Monday, November 10, 2008


The other morning one of the ladies in my Turbo class brought one of these brownies for me to try, and I have to say I was a bit excited to have an excuse to eat chocolate for breakfast!!! I mean I HAD to try it, it would only be polite. All I can say is YUUMMMMYYYYY!!!!!!!

For 100 calories, high fiber, high protein, low fat and full of vitamins and minerals its a great treat. And remember that is what it is a TREAT.

They have all different products based on the same low calories, high fiber and protein. Its in the freezer section and the website I listed below is great! You just enter your zip code and it lists the stores that carry this yummy product close to you. ENJOY!!


Sammie said...

These sound great Chalene! I can't wait to give them a try! Thanks for the guilt free treat!

Sammie Richards
Creator of Booty Camp Fitness

Br!tt said...

LOL The closest place to me that sells these things is either in Nasvhille or St. Louis! Probably a good thing though, 'cause they sound too good to be true! :)

Brittney said...

Chalene I just want you to know that I absolutely LOVE you!!! I hope you get this:) You are so amazing and I wish I could come take classes from you. Thank you for all u do. I havent stuck with it to actually see results and it makes me soooo mad but I want to get started on it because I want a body like you! You have a lot of fans and we all adore and love you! Thank you!!!!!

mustbeamiracle said...

Can't wait to try them, thanks. I have turbo jam and love it. We have the same dance background so I was happy to find your program. I received Get on the Ball today and hope it will help me - I had a hysterectomy 9 weeks and and need to lose weight and gain some mental calmness! Do you ever have events in Atlanta?

MsEbonyLuv said...

Thanks for the heads up on this. I see that they also ship in Canada so this will be my new breakfast or snack in the morning!!

Anonymous said...

These are great! And Br!tt, you can order them online. I can't get them near me either, but I order them every few months. Totally worth it.