Tuesday, November 10, 2009

11 Difference between Being Tall and Being Small

By: Chalene Johnson
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In many of my lectures I refer to people as "Tall" or "Small". Of course, I’m not referring to a person’s height, but rather their stature of character and optimism. Here are 11 examples of how I personally define "Small" and "Tall". 11 Differences Between Being Tall and Being Small. To purchase the lectures DVD please click here: http://bit.ly/Ow54A

1. A Tall person says, "I can see your point. I will work on that." A small person says, "That's your problem. I’m fine the way I am."
2. A Tall person doesn't need drama and works to keep it at bay. A small person doesn't realize how drama dependant they have become.
3. A Tall person gives everyone the benefit of the doubt. A Small person assumes the worst of people.
4. A Tall person works to be their best. A Small person just needs to be right and refuses to change.
5. A Tall person recognizes they grow stronger when they focus on self-improvement. A Small person sees admitting the need for improvement as weakness.
6. A Tall person conducts themselves with integrity, even when it's not convenient. A Small person consistently places their own interest first.
7. A Tall person looks at where they're going and who they can help along the way. A Small person looks at where they could be and blames others for
their circumstances.
8. A Tall person works to surround themselves with people who challenge them to be more. A Small person surrounds themselves with people who
will nod in agreement.
9. A Tall person can see both sides of the story. A Small person shares "their side" of the story with anyone who will listen, in order to feel better about themselves.
10. A Tall person looks to those who are more successful and learns from their experiences. A Small person resents those more successful and works to convince others of their faults.
11. A Tall person is able to see the positive side of even the most doomed situation. A Small person is blinded by only the negative and strains to see the positive.

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