Saturday, May 27, 2006

Customer Service Issues

Recently a friend passed along to me several comments on the internet "ripping" Turbo Jam for the cusotmer service associated with trying to place or receive an order.

I know this is to be expected. To some degree, it's the law of numbers.

I've been told I shouldn't read those things, as ultimately, as a partner with Beachbody, my hands are tied, or better stated, I have placed my "baby" in the best hands and I trust them to continue to improve the system!

And...Yes... I do read these posts..every one of them. When you hear, "you have to take the good with the bad..." I think this is what people mean. There is so much positive going on with Beachbody, their community outreach, their devotion to their customers, the employees who work around the clock to fix these problems and that's not even to mention the thousands of people who have lost thousands of pounds. So to read such strong and serious concerns about the ethics of Beachbody or their practices is more than a little upsetting. I do indeed read the comments. Are you kidding me? I have 100% vested interest to maintain my reputation and service our customers. Turbo Jam is my life's work, my passion, my mission, my baby. To have Turbo Jam be referred to as a "scam" is hurtful, upsetting, frustrating, you name it. It's beyond words. I'm told by people daily that I shouldn't let it bother me so much, that certain things are out of my control, to avoid reading the comments, to concern myself only with what I do best, i.e. making workouts, but that's not who I am. I am concerned and I picked a company that is concerned too.

I assure you, as will thousand and thousands of customer, Turbo Jam is not a scam. It's legit. The people in the work out are real, the workout is real, the results are real and I have devoted my life to this project. The challenge lies in that due to it's sweeping popularity (in the consumer market) there are more calls and more orders than we could have expected. This means hire more people, finding companies to outsource our order fulfillment, call centers, and customer service just to name a few. Of course these people work off of scripts. There's no other way to do it. Hey, I'd take every call myself if it were an option. It's not. partner for Turbo Jam works dilligently to monitor and record calls to ensure it's practices are ethical and of the highest quality to be expected in CS. I can assure you all we have spent many hours trying to find a better solution and no on is giving up. From the bottom to the top this is a priority. The lengths that Beachbody has gone to make

Lastly, pleaes consider this. There are several comments you can find on the internet about billing and customer service issues. People find a place to complain when there is a problem. Yet, there are nearly 1/2 a million people doing the Turbo Jam workouts world wide in just the last 6 months!

Please know that even one negative complaint about the handling of customer service or the amount someone was billed is too many.... Yet due to the sheer volume of orders placed for this program, there are going to be more "negative" about the CS as there are more units being sold than any other program. So part of this is the law of numbers (as upsetting and unsettling that is) and the other challenge is finding a way to best handle this "boom" in popularity and deliver exactly what is promised.

None the less, please accept my sincere and personal apologies to anyone who took the step of making a call and got excited about chaning your life, only to have been met with frustration and the aggravation of having to cancel or re-place, or wait for an order. It gives me a knot in my stomache. I read all of these posts and i probably shouldn't. Yet, I want each person who has encountered difficulty to know I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
It might be more of a wait than you had anticipated, but I hope you'll find it worth it.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for being so dilligent about getting the product!

Jab, cross, shake it...



Anonymous said...

I don't post much (ever?) either on the beachbody boards or your blog, but I'm a faithful reader of both and just wanted to add my support here.
I've been a Beachbody customer for four years now and added Turbo Jam to my arsenal in September, 2005. I'm down to my last 5 pounds and I have you to thank for getting over my plateau.
It's not a scam. It's sweat and hard work and discipline, but (like all beachbody workouts) it's no scam.
I know I complained once a few years ago about customer service and got a personal email from Carl Daikeler, promising to add more reps, which I believe they did at the time. It sounds like they're in the same pinch again, due to your awesome popularity.
Please know that for every voiced complaint on websites and every accusation of scam, you have hundreds of loyal, sweaty supporters. We may not speak out as often as the complainers 'cause we're just too happy with our results, but we're out there. It's so hard to ignore criticism when something is so personal, but if you take a deep breath and close your eyes I'm pretty sure you can feel the chi we're all channeling your way every time we finish a workout and think about how lucky we have you to create more for us. You're worth the wait.

Kassany said...

I work in customer service for one of the major wireless providers in the US, and I'm also a customer of a lot of things that go hand-in-hand with dealing with customer and/or tech support... I just want to say that with over 3 years experience in call centers, I'll gladly come work in the Beachbody center if you pay me in workouts and products ;)

LOL, not gonna happen, I know, but a girl can dream, right? I can't really say "I'm sorry those people complained" because I believe it really is the consumers right and responsibility to demand good service and products... what I'm sorry for is the same thing you are - that they had anything to complain about in the first place, and now they're missing out on a great workout program. Hopefully they'll give BB a second chance and get better results :)

Anonymous said...


I just ordered Turbo Jam a few weeks ago, and I'm thrilled with the product. It's obvious you have aligned yourself with a company that covers all the bases for anyone wanting to get in the best shape of his/her life. Although I'm sorry to hear that some have had difficulty ordering from Beachbody, I can say all of my experiences with BB Customer Service have been top-notch. For example, I had a question about a product and I clicked on to the "Live Chat" section. The BB rep chatted with me for over 1 hour answering my questions and completing my order. The rep could not do enough to help me and make sure all of my questions were answered to the best of his/her ability.

As a previous poster said, for every complaint there are dozens of us who have nothing but good things to say about BB, you, and Turbo Jam. You have created an awesome product. I can already see a difference in my shape, attitude, energy, etc. Who knew exercise could be so much fun?

So, Chalene, hang in there, girl. Some people are only happy if they can complain about something. Beachbody is in the throws of growing pains thanks to your incredible product. The rest of your loyal following looks forward to working out with you and the gang. Keep bringin' us the great workouts. We love you, Chalene!

yogagirl said...


I fully beleive that the people who have complained that the program is not legit... have not given 100% of themselves. As I have probably said at some point shipping was slow, but when I finally received the product & took the challenge the product spoke for itself. You obviously have be in the mind set to start this way of changing your life. You have to be fully committed to it. Which THANKS to you, Tony & BB have shown me a new way to live healthy everyday.

Chalene just keep on doing what you do best... changing peoples live and believe me you do. Remember you can't please everyone. As long as you try to correct or fix problems that arise your on the right road. That's what life is all about, trial & error.

Thanks Again!!!! Can't wait for some new workouts.


Margaret McClure said...

I also work in a service oriented industry and always have and I can assure you that there is going to be someone that is unhappy. There are people in this world that all they know how to do in complain. You could give them a million dollars and they would say you didn't do it soon enough. You could give them a brand new body, and there would be something wrong with it. I just started Turbo Jam on May 11th and I LOVE IT!! I have posted a few things but I am still new at it and learn something new everytime I use it. I agree with anonymous....We may not speack out as often because we are happy. I think this is so true. So often we never say anything about the good stuff just the bad. It seems in today's society, it is easier to criticize than to praise. Keep up the good work!!

laura said...

Chalene, I agree with what a lot of people have said. HOWEVER, when you are a person who cares about others and have a "caretaker" personality, as I also do, it hurts when people rip the guts of your organization out with what they say.

AND, there are people that b/c they feel helpless in their obesity feel the need to blame others when things don't happen in the blink of an eye.

But I was the same way when I ordered my TJ, I could NOT WAIT 'til it got here. That's just part of it. And, the program you have put together is unique. I did slim in 6, and I lost 20 lbs, but every time I did the workout, I was watching the little clock the whole time waiting for it to be over, cuz it was hard. But with turbo, I laugh even tho I've heard your jokes 100 times now, I still laugh and I still have fun, so just know that YOU ARE HELPING people, and I really appreciate how down to earth and how real you keep it,

Keep the faith,


Christie said...


I just want to say I absolutely love Turbo Jam. I couldn't be happier with the product. I just ordered another set of the videos because I can't get enough!!! I've never felt successful with anything I've tried at home before. I've never been really overweight, I've just not been happy with the way I feel/look. I used to go to the gym before I had my 2 daughters but that's not feasible any more - they are 3 and 4 and I work full time so getting time to myself doesn't happen too often. I love being able to pop in the DVD and get a real workout that is actually fun!!! I was raving about Turbo Jam at work and said how fun it was and one woman said, "they all look fun on the commercials." I told her "no, I've been doing it for a month and I look forward to my workouts!" I really do - it's not like a chore to me at all. My daughters will come out and hop around with me when I work out on the weekends. During the week, I do it at about 5 am; which is really funny because I am NOT a morning person. I am starting to be now - it improves my mood for the whole day. I've lost 5 pounds, an inch in my waist and 2 inches in each thigh - in ONE month! Wow!! I didn't think it was possible after having kids!!! I love the turbo jam workouts and you are my new hero!!!! Keep your chin up, for every bad review or comment, there are dozens of good ones with their own success stories. The best thing about it is how great I husband keeps laughing at me because I'm periodically telling "hey, feel this muscle - check it out!!!" Thank you Chalene!!!!

Amanda said...

Being a walking talking Turbo Jam/Turbo Kick billboard, I assure you, you have a slew of devoted "students" who walk the walk and talk the talk (so to speak). Everyone, and I mean everyone I meet for the first time is guaranteed to hear about TJ within 10 minutes of our conversation. It's actually kind of funny. People say "can you tell us a little about yourself?" and my response, "I'm a fitness freak through and through. Turbo Jam/Turbo kick is my life. Without it, I don't know what I would do!"

I know saying how great the program is and what wonders it did on my body won't make the negative comments any less hurtful but please, try to think of all of us who dearly love you and love what you have givin to us. Let that bring that beautiful smile back to your face. It's impossible to forget about what they say as you truly care about every living soul on this planet, but in the long run, everything will workout. This is something that BB can work on to improve, and hopefully they are, so I'm positive that "your baby" (I love how you call it that =) ) will be well cared for :-D

I can't say this enough but THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THAAANNNNKKK YYYOOOOUUUUUU so much for creating a program that is a PARTY rather than work! I love the fact that I cannot wait to put any one of my 12 DVD's in and shake it, shake it, shake it!! And I owe it all to Turbo for keeping me so pumped and motivated. I've been going strong since it's release last summer and I'm going to keep going strong for as long as I physically can! No other program has ever had me THIS attached to working out! It's MY clutch!!!

Love ya girl! Hopefully I'll get the chance to see you in person at the Camp so I can give you the big hug you are so deserving of!!

Amanda (isabee03)

Anonymous said...


It's wishful ... you know I am one of your biggest fans and supporters and I have had some issues with BB and their shipping/customer service. I emailed Carl directly and between the two of us, we resolved the issues and I am happy.

I can't imagine anyone calling Turbo 'a scam'. You are my version of Oprah girl :o) .. you AND turbo have and continue to change my life.

It takes a leap of Faith to start off on a new journey .. to put yourself out there yet again no matter how much you have failed before and perhaps, some people maybe have yet to make that connection ... so they slam what they don't understand.

Turbo, like any other fitness program will not work if it just sits on your shelf ... it will work but, you remind me everyday when I press play - you gotta put the work in!

I believe in you and Turbo Jam and I am thrilled to be able to say " I am a turbo jam/kick addict".

Standing behind you and Turbo 1000%

In friendship,
*wanna be ~ in the OC*

MUM1228 said...

