Saturday, January 10, 2009

ChaLEAN Extreme Results equal Weight Loss, Fat loss and Metabolism Boost

A picture says a thousand words...

I worked with all of the people in these photos for 90 days. They live in my area, have kids on my kids' sports teams, one is my assistant, some are neighbors, they are people just like you and me...busy and not sure how they woke up and found themselves "overweight" one day.
Some of them weren't even really overweight, just had belly fat and body fat to lose.

These are 100 % untouched. The real deal. Baby scars included. Aren't they beautiful?? And guess what... they STILL look like this! Why? They still do ChaLEAN Extreme. How do I know...I already told you... I see 'em all the time.

Enjoy... then take action. Can you imagine being lean with abs 90 days from now?

Some people know me as a women's fitness clothing and apparel designer with Turbo Wear, or the owner of Powder Blue Productions. But most people know me as the creator of Turbo Kick, a kickboxing and cardio dance infusion program that I designed for some of the world's largest health clubs over 12 years ago (and still kickin'!) The instructors who certified through Turbo Kick made that workout so popular that those classes lead to the demand for more! In 2005 we brought Turbo Kick to the consumer in the form of Turbo Jam! You may have seen the infomercial :)

I started out as a personal trainer though! My goal was to help people lose weight, feel great and most importantly strike a balance in their life. So, though I'm most well known for my cardio programs, I've long been someone who believed in the benefits of strength training. But see... I hit my late 30's and things seemed to be slowing down. It was driving me crazy. I felt like my own metabolism just wasn't where it should be. I started doing some research. I looked at science. I read the clinicals studies and every report I could get my hand. I ignored what was being toted in popular grocery story health and fitness magazines and wanted to see the science. What came out of that is a program Beachbody has named ChaLEAN Extreme.

It works. These are just some of the photos of the 70 test participants who became the undeniable proof that muscle does burn fat.

I have so much to tell you, but I can't do it all in one post. If I sit at my computer much longer my kids are going to disown me. Soooo..... having said that. I'll be back and fill you in on the ins-and outs of this amazing new way to build muscle and change your metabolism called ChaLEAN Extreme

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More later :)

(oh and luckily all of these people got ripped or they would kill me for making them take these before photos. Don't put it off... you'll wish you had them 90 days from now. And be sure to wear the same clothes in your after as you do in your before. I think that looks cool!)


sjhalford said...

I have a question for ya that I am hoping you will answer! I have had bronchitis for the last two weeks and for the first week I started my new week of chalean extreme. Well, my bronchitis only got worse, so my husband told me not to workout so I could get feeling better. Anyway, I hate not working out, so instead I got on my elliptical a few times this week. I am still sick and wanted to start chalean extreme up again. What is your opinion on working out when your sick?

Ivie said...

Chalene, I'm starting week 4 of the burn phase tomorrow, and let me tell you, I LOVE ChaLean Extreme!

While I haven't really lost any weight yet, I am so much stronger already! The change in my muscles is amazing, and the lower back pain I was having prior to CE is gone. I can't wait to compare my 30, 60 and 90 day photos to my starting photos.

I just want to say, you are a real inspiration to me, and a big part of my 90 lb weight loss (so far!) and improved fitness. Between CE and TurboJam, thank you for making exercise fun, Chalene!

Anonymous said...

I love your program, Chalene! I'm on week 3 and definitely feel stronger. I'm a little disappointed, ok, ALOT disappointed LOL, I've gained 2 lbs since I started. For the record, I'm a seasoned exercise, in fact a personal trainer, and am doing a 12 week challenge at my gym/work so 2 lbs UP is NOT the direction I need to be going. I've stuck the the eating and workouts like glue and also am doing some running (so far nothing longer than 3 miles) because I'm training for a half marathon. Any suggestions? I'm sticking with it, hoping and praying that I'll have a big whoosh here soon.

Soul Touch said...

Blessings Chalene

I haven't tried your ChaLean Extreme workout, but I've been doing your Turbo Jam system and I love it.

...thank you for finally giving me what I need... I hope to get back to you soon with good news (meeting my goal).

Thank you for coming into my life.

