Sunday, May 18, 2008



6-ounce      Can water-packed solid tuna
3/4 cup      Prepared hummus
1 cup           Finely shredded fresh spinach leaves
1 cup           Grated carrots
1 tsp            Cumin
8 slices       Ezekiel Bread
1/2 cup       Low-fat milk
1                  Large egg
2                  Large egg whites


1.  Crumble tuna in a bowl.  Add hummus, spinach, carrots and cumin; mix thoroughly. Make four sandwiches with the bread and tuna mixture.

2.  In a shallow bowl whisk together milk and egg and egg whites. Dip each sandwich one at a time until lightly soaked on both sides. You should use all egg mixture.

3.  Spay a large nonstick skillet with Pam or other vegetable spay.  Over very low heat add sandwiches cover loosely with a lid or piece of foil.

4.  Cook until the undersides of the sandwiches are well browned, 8 to 10 minutes.  Turn over and cook still covered until second side is well browned.

Nutritional info: 290 calories; 6 g fat; 31 g carbs; 25 g protein

Serve open faced for lower calories and about half the carbs.    


Amy Prather said...

sounds delicious... :0) Thanks for the recipe!
Down 13" in 15 days!

Laura said...

Hye Chalene.
I am in love with your turbo jam.
I have seen some parts of you in classes of hip hop.
I find it much more fun when you are teaching the class and not a man, so I start thinking - maybe you can make a tape of hip hop classes as your turbo jam classes.
It will be great fun and great work out.
You are very great teacher with alot of motivation.
Hope you will read my comment!
Thanks for you and Turbo Jam!!!

MassiveCalves said...

Hey Chalene I bought your first set of DVDs and i want to buy the Fat Burning Elite bundle but i dont want to repeat discs. Do they have some of the same discs?

Adriana said...

Hi Chalene,

Thanks for the recipes, they are great!

I got my Turbo Jam Maximum Results in April 13th/2008 and I've gotten rid of 21 lbs so far. I was 150 lbs and my goal is 120 lbs.

And YES, I said "I've gotten rid of" and not "I've lost". Why? Because just like my mom always says: If you loose something, you can find it, and I'm not looking forward to find those pounds again! =)

Anyway, I'm Brazilian but I live in Olympia, WA, happily married to an American fireman. I love your work outs, I've done capoeira for a few years down in Brazil and I have a few "suggestions" about it...
* First of all, the music on the Punch, Kick & Jam is not capoeira music. It's some sort of African music and even knowing capoeira was invented by African slaves, the music is really different from that (like: REALLY). You need some "berimbau", it's essential for the capoeira music!! There's no Pan-flute... Check this video from National Geographics:

* When you were dodging you called it "squiva", the pronunciation should be something like "skeeva".

* Also the wheel, or the AU should be "aooh" and not "al" (that's the sound that a dog makes in Portuguese: "au au").

Thanks for doing a great job on your DVD's.

I've been thinking 6-pack all the time.

Have a great day,

Adriana Bunker

Erica said...

Hey Chalene! I am a turbo instructor in MD! I LOVE turbo!! I have tagged you via my blog!