Thursday, January 01, 2009

My New Years Resolutions

When you proclaim your resolutions publicaly you create a greater level of accountability. Setting a New Years REsolutions is the easy part. Staying accountable is the tough part. So here goes...

I resolve to be a more "present" parent, to do my best to refrain from returning emails, voice mails, and text messages when I'm with them (well...most text messages) If it can't be handled between 8 and 2:30 it can wait. I resolve to read more because I have so much more I want to learn, because becoming a better human is a constant pursuit. I resolve to get the people I love and work with to read more because I genuinely want them to feel the joy of learning and enjoy the advantages that come with being smarter, more informed and more compassionate that only comes with wisdom yet learned. I resolve to compliment strangers on their acts of kindness and to be kind to strangers even when I'm in a rush. 

This year I will strengthen my patience with slow moving retail workers and senior citizen drivers. I resolve to stay out of people's business, provided of course they are not in my circle of 5 super air-tight, certifiable quality friends who make me a better person. This year I will share everything I know about the sure fire ways to achieve success with anyone who will listen because I truly want people to live healthier, happier and fuller lives. I resolve to take greater pride in my birth name and politely correct people this year when they say it wrong. It's not Chay-lene, its not Charlene, it's Chalene. The 'Cha' is pronounced like the "shu" in "Shut the door" and not like "Shay" which rhymes with "they". Chalene. 

I resolve to politely decline all invitations to which my first thought is...."Oh man, I really don't want to do that." This year I will only teach fitness classes that give me joy. I resolve to be a better wife and I have started today by ordering the "Language of Love", to read on my new Kindle (book reading device) and to understand better (after 18 years) our preferred method of giving and receiving love for and from each other. 

I resolve to spend less and give more away. I resolve to give money to people who have fallen on hard time and not just victims of a never ending cycle of stupid, stupid, stupid despite all the good advice they get from friends and people who know better. 

This year I will sleep in once in a while and spend Wednesdays in silence, at my home, devoted to writing. This year I will concentrate on doing one thing at a time and doing it well. Lastly, I resolve to enjoy the ride and ride more often (a snowboard that is!) 


Stacy said...

Good luck on your resolutions!

Mine involve using your videos more this year and losing those 10 (15??) pounds I gained back AFTER I lost my baby weight. Breastfeeding was the best weight loss I plan I ever had. ;)

Life goes by too fast and slowing down to enjoy it is one of my resolutions this year.

The Burpee's said...

Chalene-I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now and this is definitely your best post yet. This year I didn't really make a resolution....until now. I ordered ChaLEAN Extreme after some hesitation (being a stay at home mom I wasn't sure I wanted to spend the money) and recieved it yesterday. I read all the literature and I finally feel like this is MY program.
So I wanted to tell you that my resolution is to stick with you though the 90day rotation-and beyond of course! I will also be incorporating Turbo Jam. I finally feel confident that I will stick with something and that 2009 will be MY year. Thank you for all you do! You truly are a fantastic person.
(If you have a chance check out my thread on the BB message boards "Anyone with 100+ lbs to lose?" My profile name is fftrwife.)

sjhalford said...

Chalene, I absolutley love your workouts! I am a big fan of Turbo Jam. For Christmas I got Chalean Extreme! I love it! I know it will work and I can't wait to follow it for the next four months! I love the plan! You and your sister look so great in the videos! It's a brutal workout! I am in nursing school and your videos are a great escape for me. Thanks for being a great inspiration! I have been doing your workouts since June 2006! Please keep the workouts coming! They are great and not to mention work wonders!

Gina said...

Wow, that is a thoughtful, quality list.

I've decided not to make resolutions, I'm making plans instead. I always feel like resolution still leaves room for "maybe" whereas a plan is already putting it into action. It's all just semantics, but you go with what works for *you* right? : )

Anyway, one of my plans it to be Turbo certified this year. Thank you so much for this life-changing program. Thank you for sharing so much of yourself with complete strangers, so many of whom you may never meet, but whose health & happiness you have greatly impacted.

May 2009 bring you & yours all the best!!

avagdro said...

Lots of changes.Pretty interesting menu of resolutions.Thanks there.
My new year resolution is to make self Happy n all others Happy,Enjoy living in present,stop procrastinating and take complete responsibility where ever I'm.Pray for all the people all around for their absolute Happiness,peace,prosperity blossom in all aspects of Life.

Thank you.


