Monday, September 25, 2006

Weekly update

Wahoo!~ September meant another trip to Philly and QVC headquaters for yet another appearance. What a rush that place is! Perhaps the best part about it is that I never know what is coming next. Of course, I also love spending time with these speical ladies and celebrating their success!! They all look so fantastic and if she watched the show and got to see their live before photos, you know these are ladies who have put in their time. They didn't always look like QVC fitness models! Ha!! Their hard work has surely paid off, but to listen to them all talk about Turbo, not one of them ever describes it as "work". In fact, we all have in common that our Turbo workout has become the highlight of our day (at least when it comes to doing something speical for yourself). I'm most proud that each girl that appeared with me on QVC this time is a mom. It has always been important to me to feature real people, with real results. This made it even more special so viewers could see that dramatic change is truly possible!

Of course the girls (all mom's) savor any opportunity to get all dolled up and enjoyed some 'healthy' eating out and about. We had so much fun just chatting, laughing at ourselves and thinking about they day. I can't believe this is my job!

With QVC comes the QVC store, and as you can see I have absolutley no will power when it comes to shopping in their store. I'm telling you, there are no better deals than the deal you find on QVC and to skip the shipping charges is just too tempting. As you can see I went overboard. Of course as always I walked away with far more stuff then I have room for in my suitcase.

This QVC experience was extraordinary for I got to meet business and finance icon and star of MSNBC show, Ms. Suze Orman. I'm note sure if she was testing the strength of my abs or tickling me, but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this woman. Her books and kits have changed the way I live my life, strengthened my marriage. I was one of those women who let her husband handle all areas of finances and I just smiled and kept working. When we spoke numbers, I would stick my fingers in my ears and start humming. Suze taught me that was childish and foolish. I'm not that woman anymore. I know that Bret really appreciates that now it's something we do together and that I take an active interest in. What a great experience it was to meet her in person, if only but a few seconds. If you've never caught her program, it's so informative and real must! I have all of her books too and recommend every one of them. Check her out at She's legit. Love her approach to life, finance and priorities! She rocks!

I'm sending her TJ and can only hope she tries it! Suze Orman doing the pump, the wheel... wouldn't that be great! Shake it, Suze shake it!!

Update.... We finished the ball workouts several months ago, but editing and replication ran into a few glitches. I promise you that BeachBody is doing everything they can to put a rush on the release of this set. I hear its scheduled for release later this month (October) Don't miss it! Hey... maybe send a note to your significant other that this series would make a great Xmas gift! It is a great work out for not only your core, but your arms, thighs and the booty will be feeling it for days! It keeps the blood pumping and is a great overall workout. Plus these are the longest cardio workouts I've done to date (per your requests!) I will keep you everyone posted on the release of this new endeavor.



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Anonymous said...


I modified your pumpkin pie recipe today and turned it into a pumpkin shake with Whey protein, ice, & non fat milk for the cottage cheese. It was a real treat for someone who loves milkshakes and has avoided them for years.

I also love your workouts. I was a dancer as well and love the way you keep changing what is happening. I am through a 50 minute workout in no time and feel great afterward!


Anonymous said...


I've been battling wieght since puberty, I've never been athletic and I have hated everything I've ever tired. My friend finaly talked me into turb jam and I want to tell you, we love it, I've only been doing it about a week 1/2 but I look forward to it. Thanks so much! I'm already looking to buy more turbo jam dvds and I'm looking forward to seeing reslults and finaly being happy with my body.