Hi Chalene,

Just wanted to say I love Turbo Jam and have told all my friends about it. I have never had any problems with

I am a Turbo Jam addict through and through. I don't even want to look at another work out. It has to be Turbo Jam. I have not bought your new release but plan to soon.

Keep the faith girl.

Bridget :)

Anonymous said...

Chalene, I have been a BB customer for 2.5 years and I have been doing your workout for a month now and believe me when I tell you (like everyone else has!) DO NOT LET SOMETHING LIKE THIS GET TO YOU! I worry the same way in my teaching job and it does nothing more than tie you up in knots, steal your joy and I am sure you know this...stress robs you of good health. I read the referenced post and there will always be complainers, the world is full of 'em. However, the program is yours and maybe this person is just jealous because you are so full of life and they are sad and out of shape! Bringing other down is a coping mechanism that makes depressed people feel better! I have had nothing but success with Beachbody and Turbo Jam. Just keep 'em coming.

Sarah said...

Hey Chalene,
I just have a question. I have been doing Turbo for about 4 weeks now, I haven't seen any results in loss of inches or weight. Discouraging at times, but I have had people tell me I'm firmer. I know part of it is getting into eating right but also I want to know if it's cool to change the cardio party with the fat blaster? Would that help burn more cals?

Val said...

Hi, Chalene,

I'm a mom of two, and I've worked off and on in customer service and as a personal asst. for at least 10-15 years,so believe me when I long as there are products of any sort not just Beachbody products, to be purchased, there will always be complaints, Chalene, so please try not to let it get you down. I always told myself that it's not the complaint that's the problem, because they happen everyday, but how I choose to deal with the complainer, so I did my very best to help solve their problem. That's exactly what you're doing, and that's all anyone should expect of (You/Beachbody). I was also someone who had a very difficult time ordering Turbo Jam. Let me just say that my experience was so awful that I waited another month before ordering it. I received it over a month ago, and I really love it!!! The wait is really worth it if you're serious about loosing weight and keeping it off. I have a long way to go, but I see changes in my body already. I'm going into my second month soon, and I will be ordering Turbo Jam advance in August. I was also diagnosed with asthma a couple of years ago, and speaking as someone who lived on an inhaler at one point, I have not had to use it since my 3rd week of doing Turbo Jam!!
You and your crew are wonderful! It's not a sham! It is addictive!! and my body really is changing (per my husband and 17 yr. old daughter!)
Within the past year in a half, I've been so much! birth of a child (weight gain) miscarriage of a child (more weight gain) my mothers 2 strokes, and moving to another city (even more weight gain!) Turbo Jam is the only workout program that I've tried that's truly doing justice to it's advertisement!!

Thank you Chalene for creating such a life saver!! I needed this!!
Love, Val!

Tracie said...

Chalene, I just wanted to share that I LOVE your product and the Beachbody support program. I have never seen anything like it and it was exactly what I needed to get me motivated. I am in my 6th week and although I have down days when I don't feel like working out, as soon as I pop in my DVD, your enthusiasm and commitment gets me back on track. On the customer service issue, I did have a billing question a few weeks ago and I do admit the response was less than adequate, but it never diminished my perception of Turbo Jam or Beachbody! You are my hero!

Anonymous said...

I just had to respond to your post. I would like to encourage you to keep the faith in your purpose (as if you could do otherwise). People often times want a miracle when hard work is required. As a health care provider I encounter this daily and paitents will often attack rather than make the necessary life-style modification that could greatly improve their overall health. So do what you can, know your purpose, and the goodness we all see in you will continue to shine and God will continue to bless you. I deal with it by remembering that they curicfied the greatest teacher (Jesus) and that always put things in prepective for me. So get busy creating and using the wonderful gifts that have been given.

Sincerely, Unique

Kate said...

Chalene and other Turbo Jam users,
I ordered Turbo Jam via phone about a week ago and cannot wait to get it so I can wake up early before my day gets me tired and have an intense calorie-burning workout. I've seen Chalene and her product around for a while now but never really believed it. Needless to say, I do believe it or else I wouldn't have purchased her product. Turbo Jam isn't just some magic diet or pill that promises to lose pounds overnight - it promotes hard work, healthy eating, and motivation to stick to it. I, within the past year have gained back what I once lost and always find myself getting depressed and then wanting to give up. When I do give in to temptations, such as going off my diet, I feel worse and like a failure. These women and men that use Turbo Jam seem to really love it and look forward to it and I cannot wait to join that group. Time to lose these pounds and get into the best shape of my life! By the way, is it really possible to lose 10 lbs within 10 days??!?!? I saw that on the infomerical but I don't know if that's true. Can someone let me know about their success and in what amount of time? I'm just curious.

Anonymous said...

I'm very excited about the product but I still haven't received it yet.. With such a great product, why don't you entrust it in the hands of Guthy Renker?

Renae said...

You are an angel and have created an outstanding product and your passion shows. You are genuine, and you radiate love and caring in just being you. I have not heard any of the negative comments about TJ. Our world is filled with people that are unhappy and it comes out in various ways. You just keep on keeping on and ALL will work out. I have issues with BB...I ordered a one month supply of vitamins and was put on automatic ship when I did not agree to it and am still working on getting my money back. I have to believe that if you put your trust in BB with your life's work, they will do what they say they will do. I can only imagine what has happened to the growth of BB with the inclusion of Turbo Jam, there are sure to be growing pains.

I love the workouts and never thought I would exercise to a DVD! I look forward to seeing you and the gang each time I push play!

You have a great team and I have enjoyed emensely getting to know TJ enthusiasts on the boards.

God bless you and your family Chalene. Just don't listen to all the crap, you are doing a superb job.

Anonymous said...


Read this! Customer service has not stopped me, oh well....must be my time to not find excuses.

My pants are falling off too - it realistically took about 4 months of dilligent (sp?) effort, but the progress now is swift.

Your passion is your passion, no apologies necessary, but I do appreciate your attention and your eye for detail. Thanks for that, it is truly one of your strengths.

with much respect and admiriation, as always.

Loulan, Rubie (two identities, ahhh.. a customer service glitch that I now embrace).

Anonymous said...


I have been using BB products for about four years and customer service has always been very helpful. I think with your workouts being so poplular and in demand people are very impatient and want their product as soon as possible. You had a HUGE success with the Turbo Jam House Parties. I hosted one of them and had 15 people doing the 10 Day Challenge.

I'm so CrAzY about TJ that one of my TJ House Party virtual guests (whom I've never met...only through the WW e-tolls website)and I are considering coming to your Turbo Kick Camp out in OC.

This is what I'm talking about. You have touched so many lives in a positive way. I have so many great TJ stories from my friends who did the 10 Day Callenge and are now hooked! We started our challenge after everyone got their workouts and we weigh in tomorrow morning.

I don't think you should take ANY of it personally. You have more positive comments about your product/you than the negative ones which really are directed toward BB. Personally, I have defended BB several times because I understand the power of supply and demand.

Hang your head up high. Bring on your next round of workouts because you know we're buying it because we believe in the product and trust that you designed it to bring us what we want...results.

Can I just add that I have chatted with you online during your live chats (I'm GYMBO) and you are so sweet and down-to-earth. Thank you for the TJ House Party idea because I was able to inspire others to get healthy. I didn't really need to lose any weight but did the 10 Day Challenge with my peeps because I wanted to be a good role model(I did the Advanced Rotation). I ended up losing 2 pounds and 3 inches. I am ripped. Eat clean works. I am amazed at what TJ has done for me.

kelly ann mills said...

I think the problem with customer service is also due to their off-shore customer service. I think most of the people we talk to are in India. They have a hard time understanding what we are talking about. Sometimes they don't even know what they're saying. They get confused. I hope Carl brings back customer service back to the U.S.

I had Beachbody problems a couple of years back but they were settled.

Beachbody is a great company because of the excellent products. They are open to doing advanced workouts and that is very important. A lot of fitness DVDs you find in retail cater to beginners. Beachbody caters to beginners, intermediates and advanced. P90X to me is the best in-home extreme fitness program there is! This is Beachbody's growing pains. I think the company is 7-8 years old. Someone suggested Guthy-Renker but I disagree because of their fitness DVDs are beginner-intermediate level only. Beachbody is the best there is in terms of variety of in-home fitness products. Their only problem is customer service. All companies have their own problems. Chalene, I still maintain, you made the best decision in entrusting Beachbody with Turbo Jam. I'm very happy with the outcome and please make more advanced workouts! Thank you!

Anonymous said...


I do agree with what Kelly Ann Mills wrote. I think the main problem lies with BB sourcing out their customer service. I could see sourcing the US and even Canada but, when you source it to another country where language is a barrier - it just makes things that much more difficult.

I can only imagine how busy the BB center is with all of us Turbo Addicts calling wanting it but, this is what BB is suppose to do. Do they need to do something about their CS ... yes. Is it your fault or should you take it personally ... ABSOLUTELY NOT!

Chalene, we all love ya. We stand behind you 100%. In the grand scheme of things you are doing SOOO much good for sooo many people. I am sure we can all live with the occasional glitch in CS and shipping.

Hey, I don't care as long as I get everything Turbo in a reasonable amount of time :o) Unless, you want to come here every day and teach personally :o)

You have given us all such a gift in Turbo. It is a gift of health, a gift of belief that we CAN do this, the gift of not having two left feet like we thought, the gift of motion and the gift of friendship.

That's all that matters, my friend.

Bring on MORE Turbo ...

Big hugs and appreciation for all you do.


*If you love the rainbow, you gotta put up with a bit of rain*

Wanna be ~ in the OC

Anonymous said...

Well, this is a heartbreaking post by Chalene. I bet never in a million years did she think she would be feeling responsible for the call centers being used in India. She has done everything in her power to deliver one of the best home exercise programs availabe, and has surpassed expectations.
Unfortunately, call centers in India are being used because they are so unbelievably cheap. They are also cause for numerous complaints by consumers.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene,

People who say Turbo Jam is a scam are the ones who thought that this program is a magic pill. They have the perception that they can push play, sit on the couch and eat their ice cream and pizza while the watching the workouts. Not the case! In order to get results, one must actually push play and work it, shake it, jab cross, jab knee it. Don't worry about these naysayers. You have worked so hard to get to where you are and haters forget overlook that it took you years to build this business. The world is full of negative people, Chalene. They are just jealous that Turbo Jam and Turbo Kick is such a success that pi$$ed off customers or people who haven't even tried it have to say something negative. Being negative doesn't really accomplish anything but upset people and discourage the ones who truly want to get rid of their really, really, big body.

In terms of customer service, and people complaining that the videos take a long time to get to them or there's a back order or it's too pricey (I read all the posts, also). It's just ECON101: Law of supply and demand. If the demand is too high then sometimes the supply can't keep up. Hence, the back order. I have 3 friends at work who just ordered their TJ videos and they told me that it's on back order. Solution? Between the 3 of them, they are rotating my basic videos for the time being. It's a hot workout, you can't help that everyone wants their own copy.

So cheer up buttercup! Things will work itself out. Beachbody will catch up with the demand until you bring us new routines/new rounds. For all the people who don't believe that Turbo Jam delivers results, there are thousands and thousands of people who will beg to differ.