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Brandi said...

Those are some good (and tough!) resolutions! I too stuggle with patience at retail stores and with the elder drivers...I may add that to my list of things to improve on too.

Good luck in 2009 with everything! I'm sure it will be a great and successful adventure :)

Dusty and Amy said...

Thanks for posting this, Chalene. It truly does make for more accountability and it's therapeutic as well! Reading more is one thing that I committed to do more of two years ago and I am happy to say that the habit has stuck and I read about 20 books or so a year and I LOVE it!! It would be awesome if readers of your blog could all be connected through something like It's a place where your friends could go and see what books you are reading and have read, your ratings and comments on the book etc. I love learning from my friends and getting to understand them in a deeper light by what they read.

I loved all of your resolutions. Life is so wonderful and there are an endless list of things to be grateful for and an equal amount of things to learn about!

Thanks for always shedding your love and kindness to the world. Here's to a new year!!

If you, or any of your readers, would like to link in with me on just search for me. My email is amyrhoads AT Sign up for an account and then go to friends, add friends, and then my name, Amy Rhoads, or email address. I am in Provo, UT.

Kassandra Bragg said...

Chalene I LOVE LOVE LOVE your resolutions!

You are such an inspiration. Last year I lost 40lbs doing Turbo Jam and was finally able to take the weight off from my second pregnancy and conceive my 3rd child after 4 years of trying! Your program was an answer to prayer.

Then I totally flubbed and gained 74lbs (ack) during that pregnancy but thank fully in June of 2008 delivery a happy healthy baby boy. I whipped back out my trusted Turbo Jam and in the past 6 months using a combination of Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, and Beachbody supplements, have dropped 55lbs of the 74 I gained!

I am doing the last workout of week 3 in the Burn Phase and was wondering when I can expect to see weight/inch loss. I know, I know, I know, the scale should not be my measure of success but I have YET to meet a 180lb 5'8 woman with a flat stomach in a size 6 LOL so I do need to drop 30-40lbs of fat.

My eating was super clean the first week and I lost 1.5lbs. The second week I gained a little (still eating clean) and then Christmas dinner came along and well you know what happened next. I cleaned up my diet again and have been consistent (I can post my online journal as I track everything that goes in my mouth like you said on the CD) but my weight is still up this week. I feel like I'm stuck and it is very frustrating!

I saw the results of the test group so I really believe that I can have those types o results too, I just want an idea of what I can go into this expecting. In the test group did they consistently lose 2-3lbs each week through out all the phases, or did the weight/fat/inch loss primarily happen in the Lean Phase? I do not want to get discouraged as this is a total lifestyle for me not a quick fix, but I just want to have my expectations and goals in the right place.

Is Beachbody going to share the results of the Test Group soon as well?

Thank you for crafting an awesome program! Your personality and spirit shine through and your genuine care for others is whaat keeps us coming back for more! Keep doing you!



Bonnie said...

Happy New Year Chalene! I know you will be able to keep your resolution, and I for one will listen to you share how to succeed in life! I hope this happens in a book form!
You are part of my New Year's Resolution to do Turbo Jam as much as I can each week and get my body back to a healthy and comfortable weight to keep me around for my little guy who has Autism for a long time! Your videos give me such a feeling of strength and power, and total euphoria after I do them and while I do them, that I feel I can handle any issues I have with him! My positivity I get from you and the activity in them rubs off on everything! Thank you for this gift and have a wonderful year!

Anonymous said...

Your resolutions are perfect! They have nothing to do with looking good. It has to do with being good and doing good to others and not just being selfish and thinking of yourself. I am certainly going to replicate your resolutions as I strive to be a better me for others for the year of 2009!

Monsieur Le Baron said...

Hi Chalene, just wanted to congratulate you on the great work you and your team have accomplished with the TurboJam products. I do Turbo Sculpt, 20 Minute Workout and Cardio Party 3-4 times a week. Thanks for keeping us moving!

naptress said...

Check out "The Five love languages"...that book will make all your relationships better...period...simply amazing!...btw I bought ChaLean extreme..all I can say is wow...I will buy whatever dvd's you put out...Period!..I'm wearing the smallest jeans I own!...THANK YOU!

Enchantress said...

You're my inspiration! I'm glad I found your site. :)

RaeLynn said...

I love your resolutions. I am a new reader/subscriber to your blog and I'm excited to find some additional motivation to help me get going.