2009 IS MINE!

Voula said...

Hi Chalean,

I am in my 3rd week of the Burn Phase, and I LOVE IT!!! I have been doing Turbo Jam since May 08 and now doing the Extreme, it is fantastic!

I haven't really lost any weight, but I didn't have much to lose to begin with, but I am getting stronger every week.

Where can I go to ask some questions about Extreme?

bubbyp said...

I am in the second week of burn phase. I feel stronger and I think more defined, but gained 2 lbs. I now weigh 136.5 lbs. I don't want to weigh more, I want to lose weight. Is it because muscle weighs more than fat? I want to lose 10 lbs. Possible? I am 39 and 5'3". I have 3 kids by c-section so middle is tough to tone. I also used turbo jam and loved it also but hit a plateau and thats why I bought this program. Love it so far

Kassandra Bragg said...

Ivie I'm the same. I haven't lost any weight or inches yet even with following the food guidelines and lifting super heavy (40lbs on the leg exercises actually) I'm starting week 7. It's so strange because I lost so much so quickly on Turbo Jam. Was there anyone is the test group like this? Chalene anyway you could share some of the other test group results as in time frame when they lost it. It's so discouraging to see all these fantastic results and follow this program with my whole heart and yet see nothing inch or weight wise happening with myself. I'm very depressed but I will keep pressing on because I don't like living with what ifs. I just feel like such an odd ball. It seems like it works for everyone BUT me:(

stacey05 said...

I just finished the Burn phase and have lost 2 pounds, 7.5 inches and 6.5% body fat in 30 days. WOWZA!!! Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do!!

Anonymous said... wife and I started CE two weeks ago. We are very excited about your program and love the program. What are your suggestions as far as cardio on the rest days? Walter has joined our "Dudes Doing CE" thread at and has really added a lot to our discussion. You're welcome to post some encouragment anytime you wish! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Modern lifestyles have improved our quality of life but also contribute greatly to physical inactivity. Today only about 10% of public school students walk to school compared to the large no of student a generation ago.

Anonymous said...

Love your programs!! Chalene, thank you for all your different programs--I love them. My husband and I have been working on Chalean Extreme, and it's great. He's lost almost 30 pounds, and I've lost almost 15. We had made it all the way through to the very last week (before Lean for Life) and were already planning to continue, probably starting again with Burn. Here's my question: I was in an accident, and after 3 weeks, I am starting to be mobile without crutches, but it will still take several more weeks to really get back to normal. After I am back up and running, I plan to start the program over with Burn again--but I've already built up some muscle, and lost some weight--I'm thinking I should stick with Push phase eating, rather than all the way back to Burn eating. Does that make sense, or would you advise starting over completely? Thanks again. Abby K.

Anonymous said...

I got there lots of helpful content and great information. Thanks a lot for your help.

JenaC said...

Today was my Day 1! I have decided to keep a blog so that I'll be more accountable and also to help prove that Chalean Extreme works. I am loving it so far.

I'd love for you to check out my blog!


Anonymous said...

I am in love with the CE workout. However, I am in my third week of the Push Phase, and I can not get enough to eat! Even eating every 2 to 3 hours, I am extremely hungry! I am also starting to see the pounds on the scale go up! Pleaseany suggestions as to curb the hunger? Does it get any better in the Lean phase?

Anonymous said...

I am on my second week of the burn phase, and love it, I am still doing the turbo jam,too. Luv it too. I am still confused on how many weights I need to do the 90 days, I have 5, 8 and 10 lbs. and I already seem to need more. Does anyone know how much I will need to do the program,I want to get extreme!!

Kristen Heath Utah said...

I am on week 3 of the burn phase...i started eating every few hours like you said and let me tell you...i have lost 6.5 lbs in the last week and half...I love Chalean Extreme and can't waite till day 90 to see more results...i cant already tell all my muscles are getting leaner..Thank you!

Chalene Johnson said...


thank you for your comments and visiting my blog. You're proof that eating more regularly will help many people lose weight, especially chronice dieters. Just watched an interview with Kelly Osbourne in which she said she had to learn to eat not 1 or 2 meals a day but 5 or 6 to lose weight.