Much love to you and your team. You guys and gals are awesome! You have changed peoples' lives and don't let a handful unhappy people ruin your day. You've got your family, your health, your Turbo gang, your Beachbody TJ peeps who love you. (As you can see, you have lots of comments about this blog.)

As you always say: "There is nothing more rewarding than helping others live a fuller life. Give others the gift of power, energy, patience, and a better self image. Change lives...throw a party!"

Don't let the negative people get you down! Do a Capoeira move on 'em baby! Grab and throw them out of your way!

karebear415 said...

Chalene, I've never posted before, but I feel I must leave you a comment in this instance. I know that I am only one of hundreds of people who've told you this, but you have changed my life in ways I never even imagined. I don't know how anyone who has tried these videos could have the audacity to call it a scam! A scam is something that you pay for and do not receive or are not satisfied with. I know everyone who's tried the program will agree with me when I say, Turbo Jam is not a scam, it's a STEAL! It was worth EVERY penny, and (between you and I) I would have paid a lot more for it! The videos are such a deal when you consider what you are getting for only a few dollars. You're getting the tools you need to be HAPPY and HEALTHY for GOOD! Call me crazy, but I think these things are priceless!

On that note, I have to say that Chalene you have surpassed all of our expectations. We couldn't ask for someone better to lead us to our newer, healthier selves. You really care about the Turbo Jammers and I feel like I've known you for years (even tho I've never met you). On top of that, you encourage us and keep us motivated. I've tried a lot of weight loss programs in the past, but NEVER have I actually believed that I could do it. Chalene, you and your baby are in good hands. Please don't worry too much about customer complaints. They will always be there as long as we live in an American "I want it MY WAY, right here, right now, this instant" society. YOU just keep doing your thing, because you are changing so many lives for the better! You should be proud of yourself! I know I am! (And a little envious - because changing people's lives is my passion, too!)

Love from Michigan!


Anonymous said...

I, for one, have *always* received my BB products *FASTER* than expected... so I can't complain about that.

My only issue with BB's customer service has been that I have never once received a response to an e-mail... not once. It is one of my biggest pet peeves about any site: if you don't or can't respond to e-mail within 48 hours (and automated "thanks for your e-mail" e-mails don't count), then do not provide an e-mail option.

So, now I just wait on hold for 20 minutes or sit waiting for someone to become available for live chat instead of e-mailing even if my issue is not pressing.

Anonymous said...

I knew this post would be coming...I have read the complaints as well- with the same knot in my stomach... but, girl, I HAVE NEVER encountered anyone trying to say TURBO Kick/Jam is a scam- oh, clear the room... my foot is prepping for a side push kick right out the door.

I also get mad at myself for not gathering my "turbo data" and getting it off to you ... Turbo Kick has changed my life on the inside and out... you have a nation FULL of people whose life will never be the same because of it!

As with any gnawing negative, let the thought in, pause, then let it go- move on- girl you have tons to move on too... and do not worry if the thoughts come back, or you need to read the "bad posts," hey, it's only natural, this IS your BABY! We love you because you are who you are- we love Turbo Kick/Jam because of what you have created.

very simply
Thank you
a very proud gold instructor
jabbin' in the carolinas

ps- I do promise to gather my stuff and get it to you...

Anonymous said...

Hey Chalene,

Who even dared to say TJ is a scam? How can it be a scam? You don't even sell a "fat blocker" with it! I don't get how a well taught, exciting, funky fitness program could be considered a scam.

Doncha love how all these Turbo fanatics have come to your defense? I have many BB programs, and I always reach for yours. It's just so fun! And the results speak for themselves. (I do look pretty fine, if I say so myself ; ))

Seriously, customer service is the only thorn in BB's side. I personally have never had a problem, but I've read of those who have. But for every naysayer, there are hundreds of praisers.

In this business, it's taking the little bit of bad with the whole lot of good. And for the complainers? Karma happens.

I love TJ!
Lisa aka Dixie belle

Denise said...

I always say there is a reason for everything. We might not see it right away. But it all works out in the end. Look at all the people you've help compared to the people that well, you didn't. AND THAT'S OKAY!
And with something negative coming out of it is an opportunity to make it positive! What a gift! Knowing that there is a possible problem with customer service is a 'gift'! How many companies go on and never know they have a problem!?

So to the people that say it's a scam! I would say thank you for the opportunity to improve in what ever area you may need to improve in!

I started with Turbo Jam and this past April became one of your many wonderful Turbo Kick/Piyo instructors. Now that's a great 'gift' you gave to me! Maybe this message will be a 'gift' for you.

b.j. said...

i caught the tail end of your commercial and thought your workout looked fun. unfortunately i encountered problems with the 'customer service' rep (she gave her name as 'Angel') that i ultimately had to hang up before completing my order. i have spent too many years in retail and fitness and am considered patient by most. i understand the upsell and the scripts. but there comes a time where i have been talked over so much and my statements completely ignored that i gave up. as good as your product looks, it wasn't worth it the hassle. i'm sorry. i googled your name to see if it was sold elsewhere and found your blog about it. please let me know if it ever sells on QVC or somewhere other than that marketing company as i would be happy to try the product then.
i also hope that you can either work something out with your present company or perhaps find somewhere else. i realize it is hard to find good help. i used to manage the stores at the equinox fitness gyms in nyc and consulted with trainers creating their own workout series. i also have spent most of my career until now in retail, working my way up from the limited to managing operations for chanel in beverly hills and managing escada in costa mesa. i have to believe that you can find another company that can work the sales while also training their representatives to actually take a minute to listen to the customer and if the customer is very succinct about their wishes, the representative should be allowed to move past the remaining sales portion of the script to complete the order.
i do wish you the best. if you would like more information regarding this experience, i would be happy to explain in further detail, i just didn't want to do so in so public a forum.
b.j. beckett

Valerie said...

Chalene, I cannot thank ou enough for creating Turbo Jam. I have tried a lot of other programs out there, and was quite loyal to The Firm. However, I couldn't figure out why I dreaded working out with their program...until I saw your infomercial. It's the best thing i've ever done for myself. I went shopping yesterday for some skirts, and I fit comfortably into a size 4! I was a 10 before I started TJ! Some people look for the bad, but believe me there's millions of us out here and we know the power of the Twist! Keep doing what you're doing, because you are changing people's lives!

Jab cross hook uppercut..don't you dare ever give it up!
Love, Valerie

Stacey Chatman said...


You have the Grace and Ability to touch masses with all the success of Turbo. I have had successes with Turbo both physically and professionally I am proud and honored to be a representative of TurboKick and PiYo when I teach, I am proud and honored to represent PBP when I conduct certifications, I am proud and honored to have been chosen to be in the infomercial, and last but not least...I am proud and honored to continue to work toward avenues that are making me a well-rounded individual.

To everyone I say...TurboJam...TurboKick...The weightloss of people is true and real, and inspiring. I am a breathing example...over 30 pounds and I'm still losing and shaping up!!

~Stacey Chatman~

Leslie Swartz said...

I had a tiny issue when I ordered my first set of Turbo Jam workouts, but I recieved an appology email and the product that came to my door was definately worth the wait. I love this web site, I love my mornings with Turbo Jam and I have ordered more workouts despite my first experience. I work in retail, which has taught me that nothing can be controlled 100% and usually the person you end up complaining to, isn't the person that caused you the issue! I can't tell you how many times I have been the outlet for an unhappy customer and wanted to help, but sometimes you have to just let them walk. I'm always one to appreciate a patient and understanding customer, so I always try to be one myself.

Turbo Jam has changed my outlook on health, on my body, and even on my future career choices. I want a job where I can help others get healthy and love life!! Thanks for everything and thanks for working out with me every day! :)

PS. Is Beachbody hiring?

Anonymous said...

Why does it not surprise me in the least that you would take these comments to heart? To have enough compassion and concern for others to create one of the most comprehensive, addictive fitness programs (P90 gets the co-spot :) ) on the planet, and then dedicate your self to keeping it going, well, you have to have a lot of heart. I have had BB customer service "issues" as well, but that does not change the fact that BB is comprised of, in my opinion, some of the most genuinely caring people in the commercial fitness industry. No magic potions, no empty promises, just incredible, talented, motivated people like YOU and Tony teaching us that there is a better way to live, and that the goal is not just have to be willing to work for it. I'm sorry for the people who may miss out on TJ because of the run through the mud the BB rep is taking, because without BB, You and Tony Horton, I would still be sitting on my couch, eating too much, boring the life out of my children, and toting around the 53lbs that I have lost(not that I'm searching for it now!) with P90 and TJ in 150 DAYS. You have helped me to change my life, for that I am so grateful. BB will come through this unscathed, because the products are real, the results are real, and you are all out , truly, to change the world.

OC Giraffe said...


You, Turbo Jam & BeachBody are AMAZING!! The fact that over a 1/2 million people are trying your program are the proof in the pudding. I have ordered all your video collections as well as several sets for friends and family. A number of my girlfriends also recently purchased TJ as I was a Turbo Slim host. Everyone received their shipments complete, correct and within very short time. The only issue I have heard of was a delay in MyBeachBody profiles being updated by the administrator. I would imagine that is due to an influx of new members who signed up as a result of embracing your fantastic, real-deal, life changer that is TURBO JAM!!

Remember that negative and dissatified people tend to vent 5 times more than satisfied customers share their delight. The fact that so many Turbo Jammers are raving about you & TJ on the BeachBody site, your blogs and various fitness & as-seen-on-TV websites shows that you have defied this statistical trend because your passion hits the TJ users square on & it becomes their passion, too.

Thanks for giving me Turbo Jam and inspiring me to live a happier, healthier life.

Anonymous said...

Chalene -
OK I thought I was going to have problems after order your Turbo Jam. I was unable get any replies as to how & when my order was shipped. Finally when I did get a real answer, my order arrived, same day. It was about 12 days after ordering, but worth the wait! I am 5'10" and have got about 50 lbs to lose to get back down to my perfect size 12 from the 18 I'm in now, but am having fun using your videos to work on it. Thank you so much for creating Turbo Jam! I will let you know if I make my goal. Also, please let know that I like their web site as well. I am getting some great ideas and they have accepted the idea of adding my restaurant to their diet plan options. Thanks for all you do! Sara

Stephanie Hardin said...

I've tried dieting and excercising since I had my first child 7 years ago. 7 years & children later I have not been successful until I found Turbo Jam on an infomercial. I have never ordered anything from an infomercial, but this time I couldn't not. I was so excited about it I had to try it. I have several DVD's from the store of other workouts but never faithfully did them because it didn't excite me. The shipping was fine for me for TJ and the day I got them I started right away. then soon after I got in a car accident so I couldn't work out for a while. When I finally was able to work out without hurting myself I was so exited again. I followed the 10 day kickstart plan you laid so easily to follow and also the workout calendar in the Turbo results guide book. In my first 10 days I gained 4 lbs. then lost 5. (it was muscle) I lost an 1 1/2" around my abs and 2" off my waist!!!! I've never had those kind of results beofore, even when I went to the Gym for 2 weeks straight! My kids love it when I work out, because they like to do it with me!
I can assure anyone out there that Turbo Jam is not a scam. It really works! Some people just like to complain about everything and are happy about nothing. I know someone like that and it is very hard to deal with that person because there is nothing you can right or make them happy. It has taken me a long time to let that go and realize that there is nothing you can do to change them and you just have to keep believing in yourself no matter what! There are 1000's of people who believe in you and Turbo Jam! Keep up the party! We love you!

