Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Shakeology Recipes

Okay, who are these people who don't know how to "customize" their Shakeologies? I talked to a guy today who told me he didn't like the taste of Shakeology. Really?? I asked him how he prepared it. He said, I added water and put it in a shaker. Um, hello... duh! That's like buying broccoli, taking a bit of it raw and saying it's "just okay" or boiling a breast of chicken in tap water and thinking it tasted kinda boring. People... really. Get a dose of creativity will ya??? Allow the queen of concoctions to assist.

Directions: Add ingredients into a blender, secure the lid and blend to your desired consistency. Some people like their shakes really juicey (more liquid) and some like them thick and foamy. I like something in the middle, but I add a ton of ice and water so that the whole thing is far more filling and not quite so strong. Keeps me full for hours and I love, love the taste. Most of these recipes are from the Beachbody message boards, mixed with a few of my own. Add more ice and more water if you like your shake to be more abundant.

Also, check out the benefits of Almond milk. Super low in cal, and you can find it in the powdered milk section of your grocery, in the non dairy section, not the cold milk area.

Orange Julius
1 scoop GreenBerry
1 cup of water
1/2 cup almond milk
1 packet Crystal light Sugar free "Classic Orange" or "Sunrise"
Ice (I put in like 2 cups of ice)

1.5 scoop Chocolate Shakeology powder
1 banana
1 Tbsp almond or peanut butter (or to taste)
ice to taste
8oz water

SUNRISE - Antioxidant Special
¼ cup fresh orange juice
1 scoop Berry Shakeology powder
3/4 cup water
Ice to taste

Most people have been able to kick their am coffee habit completely with Shakeology. I have to agree that after 2 weeks I could not believe how strong I felt even 50 minutes into my workouts! Wow! Coffee always just makes me crash later. But I do love the taste of it! I really do, so I understand why people would want to mix instant coffee with their Shakeology. Just remember that it needs to be added cold so as not to disrupt the delicate balance of nutrients in this masterful mix.

Mocha Madness
1 cup water
1/2 almond milk
1 cup of water with 1 tbsp instant coffee disovled - pour over ice after it disolves!
then add 1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology powder
Ice to taste
Sweeten if desired :)

1/2 cup frozen strawberries
½ cup frozen peaches
1 scoop Berry Shakeology powder
3/4 cup water
Ice to taste

Chocolate covered bananas
1/2 banana
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology powder
1/2 cup water
¼ cup non-fat soy, rice or almond milk
Ice to taste

Yogo Berry Blast
8- oz water
1- scoop of greenberry shakeology
1- cup of frozen mixed berries
1- 4 oz container of Dannon Light & Fit yogurt vanillia

Reeses PB Cup
1 Tbsp natural almond or peanut butter
1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology powder
3/4 cup water
1/2 cup Almond Milk
Ice to taste

1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology powder
1 cup water
1/2 almond milk
1/2 cup frozen strawberries
Ice to taste

½ cup combined frozen blueberries and blackberries
1 tsp fresh orange juice
1 Tbsp non-fat blueberry yogurt
1 scoop Berry Shakeology powder
3/4 cup of water

Cap'n Crunch O' GreenBerry
1 scoop Greenberry
2 cups of Cap' n' Crunch Ceral
1/2 heavy whipping cream
1 cup Vanilla Haagen Dazs Icecream
1/2 cup of granulated sugar
1/2 cup strawberry cornsyrup
ice to taste
Top with Whip Cream
(just kidding!! You've been jammed! Simply trying to keep you on your toes! )

¼ cup sliced strawberries
¼ cup GreenBerry Shakeology powder
¼ cup non-fat soy, rice or almond milk
½ cup water
Ice to taste

Tropical Banana Berry
1 Scoop Greenberry
1/2 cup Unsweetened almond milk
1/2 banana
2oz of 100% Pineapple juice

