Monday, January 21, 2008


1 pt. low fat milk thickened with corn starch (as little as possible)
1/2 cup egg beaters
1/2 c. splenda
2 tsp. vanilla
brown sugar (splenda)

Heat milk to the boiling point. Lightly beat egg beaters with splenda; pour the hot milk over them , stirring constantly with a wooden spatula or wire whisk until well blended. Add vanilla or a little mace or any other flavoring you desire. Strain the custard into a 1 1/2 quart heat-proof baking dish; stand the dish in a pan of warm water and bake in a 350 degree oven for 25 to 30 minutes or until the custard is completely set but not over cooked. Do not let the water in the pan boil. Remove from the oven; cool and then chill in the refrigerator.

About 1 1/2 to 2 hours before serving, sprinkle the top evenly with brown sugar (splenda) tp a thickness of about 1/4 inch. Put under the broiler (or use a salamander, if you have one) until the sugar (splenda) is melted and bubbly, watching carefully to see it does not scorch and burn. Remove, cool, and chill again until serving time. You'll have a hard, highly glazed crust on top of the custard. This will serve about 6.


Anonymous said...

What are the calories and stuff on this?? Thanks for the GREAT recipes!

Anonymous said...

hi.. ive been wanting to ask if its safe to drink the 2-day fast formula in ive just started doing turbo jam and i love it.. i was just wondering if, drinking that think would have side effects (in the future) or something.. thanks and keep up the really great work :)

Mrs Pop said...

Hooray for the return of Yummy Mondays! I'm going to try this recipe over the weekend as Creme Brulee is my favorite dessert!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene,
I've just started doing the Turbo Jam workouts and am really enjoying them. It's the first exercise I've found that is so much fun I don't dread doing it. I find myself looking forward to my workouts now!
Thanks for sharing it with us! holly

Chynna V. said...

Hi Chalene!

I love Turbo Jam and have all of them! I wish you would come up with more intense cardio kickboxing workouts similar to Turbo Kick. It's been 2 years I think since the last Turbo Jam workout. I really miss your workouts. I love Turbo Jam/Turbo Kick because of the intense cardio and I hope you will continue to release new titles.


nicole said...

Hi Chalene. I just want you to know how much I love your Turbo Jam videos. I have been doing them for about 1.5 years. I have lost 25lbs. I wasn't a big person to begin with, but maybe I was bigger than I thought. I am still hoping for a few more. I am getting married in December and I want to be a great looking bride. I did want to ask what kind of sports bras do you recommend? I have a hard time finding one I like. Thank you so much for making me a better person physically and mentally. The workouts help with the frustrations of life. Keep up the great work!!! THANKS!! Nicole

kelly said...

Hi Chalene! Did Kickin' Core for the first time today and had so much fun I had to tell you! I have all the workouts and love them, and I think these new ones are really great. Glad I stopped by your blog because these recipes look pretty good, too.

JustTRIme said...

Ok, this is my weakness and what I think I've sabotaged my diet with in the past. If this tastes anywhere close to the creme brulee I've indulged myself in in the past, I may be forever in your debt Chalene! I might have to try this for my birthday tomorrow.

nicole said...

Can anyone help? I am in need of finding a good sports bra, that isn't outrageously expensive. Any opinions?