Stephanie Hardin

lil_longhorn said...


I recently ordered Turbo Jam and yes, the wait was about a week to a week and a half longer than it originally anticipated. BUT, I have been a Beachbody customer for about a year now, and I cannot think of a better company more dedicated to customers and improving people's quality of life.
I can see how you would understandably be upset with so much personally invested into this program, but things like this happen. I work in the marketing department for an online retailer, and anyone who is familiar with that type of industry knows there is so much that goes on behind the scenes (staffing, servers, etc.) and sometimes things like this just happen. People get frustrated because they don't understand the steps involved. Maybe (if it's not there already) you could post a note on the order page saying due to high demand, shipping time for this product is slightly delayed or something so people feel forewarned.
I contacted Beachbody directly about my order twice and both times, I got exactly the information I this McDonaldized society where gratification is suppose to be instantaneous, we also know good things are worth the wait and Turbo Jam is definately worth it! We all can only do so much...stay focused on the positive and keep jammin'!!

ValD said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
ValD said...

As a teacher, I can say that we can put 500% into our teaching and we'll never please everyone. Focusing on the positive (the majority) rather than the negative (the minority) is something I've always tried to strive for (but still haven't completely attained).
Regarding Beachbody, I, like so many other people, love their products (especially TJ). I got a big container of the BB chocolate whey protein powder and it sure is good in smoothies and I love the results of TJ with protein powder. I was (and still consider myself!!!) a TJ House Party Host. Several of my jammers had trouble getting their TJ programs, but for those that let me know, I sent emails to BB and I received responses back EXTREMELY quickly letting me know tracking numbers of the packages. I was very pleased with how BB worked with me and my house party jammers. No matter what my question/concern was, Beachbody helped me quickly and efficiently. For those of my jammers that didn't receive their packages in time for the Challenge, I emailed them the meals for the first 4 Days and we got together to work out. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY JAMMERS (over a dozen) LOVED TURBO JAM ONCE THEY GOT IT. As a group, we've lost over 50 pounds, and I still send them email messages to keep them jammin'. (They still respond back too with great thoughts/stories.)
Thursday night is a volleyball night for me, but I'm hoping that it rains (and I never ever hope this) so that I can log in to your live chat tonight. If it's raining in my part of the country, I'll read you in live chat tonight. If I'm not logged in, I'll be doing one of my other loves (besides TJ)--playing vball.

Anonymous said...

A lot of times people complain about a work out being a "scam" because they are upset or disappointed in themselves and choose the wrong outlet to release their frustrations.

I have ordered many things from Beachbody and even returned a workout that whose name I wont mention from a different instructor that just didn't suit me. Turbo Jam, however, has ignited my passion for combining dance and fitness. Anyhow, I had a conflict with my order twice a while back and due to my own impatience became upset when I wasn't receiving the answer I was looking for. But Beachbody made a commitment to me as a customer to solve my problem. They proved me wrong when I was frustrated with the conflict and blamed them. They did it by coming up with a professional and fair solution.

I know you already know this but just as an added confidence booster, you couldn't have chosen a better company to build your dreams with. Beachbody, like you, is commited to spreading fitness and fun in an honest way.

Anonymous said...

I have already left one post concerning this issue, but wanted to add more thing so you can see how yet again your passion to people and fitness holds more learning experiences for myself.

I left this on my own personal blog: Chalene Johnson, creator of Turbo Jam, is an awesome woman. A friend sent her a distrubing message sent by a customer who was for some reason disapointed in her exercise videos. It is almost, in a strange way, helpful to see that insecurities and pain exsist in everyone: Jenifer Aniston, President Bush, and the ever happy and confident Chalene Johnson. I admire her for posting a blog that is raw and real and expresses her concern for such issues as disappointed customers, but Turbo Jam is not for everyone, and as I have come to realize in my own endeavors and through Chalene's blog, it is absolutley impossible to please everyone. As a dance teacher, I was constantly stressed out to the core from fighting negative feedback, but it would be one parent or student out of 150 students yet I still let it destroy me. I have learned from that experience, though, that I can only learn and grow stronger from these situations and sometimes they are beyond my ability to solve the issue. All I can do is my best and be proud of myself for it and same goes for the beautiful Chalene Johnson.

Nicole Rousselot said...

I've been Turboin' it for about 4 months now and absolutely love it! I'm attending the Training Session in Austin in October later this year. My Turbo arrived promptly and correct!! I just ordered more Turbo workouts today at Beachbody! Just know that there are many of us who support you all the way girl! You have done nothing but support us in the best possible way someone can - encouragement and dedication!! I sure hope all those negative people get their Turbo workouts soon so they can kick, punch, and jam out their aggression!! We all look forward to our "goodies" in the mail but things happen! It's a great thing to see so much interest in something so it takes a little time...just think how cool and excited you'll be when it final arrives! To you Chalene, thanks for all your sincere kindness, concern, and dedication to your "jammers"! Here's to you and all the other Jammers out there - JAM BABY JAM!

LSULawChick said...

What you're doing for people is nothing short of remarkable. They say the best things are worth waiting for, and it's the truth. Turbo Jam is the best thing to happen to me health-wise in years, and it's given me an amazing emotional boost, which I've really been needing.

My best friend ordered Turbo Jam about 3 months ago, lost 9 lbs, and is back to her pre-Katrina size 0. She had told me about it, and I was really skeptical. Then, she popped in the DVD and made me try "Learn & Burn" - I went home and ordered it at like 5 am the next morning when I got the phone number from the informercial. It got to me in about 16 days - 2 longer than I'd anticipated. 2 days' extra waiting for something that motivates me, I personally can handle quite well.

In 2 weeks, without starving myself or anything like that, I've lost 7 lbs, 2.5" off my waist, 1.5" off my hips, and where my size 6's were tight on me, I'm back in a somewhat loose size 2 - well on my way back to a comfortable size 0.

But there's a reason this weight loss/inches loss is so important to me, and it's emotional/psychological. After Hurricane Katrina destroyed my neighborhood and I didn't get to see my family for almost 4 months, I put on 20 lbs, all around my waist, hips, and thighs. To me, those 20 lbs represented how out of control everything in my life was, and having to carry that weight around was a constant reminder that everything was different and worse. What's more is I just wanted to sit, go to work, study, and move as little as humanly possible.

Not anymore! I look forward to my 5 am workout every morning - it leaves me excited, cheerful, and ready to attack a new day with vigor. Life has ceased to be about what was lost, and is about making as best a future as I can. I feel really goofy saying it's all because of a workout video and the inspiring, motivating woman who made it, but nothing I've tried since August 29 has made me feel as confident, as in control, and as capable (not to mention coordinated!) as your DVDs.

On last Tuesday (May 23), I ordered Lower Body Jam/Cardio, and I just checked the order status, and it's out for delivery RIGHT NOW. That's less than 2 weeks for regular, not expedited delivery. I certainly can't complain. Even though I did Turbo Sculpt this morning, I might have to try one of those workouts when I get off work this afternoon!

Chalene, don't let delivery problems get to you. Everyone who has tried Turbo Jam with a sincere effort and the desire to change knows it's not a scam. Whenever anyone tells me how great I'm looking (and they've been doing it a LOT, let me tell you!), I tell them about Turbo Jam. I've never even met you, but you've given me the tools to regain my figure, my self, and my life.


Anonymous said...


I think people are just so AMPED to start improving their lives that it miffs a few of them when normal CS delays occur! ;) I know I was NOT pleased when there was a very NORMAL shipping address SNAFU, but I did not blame BB - it was a totally normal mistake and handled VERY professionally. Plus I have worked in CS before, and there are just some people out there who are LOOKING for a reason to complain and make a stink over nothing. They are usually VERY sad people with very bad lives who need to project their negativity. :P Well...if there weren't jerks in the world, life would be a lot less interesting, I suppose, lol!

Don't let a few negative people get you down, Chalene. I've always tried to stay fit, but until your tapes, I can't say I ever ENJOYED a workout!!! :D Seriously, you are such an inspiration to me, and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I've tried A LOT of workout programs and most of them are currently collecting dust next to my VHS and my DVD player. Now I find myself PSYCHED every day to work out with you. :D I've recommended Turbo Jam to everyone I know! I have started recommending it to clients, friends, family, people I hardly know - lol, I should just carry around the infomercial with a portable DVD player since I'm already a walking ad.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Chalene. DO NOT let negative people get you down. You have helped SO MANY people and ALL of us would stand behind you and Turbo Jam no matter what!

HUGS! And keep pushing play!!!

Anonymous said...

First, there is nothing wrong with Turbo Jam. It is a legit program, that will work. IF you work it! Staring at the package it came in, doesn't do it.

Second, the problem with customer service is the outsourcing of calls to foreign countries like India. They may be able to read the script, but they do not have the language skills or CONCERN to speak directly to a customer's question. And their accents are sometimes so strong, customers have serious difficulty understanding them. And why should we HAVE to deal with that???
It peeves me that there are thousands of call centers, who employ thousands of Americans in this country, and that ANY American company would outsource calls to another country. To save pennies.
I work for a teleservices company and handle calls for orders, customer service questions and inquiries into the products. (Beachbody products, included.) Yes, we read from a script, but most of us are capable and concerned enough to address questions by our callers. And let me note: the number on your televison screen connects to the order center. If you need customer service, we offer that phone number. Then guess where your call goes.
The biggest complaints I hear, is always the cost of the shipping and time it takes to receive the product. Videos can be shipped media mail through the USPS. The actual cost for 2 or 3 tapes is probably in the realm of $2-3...Media mail takes 10-12 days in the continental US.
Personally, I'd rather pay an extra $10 for the product, than to get ripped on shipping costs.
The time it takes to ship may be a marketing vs. operations problem. If marketing anticipates a huge volume of sales, it's operations responsibility to get enough product ready for the onslaught. It IS all about the numbers. Both $$ and inventory.

The solutions are simple. Beachbody should have a dedicated line for their products, with whatever teleservices company handles their calls. The teleservice company will thoroughly train their reps to handle the volume of calls, the questions, concerns and complaints of the callers.
And tell the company that you contract with, that you do not want any upsells outside of BB products!!
Do not make people feel they should get involved in a continuity program. It's the number 1 sales tactic that will insure a lost sale.

Want more sales? Give callers the opportunity to order products individually, rather than as part of a package.
Want weighted gloves to go with your Turbo Sculpt video? Now you can get them. Oh, you don't any videos today, just the gloves. Now you can get them.

There are no substitutes for good customer service. Direct contact between BB and their customers is always going to be the best.

And Chalene, there is always going to be one sour apple in the bunch. It's not personal. And you can't fix a sour apple. They're just not ready. It's a shame that more and more people, like alcoholics, have to hit rock bottom before they take responsibility and do something!
You've done your part, by making Turbo Jam available. Thank you!

Jen said...

