

Amanda said...

HOW EXCITING!! And I see you seriously took your pink fluffy "Leagally Blonde" pen with you :D NICE!

Keep us posted! I can't wait to see the show!


Anonymous said...


How awesome, QVC. Way To Go! I guess now the Turbo Jam secret is going to be out huh! :o) Wish we got QVC in Canada too.

You are just totally awesome and I am happy to say that I too, am a shopping addict but, now proudly a Turbo Jam addict too.

Missed your chat the other night sadly but, will try and 'get the skinny' on it.

Keep up the awesome work, your efforts truly are appreciated by all us "turbo jam lovers".

Smiles -

*do the thing you think you can not do.

Stacey Chatman said...

Here's one of my favorite sayings and I'm going to shout it out to YA!!!!


I'm proud of ya!!! Keeping Hanging on...YOUR FUN IS JUST BEGINNING!!!

AZTLGRL said...

And in picture number three we have the QVC TV monitor guard lady...She looks tough, you better not try to take her TV's.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, Chalene!!! That's so AWESOME! I'm really excited for you and I love the pink fluff of a pen!

I'm sure I don't have to say this...but definately let us know when you're on. I've never watched QVC, but I think I'm going to have to start.

By the way, I love your DVDs. The creativity and energy you put into the Turbo workouts really comes through not only on the DVDs, but on the BB website as well; it's inspiring. Plus, I've lost weight, feel great, and best of all I love working out now.

Take care and looking forward to another Turbo Party on WOWY! That was sooo much fun!

Liz (enorris)

Angie Cyr said...

I'm so glad you had a great time! I can't wait to see you on QVC. Don't worry, we will see you soon on Oprah - I have no doubt about that. :)

leannwoo said...

So freakin cool! I love love love QVC! I have watched it since 1989 when I was a stay at home mom for the first time. I always kept it running in the background! :)

Soooo, when is the big day?

Mindy said...

Oh, My sista, you are the coolest and wait until the home-shopping world get a look at you! I love you so and they will, too!!


jarejil said...

woohoo Chalene....I am SO proud of you !! and the way I feel about QVC....."what SHE said" LOL I LOVE it and you have really made it. I am glad I got turbo jam before QVC....I feel like I was on the ground floor, and I have been hawking TJ and Beachbody ever since I opened it. I LOVE it and want to see everyone try it

Jen said...

Oh!! I'm sooo excited!! I LOVE QVC!!! And you will be on it soon! What an awesome combo! Let us know when it'll be on so we can tune in. :)

stephanie said...

Chalene - so you said you would post more about the QVC trip - more details! I am so dern happy for you lady. I don't get QVC here - I'm in the boonies - we only get to watch videos out here - shoot I haven't even seen the informercial yet! Anyway, I'm realy excited for you girl. You are awesome!


Kristin R. said...

Hi Chalene...let me know if you need any "back-up dancers" on QVC...I am really close by and would LOVE to join you!

Anonymous said...

when is the qvc debut?

Anonymous said...

Chalene - way to go on QVC today! (may 30) YOu did great! I loved seeing all the gang!!!

Anonymous said...

hey chalene!! I love your 30 minute work out "Fat Blaster." It is so effecive and the work out flies by. Your a great instructor and i just wanted to say thank you!!
-Tiffany Hobbs (15)