Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Happy Birthday to my Little Sis

Happy Birthday Little Sister!


Happy Birthday baby sis! I'd like to let the world know what a wonderful little sister you have always been. I would also like to apologize publically for refusing to let you run away from home with men when I was 7 and you were 4, cutting the round brush out of your waist length hair when we were 9 and 12 years old, fighting over clothes, friends, shoes, make-up, cars, and for teasing you about your "big bug eyes" which you were later voted "prettiest eyes" in highschool (I guess you showed me!)

(My sister Jenelle and my our little brother Bill)

I 'm sorry I was always dropping in on you and your friends yet refused to allow you to come within 20 feet of mine!

Thank you for being such a beautiful ballerina when we were growing up, so graceful when I was such a spaz! Thanks for laughing uncontrollably at my stories and being my biggest cheerleader. Thanks all the long trips out to Cali, the way you make Turbo Jam so fun for me and all the other unexpected last minute, TJ shin digs. Thanks for having such long gorgeous legs and taking one for the team when the director needs someone to wear "short-shorts". Thanks for finally giving me a nephew to spoil, teach naughty words to, and giggle with. Thanks in advance for having another baby... (said tapping my foot in a motherly..older sister, let's get to it, kind-of-way)

As you're older sister, I find it my duty to be "all up in your business", a know it all, bossy and still try to tell you what to do. As such..I order you to move closer to me! If you don't... I plan on telling Mom and Dad... EVERYTHING... and I do mean EVERYTHING!

(photo - Jenelle and my son Brock)

Thanks for being an awesome lil sis, a best friend and the best mom and just one of the coolest, most down to earth, caring, funny, selfless, stylish, beautiful women I've ever known!

I love ya!



Monique2 said...

Happy Birthday Jenelle!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenelle! Chalene, I love your birthday tribute to Jenelle. It was so sweet!!!

Leili said...

Jenelle- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! From the couple times I have seen you, it has become crystal clear what a beautiful heart you have and your genuine kindness shines through you!! MOVE! MOVE! MOVE! :-)

Chalene! That was too cute for words!! Love the sister thing- made me tear up!

Dusk said...


~M~ said...

What a great birthday message, Chalene! Happy Trip-Around-The-Sun Day, Jenelle! :)

Anonymous said...

I want a sister!!!!

Soulfull Purpose said...

Happy Birthday Jenelle!! I am a May baby too and a dancer as well. Must be in the stars or something. :) Though you don't know me nor does your awesome sister, Chalene, you are an inspiration to me. I want to dance for the Warrior Girls in Northern Cali and I plan to. Seeing you on Turbo Jam every morning reminds me of this dream and makes it feel all the more achieveable.

Every morning when I do Turbo Jam my dreams of being a professional dancer as well as bringing dance and kickboxing to afterschool programs becomes so real and alive in my heart. When I begin to doubt my ability to achieve these dreams, working out with Turbo Jam reawakens my real passion and boosts my self confidence all over again. Thank you a million times, Chalene, for following your dreams so that others could be inspired to go after theirs!!

leannwoo said...


What a heartfelt message. I wonder if she got your point about having another child??? Little sisters can be so rotten! LOL!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jenelle!

MelissaKunkler said...

Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

A Big Tarus Birthday Wish To You Janelle!!! We Love The Bull In Our House. Hubby 5-1, Me 5-5, granddaughter 5-11. We but heads but oh so awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

Mindy said...

Oh, Jenelle (Suzanne) Summers. How I agree with your sister and how fun it was to read this post. Chalene, you and Jenelle are such great sisters, Thank God for Big sisters!! I have 3 of them and they have done everything for me.

Love you!!

Anonymous said...

I can't imagine describing a sister in any other way. Chalene, I admire you for your "straight to the point" attitude and no holds barr! It's great to know we can find the "funny" in what others may see as faults! Live it, Love it, and most of all LAUGH!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Jenelle!!,..your so lucky to have each other, as I grew up with only having brothers and now am a mother of 5 ,...three boys and two gurls!! You two are great,and Chalene..I love the "Turbo Jam" program I just purchased it and I just LOVE it!! can't wait to see results!!

Anonymous said...

CHALENE!!! U, ur sister, and ur whole crew need to get on myspace! it's the 2nd biggest website out there, im sure you've heard of it. I just started Turbo Jam last week and am HOOKED! It all started with a bet with my boyfriend about who could get in the best shape in a month! I won =) and am definitely sticking with it! Thank you soooo much for everything and especially this workout! is me =) hope u can get a page on there too!