Hey Chalene, first off I am obsessed with TJ. Thanks for changing my life!!! I ordered my TJ Live on monday, and just had a live chat with Beachbody to check on order status. The man was very polite, very helpful and I couldnt have asked for better service!! I love Beachbody and have never had a problem. Great company you picked!!!! You go girl!!

Jab, cross, speed bag!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...after the second time reading through your post, I can only think of one thing to say; "Mannnnnn, I wish I had your problems" :)...they sure sound like the kind you want. Too much demand, too little product. Congratulations on your maturing "Baby"!

Loulan, Rubie

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene!

I just started Turbo Jam 2 weeks ago and just love it. I am 39, *used* to be a triathlete and runner but then had my 2 year old and 4 month old and became out of shape. Your workout is getting me back into the shape I need to start doing my triathlons and road races again. Thank you! You make me laugh too....I always have the music in my car blaring and I swear if my 2 year old could speak well enough she would yell "turn it down!!!!!" She just sort of looks at me as if I'm totally off the wall.

As for the complaints. I read many of them and I want to respond with this: For whatever reason many of these people don't seperate the service end of things with the product itself. So they say it's the product that's terrible when it's the service that they have had the problem with. It really frustrated me to read many of those entries. As you know there will always be people who will never be happy no matter what the result-good or bad. Understandably you are concerned because it's your business and reputation. But it's not something to loose any sleep over. The fact that you so graciously took the time to address the issue is wonderful in itself. The service end of it is out of your control and has nothing to do with the quality of your product. Just keep being you and putting out these wonderful videos! They are great and congratulations on your success!

Alyssa said...

I'm new to turbo jam, and when I ordered I had a problem with shipping. I just wanted to let you know that Beachbody went above and beyond to correct my problem. I was completely satisfied with the company and in turn with my purchase. I LOVE your workouts and have ordered more videos since because of the WONDERFUL customer service. Don't worry about the complainers. They will always be there, trying to pull people down. It's how they make themselves feel 'higher'. Just know you are making a difference in peoples lives, and you are appreciated by all of us.

Greenapple said...

Hey Chalene,

Can't help but to leave you a few words.

Started turbojam a couple of months ago. At the beginning of the year I did have some problems making calls to BeachBody but on the later months when I attempted to purchase more turbo jam work-outs I found out that the systems had improved and it was easier to reach the customer service, and my e-mails were replied in a prompt and timely manner.

I have read some of those negative comments in other websites and am aware of the fact that turbojam was unfortunately labelled as one of the scam. i believe things have improved greatly in recent months, so don't worry about it. I believe word-of-mouth is the best way to promote your great project, and this spread will remain. View those negative comments as some kind reminders for Beach Body to be better, not a way to deter your great passion and love.

Don't worry, your gigantic fans population is with you.

Absolutely love your work. Send our regards to your family (your son & daughter, Bret, and Janelle).

Keep up the good work.

KateeK said...

Hi Chalene,

I've never posted anything before and I am also fairly new to Turbo Jam. I've been faithfully working out almost every day for two months now and I absolutely cannot believe the transformation. I've lost 16 pounds and have 15 more to go to my ideal sexy weight! Let me just start by telling you how much I love your DVD's. I'm sure you hear this everyday. There is no doubt that Turbo Jam has done amazing things for many many people and we all have you to thank for it. I feel that if you stick with any good work out you WILL get results (although maybe not as fast as Turbo Jam) but the biggest difference between Turbo Jam and other good workouts is you! It's a great intense work out but sometimes making the commitment to push play can be hard for the best of us. You're the one who keeps me motivated to keep coming back. Your comments during the workout, your advice on this website, the fact that your involvement and your devotion are so sincere and your great attitude and excitement about your program is so contagious! No matter how tired or cranky I am, I've never been sorry for pushing play. All the negativity is out the window almost immediately and the feeling afterwards? Pure satisfaction and great pride that I overcame myself and put that DVD in.
I know you must get a TON of responses as well as letters, emails, etc and hopefully this will be one of the ones you get to read between your busy schedule. I absolutely agree with some of the other posts, there are ALWAYS going to be people who have something to complain about. You know the 3-11 rule? If you like something you'll tell three people, if you don't you'll tell eleven! Same goes for your situation. The percentage of unhappy people who will say something is a lot greater then those of us who are satisfied. We all need to understand that Turbo Jam, your baby, has taken off so fast that Beachbody has trouble keeping up with the high demand. It's a great thing! More and more people are getting involved everyday and you're changing lives across the US and the rest of the world. I too have had a little trouble with the customer service and getting access to this website but I don't care! The product works and I love the results and how it makes me feel. The good outweighs the bad by 1000 fold! Maybe the people that are so angry are just looking for another excuse to back out so they can tell themselves they tried and blame someone else for their failure? Maybe not, I can sympathize with the ones who truly want to start doing Turbo Jam and have run into some obsticles. But I still think it's totally unfair and unreasonable to be blaming you for it! Hang in there! You've got a HUGE fan base out here and we will not let these people get you down. Just remember, this too, shall pass.

Warmest wishes, Katie

KateeK said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I feel utterly compeled to respond here. You see thanks to you, BB and myself, I have completly changed my life. Back in January my Dad got sick and almost died. While he was in the hospital I entrusted my children to my very best friend in the whole world. Really more than a best friend, she was like a sister. To make a long story short while they were in her care, her husband severly beat my three year old son. I felt destroyed, sad, angry and desperate. The one thing that came out of it, that I can say is good is the fact that I had to seek help for myself and my son. In this process I realised that I have not taken very good care of myself and my therapist encouraged me to do so. One night while watching tv I saw the TJ informercial. Without much thought I ordered it. Well I haven't looked back once. I have currently lost 43 lbs. and I am so proud. You see, I realised my son needed a strong Mom as do my daughters. I blame myself for what happened and am still trying to forgive myself. Because of you and BB I am moving on and becoming the Mom I always wanted to be. You touch people in ways that maybe you don't even realise. Please don't let negative comments bother you too much. Life is to short and you have so many people in your corner. I am one of your biggest fans and I thank you from the bottom of my heart. God bless you.

Jenny T. said...

Hi Chalene,

I just want to say that your decision to bring Turbo Jam to Beachbody is the best decision despite some customer service problems. Fact is, any company will have problems. With Beachbody, the pros greatly outweigh the cons. Beachbody delivers great quality with their fitness products. Beachbody has come up with WOWY, FREE USE OF THE FORUMS(the advice staff and fitness advisor is very helpful!), REGULAR FITNESS AND NUTRITION NEWSLETTERS, CHATS WITH THE TRAINERS, SUPPORTIVE ON-LINE COMMUNITY, MYBEACHBODY(one of the best I have tried) and EXCELLENT FITNESS PRODUCTS THAT WORK.
Personally, my experience with Beachbody has been good. Sure I have had problems too but they were dealt with in a cordial and speedy manner. I believe there are more people who are satisfied with Beachbody but these people don't usually speak up or write about it. Please do not be disappointed about the complaints you read or hear, they are part of any company. I am sure Beachbody knows about the problems and are dealing with it. There will always be people who will complain no matter what. That's part of the business. Rest assured that thousands (and maybe millions already) of people are happy, satisfied and getting results with Turbo Jam! The impact you have made to thousands of people is overwhelming. You have helped them live fulfilling active lives by losing weight and more importantly, keeping fit! Thanks to YOU and Beachbody!!!

P.S. I have all of the Turbo Jam series and I really enjoy them. I am an advanced exerciser.

Please have more advanced workouts with the following:

1. more kicking incorporated

2. more turbos (hopefully a turbo every 10-12 minutes. so if it's a 50-60 minute cardio workout, it would be nice to do 5-6 turbos!). For a 30 minute workout, it would be nice to do 3 turbos!

3. shorter warmups and cooldowns to have more continuous cardio!!

4. longer work outs (50 mins - 60 minutes)

5. increse in intensity of cardio or at least maintain intesity as in Maximum Results series.


Always a TJ Fan,

Anonymous said...

HI Chalene,
I want to start out by saying I love you and your work outs. Even my kids like doing the DVD'a with me and they are 6,7,7 and 10. You are AWESOME!!!!! I'm leaving on vacation in a few hours and I'm sad because where we are going there is no TV's so I can't bring my "Jam's" with me. But, I am going to bring the tubing.
Anyway, I do have a point here. I've been a member of BB since '04 and every produce I've ever received lives up to what it promises. Hand's down yours is the most fun and addicting workout I've ever done and owned.
Customer service does need some improving but that's not your fault. Really I shouldn't say improving. I've placed phone calls emailed and tried live chat serial time lately and there has been computer problem after computer problem. But, computers are the way of the world and at my job our computers were always going down and our customers complain...what can you do?? When there are no problem with the computer the CS people are awesome very polite and anxious to help you with what ever you need. The IT department maybe needs help?? The one thing I think needs a change is shipping. And I'm sure that shipping is done so it saves the customer money which is great. But, sometimes being the customer you'd like to have a second day or overnight shipping option. I myself really hated waiting weeks to get my workout. I'm one of those people that want to start like 'right-now' if you know what I mean. OVER-ALL though everything w/BB is awesome. I know I jumped all over the place w/this post and I'm sorry. I just want you to know that I'm not complaining and I love you guys but, please take into concentration adding other shipping methods some of us are just impatient ;-). OK, I'm done I love what you are doing PLEASE keep up the great work.

yelselenna said...


You have trusted your 'baby' to the right company. I have been a BB customer for over 2 years. I started with SI6, lost my first 10 pounds and with your help I am working on my last 10 pounds and having a BLAST!

I had the pleasure of meeting several BB employees a couple of years ago...they are dedicated, hardworking, professionals who TRULY CARE about the customer. It is NOT a scam and anyone who says otherwise, well they can just do business elsewhere! I will not lower my self into a name calling match with these people. BB has resolved, with the utmost respect and concern, the 2 small issues I had experienced. We all experience 'blips' in customer service (expediting orders, mistakes, etc...) - I think TRUE customer service is in HOW it is handled and remedied! BB has lived up to their promise each time.

You have created an amazing workout for life...I am one of your thousand addictees now...I love the BB message boards and my fellow TJ enthusiats I have met there! I can't wait to meet some of them in person in August hopefully! I'm just sorry I wasn't able to make the Texas House Party! Keep Smiling and Be Positive as always!

Lesley in Texas

Anonymous said...

chalene -- no worries about customer service from me. I've ordered several programs from BB over the years and never had a problem. that said, I've heard a great way to contact BeachBody CS with problems is to use the online chat instead of the phone.

you rock! Keep the workouts coming. I love the Maximum Results package and I look forward to longer/more challenging TJ videos.

Melissa said...

Chalene I love Turbo Jam!
Where can I get a TURBO GIRL Sticker?? I've got to have one!
Chalene, know in your heart of hearts that what you do is a great thing. People get out what they put into things. I know that when I ordered TB, I wanted it here overnight. Know that these people have personal issues, and they want to better themselves in some way. For a lot of people that buy TB, it's just one more in their many attempts to do something half-assed, and blame on someone else when it doesn't work. You can't let these people get to you.
What you do is awesome, and remember you can't please all the people all the time.
Take care, and please tell me where to get a TURBO GIRL sticker....PLEASE!!