Strawberry, Choco PB Banana

1 Scoop of Chocolate
8 oz water
1/2 banana
1 tbsp of peanut butter
Frozen strawberries

Kids and Shakeology:
I don't know that Beachbody has officially listed their position on serving Shakeology to children and the appropriate dosages, servings and frequency. I can only speak for myself and say that it's far better than the zero GREEN my 12 year old son was eating before Shakeology came along. The only veggie we could get him to consume without gagging and running for the bathroom was corn and come on...is corn really a vegetable? Cierra loves her fruits and veggies. Brock HATES 'em! This kid wont even eat an apple. So this has been a God -send. However, parents, this takes some STRATEGIC PLANNING on your part. If you have a "picky eater",don't think for a second you're going to be able to add ice and water to the mix and your kid is going to beg for more! Be smart! Baby steps! Remember when you weened them off of baby food to "real food". Same thing! Ween them on to it. The first shake I served to Brock was anything but low cal! It was very much so a delicious desert... by design...but he still got his veggies in! I added some the tastiest of ingredients I could find... just to get him to love it AND to agree to have one every day. After that first shake I slowly started cutting back on the "yum yum stuff" but in small doses so he didn't notice. Now he's drinking a pretty healthy version and still loving it! Baby Steps!

I call this technique the "Bait and Switch"

Okay...so what was in that first "bait and switch" shake? Fat free vanilla yogurt, a big 'ol scoop of peanut butter, sugar free chocolate sauce, almond milk, half of a banana and honey for added sweetness! For real! Shut up! Save it! I don't want to hear it, because it worked and the next time I made him one it was much healthier and far less calorie dense, but with picky eaters, that first taste is critical!!! I had to win him at the first sip. You have to win over your picky eaters or your dead in the water! (Right Moms?) So the next one I just cut back on all the yummy ingredients and added more ice. Slowly, over the course of the month I got him to the point that I'm just putting a 1/2 cup of Fat Free Fro Yo, Almond milk and 1/4 banana and tsp of Peanut butter. It's magical! He's totally asking for them by name and talking all of his friends into drinking it! He'll make an awesome coach one day!

Some Fun things to add to your Shakeology:
To switch up your flavor experiences, and boost your smoothie benefits, you can add:
1 scant tsp fresh orange juice will add a bright flavor punch!
1 Squeeze fresh lemon or lime is a very happy addition to the berry smoothies!
1Tbsp of organic nut butter peanut, cashew, almond, hazelnut are great)
Cinnamon is noted to suppress appetite and level out glycemic levels after meals.
1 Tbsp non-fat yogurt adds satisfying body to the smoothie.

Fruits that taste great in your shake:
Pears, Asian Pears, Korean Pears


Single Mom in the Suburbs said...

This was awesome! Thank you Chalene!

Anonymous said...

That Capn Crunch one.....I was reading it and thinking "WHAT~?~"

So that was good. Thanks!!

Ninah from Iowa

Gina said...

Love the recipes and all, but I am a little resentful of the fact that I have to add my own ingredients, effort and time to make this $120 product remotely palatable. Frankly, the whole reason I was attracted to the idea of the shake was EASE and SIMPLICITY. I'm a busy mom with 3 kids and one of my main problems is that the healthy foods I enjoy eating are often not travel-friendly. When I'm going from my own workout to swim practice with the kids, followed by a session coaching lacrosse for my daughter ... I just do not have time to concoct something complicated in the blender. For now I just hold my nose and drink it anyway, but some of us would be happy if Shakeology tasted better BEFORE doctoring it up with all the extras.

FitFoodie said...

The recipes look awesome! I can't wait to get my Shakeology delivered. I'm lucky enough to have a Magic Bullet...so its super easy and you don't have to dirty the whole blender.

Anonymous said...

Gina: I completely agree. I was looking into this product thinking it was something fast and easy to prepare. I don't see the point in paying all this money if I still have to add ingredients. I might as well make it from scratch!

cat said...

be entertained

Anonymous said...

