Monday, October 12, 2009

From Jammer to Kicker

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By: Chalene Johnson

I know you LOVE Turbo Jam®. Maybe you’ve found Turbo Kick® in a gym near you and you’re there every time there’s a class. Not only have you finally found something that works for you, but you have fun doing it. You also realize that you can’t stop telling others about the great workout you get and asking them if they want to borrow your DVDs or take a class with you.

Do you ever think about what it would be like to “teach” a class? Just for a moment, imagine that you’re in front of a class encouraging others to give it everything they’ve got. You’re the one reaching out to the people from the front to the back, letting them know that it’s okay to mess up. You’re the one telling them that smiling burns more calories.

I have to be honest, there’s nothing more important to me than teaching a class every day. Why? Because I can share my passion and LOVE for fitness with others. I “get” to encourage them on their fitness journey. I “get” to offer advice and helpful hints. I “get” to watch as people transform before my very eyes. I see people who are shy and lacking confidence become vibrant and outgoing; all because they’ve taken some classes. It’s a privilege to be surrounded by people who want to live healthier, happier lives. I “get” to be a part of that.

I don’t have to make time to workout, because as an Instructor, my workouts are automatically scheduled into my day. Of course, it helps that I teach classes that I LOVE. When I’m teaching, I push myself to reach new heights, whether it’s energy or enthusiasm, I want to be MAXED-out after every class. I want my Bobybugg® screaming when I’m done.

Would you like to “get” to do all that too? You can take your Turbo Jam® experience to the next level. All the calories burned and confidence gained is secondary to what you can do to help others change their lives. You can become an instructor who has an ever widening circle of influence. You can make that “what if” into a reality. All you have to do is go to an Instructor Training. There’s a whole new world out there. Why not start now?

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