Anonymous said...

For the Turbo Girl Decal (which can be altered for men), check out


Ayieta said...

First I want to thank you, Chalene. For starting me on the road to a life changing experience and secondly for your comments on Customer Service.

I have been on a yo-yo all my life, up and down in weight. Last year, I lost 35 pounds with just simple diet modifications - absolutely no exercise. However, a sudden shift in my schedule and boom! 35 pounds right back. I was resigned to living with it until I saw your infomercial one morning. I decided to do something and it looked like so much fun.

As soon as I ordered, I logged on and began my diet plan. I lost 3 pounds the first week. I knew I could do that, I was anxious to add the exercise...

Long story short, I had issue upon issue with Customer Service (all are still not resolved) - but when I finally got my workouts (3 weeks later with 5-7 day shipping) They were worth the wait! I had already lost 5 pounds and even with my slower than recommended progression with the workouts (I have bad knees and need a rest day 1 to 2 days) I have lost an additional 5 pounds and 6 inches with just 3 weeks of adding the exercise. Your product is not a scam, I have never felt better. I have worked in a Call Center previously and understand the mechanics - still, it is nice to get what I really feel is a sincere apology. Thank you again.

EastCoastJammer said...

This is my first communication or post on this site. Let me back up -11 years ago right after my son was born, I joined the local town hall aerobics program (in CT) three days a week. I brought my baby to the "daycare" room arranged by other stay-at-home moms and worked out to the latest hip-hop music, we learned fun routines and looked forward to every single workout. I lost 40 lbs. working out this way. I loved the routines so much, sometimes I'd come home, and while my baby napped, I would do them all over again. A year later, the instructor had knee surgery and we never saw her again. This was ten years ago. Since then, I searched endlessly for something similar and fun, something that gave me that motivation...that feeling of being in a dance video or on stage somewhere...NOTHING...honestly, Chalene, NOTHING...for TEN years I searched...I'll admit, I did the boring kickboxing, kick kick kick kick over and over to the beat of a drum...I tried power walking, etc. It just didn't "do it" for me. Over the course of those ten years I must have gained about 25 lbs. One day I saw the commercial for TurboJam and like all the other devotees, decided to give it a try. Chalene...let me tell you that after TEN years of searching for a motivating and FUN workout...I finally found it! This analogy may be too crazy, but it almost feels like searching for the "man of your dreams" and finally meeting your prince after going through hundreds of frogs...can you relate? This is how excited I am about TurboJam. I actually typed up the recent "Rip You Up" rotation and have it on my wall and like a little kid, run over every night to see what I'll be working out to the following morning...THAT is how good this program is!!! After TEN years of searching, I'm actually RUNNING to my chart all excited about tomorrow's work out. It's not only the music and the moves, Chalene, it's the personal touches, your wonderful smile...the energy...the people who you introduce (so that they're not all just shadowy figures in the background) actually feel like you're working out with friends...when the new workouts were recently released on DVD, I popped one in and thought: hey, there's my friend, Mindy, or Ana Rita..YEY..they'll be joining us today...that's how effective your WAY's unfortunate that I am not able to attend the first annual Camp TurboKick...(flights from CT are just waaay up there)...but I'll make it a point to book some vacation time from work and attend next year!! :-)
Thank you Thank you Thank you...for doing what you do and for sharing this with us. YOU ROCK, Chalene...You truly have changed my LIFE...I just turned 40 (people think I'm around 30) and feel like a million bucks, all thanks to YOU!!! Please don't ever go away! We love you!!!!

ellen said...

Chalene, i just want to add to the positive side of TJ.. i tell anyone who will listen to watch your infomercials, i give out the site at beachbody, more than half the people raise their eyebrows ^^ and say surrrrrrrrrr they lost all that weight... but some are curious and are slowly taking notice.
yesterday i got to see a friend from vancouver( it was the morning before Robbies 2nd class, yahoo)
she hadn't seen me since last fall, when i was really trying my best to overcome the effects of chemo, my coma, and walking was difficult.. but perserverence and physio were helping a bit.
when she saw me on saturday, she was floored.. she not only said," you look so good, you are walking better, oh you are talking better.. did you lose weight too?"
that opened up my conversation.. and i credited turbo jam, and now with turbo kick by robbie.. i will continue to get stronger, and even if i can't be the old ellen, i know that without turbojam( and the inspiration of the people doing it) in my life.. i would have given up.
i am honestly saying your program, and beachbody saved my life, i have no doubts about it.
my drs are flabbergasted at my rate of recovery, the brain damage i had was worse than most strokes,also the change in attitude to my situation.. and hopefully the rest of my cancer and some more of my damaged brain will come back, through turbo kick, and turbo jam
i owe you my life..

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chalene,
I have been Turbo Jamming for about 3 weeks now and can feel myself getting stronger! I had no problems ordering and delivery was quick.
Think about doing a Groovy Jam and Totally Awesome Jam with 70s and 80s music!!! Make them 20 min workouts, please :-)
Thank you so much! Kristie

tjaloha said...


Can't believe anyone would use the word scam referring to turbo jam. I'm a new user - got it about 6 wks ago and have faithfully and almost overzealously worked out every single day (except at least 1-2 days of rest a week). I've love, love, loved it since day one. Everyone in my house teases me about TJ though I know they like that I do it and can not only see physical results but how happy it makes me and how much fun I have doing it. I've always been athletic, pretty fit (thin at least). Weight's never been a problem for me although what extra I've ever had always lies right on my waist/hip area. Just enough to look funky when I wear fitted tops. I'll be 40 in November and don't do much for myself physically anymore outside of coaching. Most of that is watching and instructing, not really doing much for me. I got turbo jam for me and my girls (20, 17, 15)-- looked fun for us to do together to keep them in shape in the off season and wanted to get fit again. They haven't really joined me yet, but they watch me alot and say they should to certain workouts. I'll have 'em soon. They tease me that I need Turbo Jammers Anonymous like an alcoholic needs AA. But they're impressed. Turbo Jam is spoken of in our home/conversations daily in some form. I had someone ask me the other day if it works. I flexed my legs and told 'em to feel it!! Told 'em my new nickname is ROCK!! (haha) I'm still thin, but with the cardios and the sculpting/lower body jam, my body's transforming to look like you say "lean and sculpted". I feel the muscle replacement happening and I LOVE how it feels. When I do TJ I feel happy, energetic, tired at night (sleep better), and my esteem is sky rocketing! I've always been a conservative dresser, but with this body, I'm getting a little braver!!! Mahalo and stay on the positive side no matter what! You and your team are GREAT, your program is AWESOME and I hope to JAM with you at a live workout one day!! ALOHA . . .

Isabella said...


So far, I've had no problems with Beachbody. I've been ordering from them for the past 3 years. I do understand that others have had problems. It's either hit or miss. Hopefully, customer service issues will improve.

I'm enjoying my TJ workouts. I ordered ALL! My wish is for longer and tougher cardio workouts at around 45-50 minutes excluding warm-up and cool-down. I guess I just want workouts similar to what you do in your Turbo Kick classes which are mostly 1 hour or more! Another suggestion is a chaptered DVD with TWO 30 minute all-cardio, all-intense workouts with SEPARATE warm-up and cool-down. That way, those who want a short workout can just stop at the 30 minute mark...and those that want a longer workout can just go on to the 60 minute mark! So everyone's happy :) Hope you can make a series of DVDs like this :)

Neyda123 said...

You're my hero, you've changed my life with Turbo Jam. I'm so grateful to you and Beachbody, that any CS issues are just minute compared to the wonderful workouts and results, not to mention the message boards and the wonderful people I communicate with everyday. Don't take it personally, you're doing a wonderful job. I myself, never had problems with BB customer service, I get my orders in a timely manner and I love the Live Chat. Keep your chin up, you're changing lives everywhere and for that my friend, I thank you!

turbojammer4life said...

Hello. I am 34 years old and have three young children. My youngest is 8 months old, my middle is 2 and my oldest is 6 years old. Your Turbo Jam is excellent! I have lost 26 pounds and I look and feel fabulous. I would like to request something of you and you probably have never received this request before. Anyway, my sister and I own a cheerleading gym and I choreograph all of the competition routines. Well, as I am turbo jamming to the 20 Minute workout, I am jammin'. The music pulls you in and makes you want to just jam! I wondered if I could g et a copy of the exact mix that you use for the 20 minute Turbo Jam. I e-mailed customer service at beachobody, but they said that the music was not yet available. I figured, it is not yet available for CUSTOMER SERVICE to all ow me to purchase it. BUT, I know that you have access to it and can allow me to get it from you. I am willing to purchase it from you. I mix our own music as well, and it is always so hard to find exactly what we want to make the routine pop. Turbo Jam has it. I would have to do some mixin' and splicin', but that 20 Minute Turbo Jam music has all that we would need in it for our entrance music. Please, please, please, allow me to purchase this from you. Perhaps you could e-mail it to me in mp3 format, or just mail me a copy or let me know where I should send the amount of what you will charge me for it, and I will gladly send it to you so that I can get the music. Our first competition is Sept 2 and I need to get crackin on the choreography. I already know what I want to do though, to the Turbo Jam Music, b/c I just jam with it when I am doing Turbo Jam. I hope you can and will help me. You can e-mail me at I know your mission is to help people, and believe me, you would truly be helping me out a whole lot right now. Thank you so much and God Bless.
Turbojammer 4 Life!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chalene,...I am sorry to hear about the crazy compaints!! I ordered Turbo Jam about a month and a half ago and I'm telling you the representitive was just so nice and right on with everything!! and let me tell you I am a mother (28 years young!!) of 5 children ages 1,3,5,7 & 9!! and I have a better body now then ever and I owe it all to you GURL!!! I LOVE TURBO JAM and will Jam forever!! I tell everyone about Trubo Jam !! Hope I bring more customers to you,...LOL!! Anyways Chalene you keep your head up and be proud of what you do and don't let some goofy complaints bring you down cause your damn good at what you do "TURBO JAM BABY"

turbojammer4life said...

Hello. I am a 34 year old wife, mother, and business owner. I have three young children. My youngest is 8 months old, my middle is 2 and my oldest is 6 years old. Your Turbo Jam is excellent! I have lost 26 pounds after having my thrid and final child, and I look and feel fabulous. I would like to request something of you and you probably have never received this request before. Anyway, my sister and I own a cheerleading gym and I choreograph all of the competition routines. Well, as I am turbo jamming to the 20 Minute workout, I am jammin'! The music pulls you in and makes you want to just jam! I wondered if I could purchase a copy of the exact mix that you use for the 20 minute Turbo Jam. I e-mailed customer service at BeachBody, but they said that the music was not yet available. I figured, it is not yet available for CUSTOMER SERVICE to allow me to purchase it. BUT, you - I know that you have access to it and can allow me to get it from you. I am willing to purchase it from you. I mix our music as well, and it is always so hard to find exactly what we want to make the routine pop. Turbo Jam has it! I would have to do some mixin' and splicin', but that 20 Minute Turbo Jam music has all that we would need in it for our entrance music. Please, please, please, allow me to purchase this from you. Perhaps you could e-mail it to me in mp3 format, or just mail me a copy or let me know where I should send the amount of what you will charge me for it, and I will gladly send it to you so that I can get the music. Our first competition is Sept 2 and I need to get crackin on the choreography. I already know what I want to do though, to the Turbo Jam Music, b/c I just jam with it when I am doing Turbo Jam. I hope you can and will help me. You can e-mail me at I know your mission is to help people, and believe me, you would truly be helping me out a whole lot right now. Thank you so much and God Bless.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered Turbo Jam about a week ago so I am a good example regarding your current customer service.
I had no problems ordering Turbo Jam on the website, but I did not get a confirmation email.
I went back on the website and very quickly and easily I was able to find who to contact regarding this problem... I really just wanted to make sure my order was received.
Well I kid you not in less then 12 hours, I received am email back not only advising me that the order was received, but I was given the UPS Tracking number as well.
And I have to say that my package came in about 3 days, not the 5-7 that it said!
I have been extremely pleased with my experience with beachbody and would recommend it to anyone, and have!!
Also I have to say, I'm already in decent shape, I run and do yoga etc, but I was looking to take it up a notch. I have only done 2 workouts so far, but I am already HOOKED on Turbo Jam!!
Thanks for making it available to everyone!!