As everything we face in life, everyone has likes, dislikes, tastes and opinions. I actually like the taste of the chocolate shakeology plain and I'm not a huge chocolate person. I have also tried it mixed with things, but I do that with other protein shakes as well. Just as I try new things with food to make it fun and interesting. So, yes, it's expensive but the reality is, we can spend that much money on something that isn't as good for us. It's personal taste and opinion. I have yet to try the green berry. I almost wish there was an option to switch flavors every other month. Variety is the spice of life. ;)

Correen said...

I didn'y even know what almond milk was until reading your post. I am allergic to milk and my daughter is lactose intolerant. She drank soy but I din't care for soy. I love the almond milk and now my husband used it it his Shakeology too. Sometimes I like to put a little bit of sugar-free, fat-free instant pudding mix in my Shakeology. The cheesecake flavor along with some strawberries in the chocolate is awesome. It makes it a little thicker and creamier too with only about 20-30 extra calories. The different pudding flavors I use are; banana, white chocolate, chocolate fudge, cheesecake, & vanilla (really good with some orange crystal light in the greenberry!)I've hooked many of my friends onto this with Shakeology and protein powders!

Sarah said...

You got me all excited with that Cap 'n' Crunch shake. I have officially been JAMMED.

Anonymous said...

I was debating this morning if I should order or not. I am also in need of something very quick. At the list price, it was something I did not want to try and pitch if it did not work out. How long does a container of the shakeology last anyways?

Anonymous said...

One bag is 30 servings. So it lasts one month. I've seen where people are using 1/2 a scoop, along with 1/2 scoop of whey protein powder. That way it'll last 2x as long. I haven't done this. I'm down to my last scoop, and not sure I will re-order just because of the price. We'll see...

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Chalene!! This will be great for varying my recipes -- I'm just ordering the Chocolate for the first time now, and I'm definitely adding PB & strawberries asap!!! :)

Coach Kai said...

Chalene which of these are your favorites.

Coach Kai said...

Chalene-Which of these r your favorite

Mindy said...

So for people who are on the fence about ordering the Shakeology... I wanted to give my input. I ordered the Greenberry because I thought it would taste like those green juice drinks by Naked which I loooove... I opened the bag when I got it very very excited and what first got me was the smell.... not so great... but I tried it anyway with several of the recipes from this blog and I hated it hated every one of them. Hated it so much I returned it for a refund.... now given all the health benefits I desperately wanted to find a way to like this stuff so I ordered the chocolate next.... I just got it yesterday and opened it this morning... one whiff mmmmmm chocolate!! I just had my first one with 1/2 a banana, small scoop of peanut butter and then water and ice cubes... oh my GOSH SOOOOO good! I feel like I'm eating dessert it's amazing!!!
So anyone who is not sure about the Greenberry order chocolate, it is to die for!!!

Jenn said...

A whole bag of shakeology is enough to last you a whole month and it's a Huge bag.

For the person talking about switching flavors I'm sure if you call beachbody they will change it free of charge. Also there is a new single serving packages which I switched to for next month's shipment. The single serving packs have a combo pack option that has the greenberry and Chocolate so give beachbody a call they are really nice.

Ken said...

There are thirty full scoops.
I love the product.
I fix a shake for breakfast at 6am and am not hungry until 11am

FitJay said...

The Chocolate Shakeology is awesome! I drink it with just water and ice on most days but have tried some of the recipes too.

To anyone thinking about not getting it or just "making it from scratch" as someone posted... Shakeology isn't something you can just make from scratch. If you even could find all of the ingredients, which you can't, it would cost you twenty times as much to make it from scratch. Besides, who wants to suck on beets and wheat grass when you can drink a delicious chocolate shake? lol.

The price is totally worth it. You can either go to a juice bar and pay more for a cup of water and sugar or you can get everything your body needs, and craves, for the day in Shakeology.

By the way, if you're looking to save up to 25% off the price, you can do that through a coach. Ask me how and I'll be glad to help. :)