Saturday, January 27, 2007


It's that time again everyone, Turbo Jam with be appearing on QVC two days only!! I have taken some of my best ladies with me which include my wonderful sister, Jenelle, the ever fabulous Josette, my two fellow Orange County ladies, Danielle and Cindy, and of course I could not leave behind the ever glamorous, Genelle. I wanted you to know that you can see me along with the whole gang on QVC on Saturday January 27th at 11pm PST/2am EST and also Sunday January 28th at 1pm PST/4pm EST. Feel free to call in and remember Turbo Jam is far more than just your average workout!!!


Gina said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you Chalene for bringing Turbo Jam to QVC. I've ordered from them for several years, and I trust the company. I ordered the first set of 5 workouts and just after 2 weeks, I ordered more. I just received Cardio Party 2 & Lower Body Jam. I love them! I'm regular chick, who's never had flat abs rocking out at home & losing inches (I'm too chicken to get on the scale yet - it's only been a few weeks).

You're such a personable fitness instructor and I have quite the DVD collection so I know it's not easy to do. Bring more workouts to QVC if you can!

God Bless & Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Chalene!

I need help with my diet, Chalene! Not sure where to ask this, but here I go. I was wondering if you could post somewhere (maybe your blog?) What the breakdown is for each meal in the "Turbo results guidebook". It says snacks are 200 cal. but what about breakfasts, lunches and dinners??? Why am I asking? I would like to substitute mainly some dinners and am not sure how many cal. your dinners are. Hope this makes sense. Thanks!

LORI J (Ontario)

Anonymous said...

I hope you read this Chalene! First, TJ (you) have helped me lose 10 sizes so far! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it(you)!!! I live in an apartment and, of cours, have to crank up the volume when I Jam! Well, I've had the police called on me and my upstairs neighbor complains, so I bought some wireless headphones, which don't work too well. I thought It'd be great for you or beachbody to "invent" some wireless earplugs or phones that will stay on while doing your workouts! For those of us who like to JAM but can't turn up the volume. Just a thought! Thanks so much Chalene!!!! You should see my pics! (Profile name is deniseausten)I've changed a lot-thanks to you! I'll keep pushing keep the Cardio Parties comming!!!

Meredith from Philly! said...

Chalene- I have tried a few times to get through on the phone on qvc to do a testimonial- I will keep trying and am DETERMINED!