Anonymous said...

There are always people out there with negative energy. But there are always many more filled with positive energy. Beachbody goes through growing pains every time they add a new product. That is to be expected. Other than waiting a little longer than expected, I have not had any real problem with the company. I have bought all your workouts available from Beachbody, and will continue to do so as future DVDs are released (hint, hint, hint...)

So keep up the good work! Spread the sunshine wherever you go. And know that you have left your mark on the world, as evident by the amount of weight lost by everyone using TurboJam!

Mayra Hoy said...


I just got off the phone with customer service and I raced to your blog to tell you about it, finding that you already know that there is an issue with them. You addressed the situation on May 27th and I can tell you are a loving, caring, and sincere person who has the utmost pride in what she does. I am a business owner myself, so i can empathize with leaving your "baby" in the hands of someone you are paying to trust. I was very much let down by the customer service rep last week and I wrote the supervisor about it. Today, the same rep that gave me grief last week, calls my house to give me more grief--to try to prove she was right and I was wrong. I was shocked. This customer service company is the exact opposite of what you stand for, Chalene. They have no pride, no respect. Unfortunately, this is probably the best that is out there. But You deserve better.

On a positive note, I LOVE your work. i just recently had a baby and working through the transition, so I am not doing it as often as I would like. but I surely miss doing it on the days that fly by. Thank you for your hard work and caring about all of us.

Go on and shake it,


mayra said...


I just got off the phone with customer service and I raced to your blog to tell you about it, finding that you already know that there is an issue with them. You addressed the situation on May 27th and I can tell you are a loving, caring, and sincere person who has the utmost pride in what she does. I am a business owner myself, so i can empathize with leaving your "baby" in the hands of someone you are paying to trust. I was very much let down by the customer service rep last week and I wrote the supervisor about it. Today, the same rep that gave me grief last week, calls my house to give me more grief--to try to prove she was right and I was wrong. I was shocked. This customer service company is the exact opposite of what you stand for, Chalene. They have no pride, no respect. Unfortunately, this is probably the best that is out there. But You deserve better.

On a positive note, I LOVE your work. i just recently had a baby and working through the transition, so I am not doing it as often as I would like. but I surely miss doing it on the days that fly by. Thank you for your hard work and caring about all of us.

Go on and shake it,


stephanie said...

Chalene - I have never had a problem with customer service at BB. never & I've been with 'em for over 2 years. I know that others have had problems but that happens - not everone who works in customer service should - they just don't have the personality to work with customers (I'm one of those people who could NOT handle a customer service job!)
Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I think you trusted your "baby" with a great company. I really do!

You are awesome chalene! see ya in august baby!

steph aka stufaweni

Kim said...


I have been doing Turbo Jam now for 2 weeks and LOVE it!

I had my 5th baby 6 months ago and my goal is to be in the best shape of my life before I turn 40 in January 2007.

When I found out I was pregnant for the 5th time I felt like I would never be able to recognize myself again. After each baby I never lost all the weight. Going to the gym takes too much time and I have a hard time getting motivated to work out at home, that is until Turbo Jam.

My husband saw your infomercial and ordered the DVD's for me and my two daughters to do together. I did the learn and burn as soon as the UPS man hand me the package, did it again when my daughter got home and again when my oldest got home and have been doing it every day since, missing just a couple of days. In two weeks I have lost 10lbs and 8 inches.

I feel great and want to thank you for such a great product! I look forward to Turbo Jam everyday!

Thank You!!!!

Anonymous said...

It is hard to hear negative comments about your dream. I placed my order for the Turbo Jam Video's last Saturday (6.10.06) via the website. I received my videos on Tuesday afternoon (6.13.06). Pretty fast service if you ask me. I was impressed.

Did my first workout that night. Let me tell you, it kicked my butt. I've never worked out like that in my life. It's a great workout and very legit. I've never sweated like this during a workout. They are great workouts and I'm already seeing the results. My kids 15 & 13 love doing them with me. They even are having trouble keeping up and they are in great shape. It's a great way for us to workout together.

I guess there are some people who have a bad experience and relate it to the product and not the oursourcing company.

I'm sure Turbo Jam and Beachbody will figure out a positive solution for all parties. Their success is based off yours.

I'm looking forward to having a Hot Turbo Jam Body by our August Vacation.

You go girl! Beast of luck to you and your team.

Anonymous said...

The initial TJ DVDs took a little while to get to me, but they eventually made it =) I have since then ordered every other TJ DVD available. I have always HATED working out, and I now refuse to miss a day of TJ. Not only that, but I am doing a Biggest Loser competition with some friends of mine, and so far I have lost the most!! In 2 months I've lost 14 pounds and about 14 inches. I have so much more confidence now and I have you to thank for that. You have created something amazing, and I can't wait for more to come in the future!

Anonymous said...

Chalene, You and TJ are the greatest. I think in anything as huge as TJ, there will be glitches.. but I know that TJ is NO SCAM! You are the most inspirational and amazing person and are helping me LOVE to workout every day! No more dreadmill monotony! I love what you and your great crew have done to make exercising a joy for me and many others here. The only "complaint" I have with BB is that they are a bit pushy when you call them, trying to sell you everything from vitamins to all sorts of extras. I was told by the customer service person that those on the infomercials had success ONLY because they ordered all the extras. I felt that was a bit too high pressure. However, I competely LOVE TJ and LOVE Chalene for helping me realize that exercise can be FUN and I love to Party w/ Chalene and the crew every morning- I 100 percent recommend it.

Melissa Wiseman said...

ok Chalene, I have to say that I am truly bummed. While I love your product, and I left you a positive blog a couple weeks ago. I just found out that when someone orders a Turbo Jam product online, they automatically get a 30 trial for the membership whether they already have it or not, and automatically are charged in 30 days for the membership. So each time I buy an additional CD of yours online, I have to physically call and cancel the additional trial. That is ridiculous, and I wouldn't complain, but I'm a single mom, and $40 is $40. I am only one person and can only sign on one way. They see nothing wrong with keeping my money when I am already gladly paying for one membership. This is bad business. They should have immediately given me my money back. But they feel because I didn't call back to cancel a 2nd 30 day trial membership that I didn't ask for, that they are going to keep my money. If they don't refund me when I call back and talk to a supervisor, they will lose my business and support. I just bought a TJ girl sticker and put it on my truck, I love this product and display it proudly and tell everyone when they ask me, but this is bad business, and very unethical in my opinion. I won't support that, and I certainly won't buy any more of your wonderful product from beachbody. If there is another way, please let me know.

Melissa Wiseman said...

I regret very much to tell you that they would not cooperate, and I have cancelled all membership with them. They claim that I ordered my diet service with them prior to my Turbo Jam, and I assure you that is impossible and wrong. When I ordered my second set of CD's they offered another 30-day trial, so I tried it, and it was rejected because I of course already had my free trial with my email, and you only get one no matter how much you buy, and that is fine. Had it not been for Turbo Jam I would have never went to I will be reporting them to the better business bureau. They are unbelievable, and have unfair and unethical business practices. I'm sorry Chalene. I love Turbo Jam!! You and your team are very inspiring and motivating, and I will continue to use my invaluable CD's. Beachbody is using you for the customers you bring through their business. If there is any other way to order your product please let me know. I still want the one set that I don't have, and its the Booty Sculpt and Abs, and Cardio Party Remix. I would gladly pay you for them!! Please have someone contact me.
Take care Chalene!!

Genie Morgan said...

Hi Melissa,

That is awful that you are experiencing that. I think you have to write to Carl. Personally, I never had that experience and I have been ordering from Beachbody since 2002. They never automatically charged me for joining their MyBeachbody club. I am lucky because my experience with Beachbody has been pretty good so far except for maybe some damaged discs a couple of years ago - of which they immediately replaced. Do write to Carl in his blog.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


First let me say that I absolutely love TJ & YOU for creating it, and then sharing it w/ all of us! I've posted this before, but you & TJ kept me healthy and working out the entire last trimester of my pregnancy last year - up to the date my labor started!

But, I have had both good & bad experiences w/ BB's customer service, and most of the problems have occurred w/ trying to talk to the very nice but clueless CS people who are obviously outsourced.

My experiences w/ BB CS (both live chat & on the phone) have aggravated me to such a degree that I really hope you sell Maximum Results package thru QVC b/c I would buy that in a heartbeat!

Unfortunately, I know of folks at difference fitness forums who refuse to buy anything from BB but have happily purchased TJ from other sources.

My main problem w/ BB was that when I joined mybeachbody, my free gift was a $25.00 gift certificate, which is awesome! The problem was that apparently there was an expiration date that was NOT mentioned in the email it came in, so when I tried to use it, BB won't let me. I'm still dealing w/ CS to see if someone can help me.

Anyway, Chalene - Turbo Jam is awesome & so are you. Unfortunately for you, b/c of what BB has done (which of course has nothing to do w/ you), some of the baggage has fallen on your head by association.

Take care and thank you for TJ!!

Love Belle

Anonymous said...


I ordered Turbo Jam and 4 days later it was waiting for me at my front door!!! I have to say THANK YOU!!! I almost started crying during my first workout with you. I have gained 45lbs in the last two years because of a medical condition and it has been almost impossible to get motivated and get back in shape. With your DVD it is so much fun and doesn't seem like you are "working out" at all. So, thank you again for giving a great work out that people can look forward to doing everyday.

Anonymous said...


I have to say that my experience with Beachbody has been good. In fact, I recently ordered some other fitness products and they were at my door within a week! I also have all your DVDs and I never had a problem with my orders. In any case, please don't let it get you down. I'm sure Beachbody is aware of their problems and are working on solutions. All companies have problems. I'm just glad that I love all the fitness products they put out. They really do deliver results! Hoping for tougher TJ workouts!


Melissa Wiseman said...

Thank you Genie.

drama queen said...

Chalene- I just wanted to say that you are amazing and I love doing turbo jam not only because it's fun, not only because it's good for me, but because you're so bubbley and happy which is much more entertaining than winser palates or any other workout I've done in the past. Thank you for ruling!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time on this site. I have ordered Turbo Jam over a month ago. I am haveing a time trying to get my order, but, I am so excited about getting it. I always say that good things come to those who wait. In the process of waiting, I am only becoming more and more excited. So as I wait for my package, I want to thank you ahead of time. I can't wait to lose these thirty pounds. Thank you

Nellie said...