Anonymous said...


Couldn't find any other way to pass this along to you. First let me say I'm a JAMmin FOOL. Love ya..and all the DVD workouts with all your POSSEs.

Howevr, are you aware that the weight'd gloves we all received as a 'free gift' with the Max Results package ...fall apart at the seams after just a few uses...and BeachBody's position is that "we're SOL after 30 days". Well, they didn't use those exact words, but the policy is what I said. You strike me as a person whose integrity with all of those she's involved with is important. So...thought you might want to know about that.

Anonymous said...

Chalene, I hope you read this! I've purchased All of your videos to date and I just love you and your program. I just wish you were not with beachbody. They charged me extra for videos and programs I never ordered. I'm also posting some very bad comments from customers who are in my same shoes. This is the website: Below is two of the many negative reviews directly making TJ look bad.

4/16/2006 - Melissa writes: DO NOT BUY FROM BEACHBODY THEY ARE MISLEADING AND EXTREMELY HARD TO CONTACT.I purchased this product through the Beachbody website. In the process of completing my order my laptop shut down. I called the company to see if the order went through. I tried calling that day, the next day and then the following day again and was told there systems were down. In the meantime I emailed and inquired about my order and about an additional offer that was offered for $14.95, I was not aware it was $14.95 for four installments. I received the email back and was informed they added it to my order without my confirmation. It changed my total from $59 to $120. Right away I called in and was told the order would be cancelled and another order would go in for the basic package for $59 and was given a confirmation #. A couple days later I checked my account and there were two pending charges one for $29 and one for $113. I immediately called and was passed to two different people and then finally the supervisor(call was 45 min). He said there was no record of my cancellation. The conf. # was the same as the $120 order and the only way to get a credit was to forfeit my 30 day money back guarentee. I tried to cancel again and was told it was already sent out and I could only refuse the package. The next day I check my acct. and saw no charges from them. I am assuming they were going to charge the amount they said over the phone which was $120. At that point I cancelled my acct. so that it could not be charged and when the package arrived I refused it.


4/14/2006 - Kelly writes: I used my credit card to order TurboJam. They also asked me for my social security number, and address. I never received the product. I know that these people recorded my information. I very worried about my social security number now. My credit card says that they've tried to charge me around $80 instead of 72. as advertised for a one time payment. I feel like a fool! I never received any email confirmation, and that kind of made me wonder what was going on. I was told that most scams are caused by televsion ads. How can anyone put an ad on television? SHouldn't there be something other than money to make sure people aren't goin to get duped? Will have to call and dispute this once it posts to my card, and will have the number destroyed. Don't do this!


4/14/2006 - Anonymous writes: Turbo Jam is a scam, I placed an order on line, recv'd confirmation e-mail and still have not received anything. I keep trying to cust service and they are never working. This is a SCAM and a FRAUD-buyer bewear!!! Watch your credit card and turn the charges in as fraud!

My name is April and my email address is

2success said...

Hi Chalene!!

I just wanted to say that I have been doing TJ for a month today (Today is my 30 day-versary!!) and I have lost 12 3/4 inches!! Woohoo!! Thanks so much for doing TJ!!!

Chalene Johnson said...

Yes... I do read these posts..every one of them. When you hear, "you have
to take the good with the bad..." I think this is what people mean. There is
so much positive going on with Beachbody, their community outreach, their
devotion to their customers, the employees who work around the clock to
fix these problems and that's not even to mention the thousands of people
who have lost thousands of pounds. So to read such strong and serious
concerns about the ethics of Beachbody or their practices is more than
a little upsetting. I do indeed read the comments. Are you kidding me?
I have 100% vested interest to maintain my reputation and service our
customers. Turbo Jam is my life's work, my passion, my mission, my baby.
To have Turbo Jam be referred to as a "scam" is hurtful, upsetting, frustrating,
you name it. It's beyond words. I'm told by people daily that I shouldn't let
it bother me so much, that certain things are out of my control, to avoid
reading the comments, to concern myself only with what I do best, i.e.
making workouts, but that's not who I am. I am concerned and I picked a
company that is concerned too.