First let me say that I love Turbo Jam! -- I do have a few questions for you though... I have been working with Turbo Ab Jam for the past 3 weeks (I had to stop after the first week because I hurt my back, but I went right back to it.) These past two weeks that I have been working out with the Turbo Ab Jam, I have been gaining inches in my lower abs, while in my upper abs I have lost 2 inches... Is there anything I can do to focus on the lower abs more so that I can lose there too?

Thank you ;)

Patrisha said...

Hi Chalene,

First I'd like to thank you for creating Turbo Jam. Not to sound retro, but it brings me back to the 80s when the 20 minute workout (which I enjoyed) use to be on TV!! I was totally dedicated to it while it was on because I found Bess Motta to be so energic. Now I am doing your Turbo Jam (I have 7 workouts videos so far) and I am totally addicted. I love your spunkiness and energy and it makes me want to keep on going.

When I ordered the first set of videos I got an email telling me that my shipping address got deleted and that I was to contact customer service. I did it online and they had my purchase out the very say day and told me it would take 3 business took 1 business day to get to me (in Canada) and I was so estatic that I started working out the same day. I then ordered your Live DVDs (ground service) and they were in my hands in a week. Anyone that complains about BB service probably has issues with patience.

I look forward to purchasing more TJ products because I am totally addicted and it makes me want to exercise more (I have lost 15 pounds so far and a lot of inches)!!

Turbo Jam is the best workout out there and anyone contemplating whether or not to get it, get it, its worth the investment in yourself!!

Thank you Chalene!!! Keep on Jammin!!

Alice said...


I have personally had a quite a few problems ordering your products and dealing with customer service. That being said, it does not change my opinion on the fact that your workouts are absolutely awesome and Beach Body offers some of the best fitness videos on the market as a whole.
In spite of the difficulties I have encountered, I will order again because I believe in your products and am awaiting impatiently the next round of DVDs.
I have lost weight, toned up and stuck to an exercice program for the first time ever. This is worth putting up with a few customer service difficulties due to the huge volume of business.
Your products are in no way a scam and anyone who says that has not done Turbo Jam themselves.
I am a believer.
We love you Chalene!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just had to stop and post. I realize you have 91 comments showing support. I thought one more wouldn't hurt. I love love love this workout. It is fun and it is the first time that I actually look forward to working out. I have ordered from Beachbody before and have never had a problem. Everyone that has had an issue needs to rethink about not ordering your program. I would say it is worth the hassle.
Thanks for creating something that is so fun.. You got a no comment girl to speak up and support you and your work..

Roby said...

Hi Chalene, I just watched your infomercial and ordered turbo jam. I have struggled with weight since my 2nd child and haven't had much success. Recently and still now I am going through a very rough time, I am put down, verbally abused and financiallly strangled. I have lost 50lbs from not eating. I know that was wrong and very dangerous and I am doing better with teaching myself to eat. But now I am very flabby and I look really bad. I am hoping your dvd's will help me tone up the extra skin and make me look good on top of helping me become healthy on the inside. I have learned not to let negative people bring me down and I am working on my self esteme. I truely want your program to help me.. You have such a positive attitude and a careing for people.. I think that will come through on your workouts.. I will keep in touch and let you know how it works for me.. I may even take before and after Roby

Roby said...
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Anonymous said...

I just posted and now I feel a bit bad for doing so, however due to my complaint they have now offered a 1-800 number for all customers to be able to contact in case of a dispute or need to talk to a customer service person about an issue with over charging. With that being said I was just contacted and they not only took care of the issue they have resolved to make me feel welcome to purchase at Beachbody in the future. I'm very pleased with the outcome of this matter, even though it did take almost 2 months to resolve. However the fact that they are now still making improvements is very encouraging. I know a lot of people could benefit from doing Turbo jam and would hate to think poor service would discourage anyone from doing so.

Thanks for listening..

Rebekah1980 said...

I am a mother of two. My youngest is five months old. After I had my son I began working out (about four weeks or so after) I was determined to loose the 40 pounds I gained while pregnant. I was a former fatty (I weighed about 160lbs at 5'3) after my daughter was born (who is now five years old) I kept the weight off for two years and then I got pregnant with my son. I was 118lbs when I got pregnant with my son and now I am 129lbs. I always did Pilates and lost my weight mainly with doing that but I've been doing Turbo for about three weeks now and it is just melting the pounds away.
Chalene, I want to thank you so much. Not only for Turbo but for all the support and encouragement. Even though I get it from the Turbo DVD's I feel like you are right there, rooting for me.
What an amazing lady you are.
I read your blog and all your beachbody stuff and I would just like to say it's a pleasure meeting you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
You have shown me a part of myself I didn't know I had,

Rebekah1980 said...

Hi Chalene, I just left a commment for you and forgot to comment on the Customer Service issue you were concerned about. I received excellent customer service and quick delivery from beach body.
I would definitely order again.

kutandkurly said...

Wow! Customer Service problems?!?
That's one thing that I really LIKE about Beachbody. I get my products ultra fast.
I know ppl are SOOO freakin' excited to start the program so maybe they aren't looking at "real life" time. People, hold your horses. Chalene, I know you're feeling like you have no control over the situation and that upsets you, but you have given so many others SMILES daily. I have bragged about your program so much ever since I purchased it. This program was meant for me! I got so excited I started researching more about YOU!! I wanted to know how I could join your team, be a part of your crew! You look like you're having a GREAT time changing lives and I'd LOVE to be a part of it.

Rachael said...

Chalene I just wanted to tell you that Turbo Jam is the single best workout I've ever done (and believe me, I've done a lot), and that you are such an inspiration to me and everyone who tries it. Ordering was easy, and it came fast with no problems. People are always going to complain about something, and unhappy people are more likely to find a place to do it, but please know that they must be few and far between because your product is wonderful!

~A loyal TJer, on day 17 and loving it

Anonymous said...

Chalene... I love TURBO... needless to say, after attending only a month and a half of Turbo Kick with Meg in Columbia, SC.... i am a total addict. She has encouraged me to go get my certification also... which i am so psyched about!!! SEPT 9TH!!! YAAAYYY!!!!! TURBO! TURBO! TURBO! I love turbo stuff!!! Please come to Columbia!!!!

columbia, sc

Erin said...

I want to thank you for changing my body. I was already on a weight loss program, before I got TJ and already at I think at the lowest weight my body can handle. But your video has completely changed my body, making me look stronger and healthier. I actually dropped a size, now I am a size 2 for the first time in my life. I want to tell you a funny story; I recently went to a wedding and noticed the bride and her sister had arms that were very sculpted and looked great in the sleeveless dresses. The next day we went on a hike together and I asked them about their work out program and they told me they did turbo sculpt and turbo jam everyday until the wedding. Then we were hiking along and laughing and discussing how funny you are and how great the program is. Then I realized I never would have enjoyed the hike so much unless I had been doing your videos. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...


I just recently started Turbo Jam and love it. I want you to know that although my second order that I placed, was missing two DVD's - when I called customer service about this, they were very helpful and courteous. I had the 2 missing DVD's in less than 3 days. It was a pleasure to deal with someone so courteous and helpful.

Unfortunately, it is the tendency of humans to only complain, and forget about commending great behavior.


Anonymous said...

Like many others who have posted, I too am in the "customer service" industry and from experience sometimes no matter how hard you try, you cannot please everyone! However, I think the success of Turbo Jam and Beachbody speak volumes themselves! Together, they have changed (for the better)the lives of hundreds of thousands of people - including mine!
For those who claim it's a scam were not giving the program their honest effort! I've had the program for about 1 year, but I can only call myself a faithful "turboer" for the past 3 months. Within that small amount of time, I've seen major changes in myself - physically, mentally, emotionally, etc. It's been amazing! You are amazing! Thank you so much for having the energy you have and dedicating much of your lifes work to finding a fun and effective workout! It works! It works! It works!!!
Every interaction I've had with Beachbody has been one of professionalism. IF the day ever comes when I experience a "glitch" in the system... it's worth my patience and my understanding.
Thanks again!!!
TJ mother of 2 in Massachusetts

Anonymous said...


And any possible non-believers that may be reading this...nothing, and I repeat, NOTHING that makes you this sore can be a scam! Great workout!

Diana said...

Hi Chalene. I love you to death but i can relate to the crappy customer service issues related to beachbody. I ordered your series of tapes in march and without my knowledge of it beachbody enrolls you in some 30 day online membership... after that you get charged a $40 fee for every 3 months which i wasnt even aware of until i actually looked at my credit card bill this month and now have $80 in total charges for a service i didnt use or even sign up for or want. all i wanted was your workout tapes. i am very happy with them but now i will not purchase from beachbody again. they will not refund me the money from this service. i think that is pretty shady way of making money. so instead of purchasing the maximum results package i have to pay off a visa bill for something i didnt authorize. sorry chalene i love you to death and do your work out everyday but this issue has really put a sour taste in my mouth. ill be using ebay from now on to try and find more of your tapes. sorry to have to say this. im gonna go kick and punch my anger away now.

Kim said...


Don't think that a complaint about Beach Body means a complaint about Turbo Jam! I bought the first set of Turbo Jam videos and was instantly hooked.. so hooked that I almost wore out my initial DVDs and quickly needed more, More, MORE!!! I ran off to the Beach Body site, ordered up not only the maximum results, but also the live workouts (to momentarily sate my appetite for more TJ) and began waiting patiently (or, actually, rather impatiently) to receive my DVDs (literally counting the hours ... I was so EXCITED). After two weeks of waiting, I contacted BB to see what was the deal, and the customer service rep told me that my credit card company had declined the transaction because of a typo in my expiration date entered online. Fine, ok. But no one contacted me to let me know there was a problem! Honestly, I'm a little embarrassed to say it, but I cried a little :( I was so disappointed about not having my DVDS and now having to wait a whole other 2 weeks for them, but I reordered anyway. Guess what -- there was another problem and again they didn't contact me!! But this time, I contacted them just 3 days later to make sure it was all ok. Finally I got my DVDs today and just did CP 3 (rocks!!). But since the time I first ordered it has been about 5 weeks, and I got so depressed that I stopped exercising hardly at all these last few weeks. At any rate, Beach Body is very disappointing -- I honestly hope they aren't doing their best, because that would be kinda sad. Turbo Jam, however, ROCKS and when you can you might want to consider finding another partner. You can't help it, Turbo Jammers are passionate! CS needs to understand the "enormity of the situation"! :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Chalene - my complaint is not with the product but how Beachbody processed the order. I ordered the basic package but have been charged for the basic & deluxe packages (final charge to be $171.62 - far from the $72.80 I thought I would be billed). I have contacted Customer Service 3 times since 9/16 for resolution of the added charges to no avail. I have requested to speak to a supervisor each time & have not been contacted. I even contacted your Powder Blue Productions to see if there was someone else I could contact & was referred back to Beachbody. If I had known you would be on QVC, I would have ordered TurboJam through them as their reputation is solid.