Turbo Jam is not a scam. It's legit. The people in the work out are real, the workout is real, the results are real and I have devoted my life to this project. The challenge lies in that due to it's sweeping popularity (in the consumer market) there are more calls and more orders than we could have expected. This means hire more people, finding companies to outsource our order fulfillment, call centers, and customer service just to name a few. Of course these people work off of scripts. There's no other way to do it. Hey, I'd take every call myself if it were an option. It's not. partner for Turbo Jam works dilligently to monitor and record calls to ensure it's practices are ethical and of the highest quality to be expected in CS. I can assure you all we have spent many hours trying to find a better solution and no on is giving up. From the bottom to the top this is a priority. The lengths that Beachbody has gone to make

Lastly, pleaes consider this. There are several comments you can find on the internet about billing and customer service issues. People find a place to complain when there is a problem. Yet, there are nearly 1/2 a million people doing the Turbo Jam workouts world wide in just the last 6 months!
Please know that even one negative complaint about the handling of customer service or the amount someone was billed is too many.... Yet due to the sheer volume of orders placed for this program, there are going to be more "negative" about the CS as there are more units being sold than any other program. So part of this is the law of numbers (as upsetting and unsettling that is) and the other challenge is finding a way to best handle this "boom" in popularity and deliver exactly what is promised.

None the less, please accept my sincere and personal apologies to anyone who took the step of making a call and got excited about chaning your life, only to have been met with frustration and the aggravation of having to cancel or re-place, or wait for an order. It gives me a knot in my stomache. I read all of these posts and i probably shouldn't. Yet, I want each person who has encountered difficulty to know I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.
It might be more of a wait than you had anticipated, but I hope you'll find it worth it.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for being so dilligent about getting the product!

Jab, cross, shake it...


Stephanie said...

I am sold!!! As a mother of 5 little ones, I had a hard time finding a workout that would fit in my schedule. Well, TJ has become a family event! Thank you so very much for the blessings you give daily.

Lydia said...

Hi Chalene! I started using your products and love them. I have always be involved with fitness, dancing, etc and love your workouts! My question is I want to share your program with my frustrated friends by becoming a turbojam do I go about this? Keep up the good work. I'm looking forward to new videos!

Kimeve said...

Happy birthday Miss Legs!

Oh and Miss Chalene, I wish like crazy you were my big sis!

Love ya the mostest ~ Kimeve ~

dawn said...

this is off the subject but did you by chance live in fowlerville, michigan or attend parkers corners school- it would of been 1st, 2nd or 3rd grade? just curious.
also, i love turbo jam my daughter who is 8 and i do it together!

Angie said...

Happy (although very BELATED!) Birthday Jenelle. Just found your sister's blog (Hi Chalene!), after seeing the infomercial for TJ at my mom's in Portland...what a hoot! My mom and I sat riveted for the entire program and both agreed that the two of you haven't changed, except to say that you look more fabulous than ever! I'm thinking I need to add it into my marathon training somehow. I would have called you to wish you a happy birthday, but I lost everything again! You'd think I'd learn my lesson and stop storing everything on the computer (I can never find a pen, much less paper in my house). A little update from me, I now am the proud parent of THREE children. Good story. Anyway, I'll post my email and hope to hear from you soon!

Cindy Maree said...

Dear Chalene,
In the hope that you still read the comments left on this blog spot, I am writing. First, I want to say "THANK YOU!" for creating the best workout I have EVER done in the 40 years of my life. Never has a workout creator and instructor combined such a great variety of workout genres, perfectly timed music, and clear and supportive instruction so well. YOU ARE, TRULY, the best and an artist, too. I am a middle school and piano and voice teacher and I live in Kamloops, BC, Canada. I have had a lifelong weight problem, which, after having 3 children, left me at an all-time high of 278 pounds. That's when I crashed. No amount of exercise seemed to lead to a maintainable weight loss. Finally, just this past March, I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy, which has reduced my stomach capacity to 2 oz, but has not left me with any malabsorption, as gastric bypass would have. Fast forward to today: I am down to 196 pounds and feeling FABULOUS. My goal of 140 pounds (at 5'2") is a possiblity for the first time in my life. I will continue to see this surgery as only a tool, and spend the rest of my life pursuing emotional and physical wholeness. When I reach goal (Turbo Jamming all the way down), I plan to go to Paris, and find out how to be a Turbo Jam instructor. Thank you, Chalene, for using your God-given gifts to bless me and so many others. What a joy it would be to meet you one day! Cindy
PS: When I get to the Tai Chi cool downs, I am so overwhelmed with gratitude that I cry almost every time. That is something!

Anonymous said...


ps Chalene, is Turbo Jam better than swimming. Like actuall swimming, like freestyle?
PLEASE respond.

Love you! Love turbo. You changed MY life and I'm only 13 years old! Whoo! Way to go! -rachel