Monday, December 29, 2008


Cocktails can be diet-friendly too!!! This sugar-free margarita will save you 285 calories!!


6 oz. Sprite Zero
1 1/2 oz. tequila
Crystal Light lemonade mix
splash of fresh lime juice
ice, crushed or cubes

Blend all ingredients together. Serve with a slice of lime and a touch of salt on the rim of the glass.

It tastes just like the real thing but has just 115 calories and 0 grams of sugar!!!!! YUMMY!!!


blankstare said...

I love this recipe because it includes Sprite Zero. I have found a lot of uses for Sprite Zero too. I like smoothies in the mornings because fruit helps me get going. I love mango but I don't like it creamy so mixing it with yogurt or milk for a smoothie wasn't working for me. Trader Joe's Frozen Mango chunks, a splash of orange juice and half of a Sprite Zero is one of the best tasting smoothies for me when I want to leave out the dairy. I can't wait to try this margarita this Friday night. Thank you Chalene, I just cracked open the Fat Blaster DVD after practicing Learn and Burn and I love it. I'm thinking about trying to 2 day fast formula. I really wanted to post a comment just to let people that might be wondering know the tapes are really effective even if you have a lot to lose. Sometimes I have to do one workout for 10 minutes and then rest, but I get through it and I'm seeing results. TY

Kimberb said...

Yummy is right!! What a guilt free way to start the weekened!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene. Hope you're still blogging. I love your workouts. I'm still new at it, but I'm looking and feeling much better. Thanks for all you do. - Jennifer

Anonymous said...

used Sierra Mist Free instead of Sprite Zero. I must admit the it is quite yummy! Granted, it isn't the real thing, but close enought.

Anonymous said...

Halleluyah! I love margaritas and know I can't slurp 'em like I use to anymore. I can't wait to try this version. With 2 children, 3 step children, a step ex-wife and an ex-husband and a full time career, a girl's gotta have a drink! After her work out of course...:) Thanks Chalene...

Anonymous said...

I love this idea! AND, I can't WAIT for new Turbo Jam videos:0)
I have all of them; and do them over and over and over again despite my collection of about a hundred workout videos. They rock, thanks!!!

JS said...

wow. good idea. I am going to try this!

Tara-Mae (AKA -JUGGS) said...

Well Charlene, I just have to say
"Thank you Thank you!!" I love your program and I always look for more. You are a great inspritation to me and you have given more confidence then ever.
Over the last 5-6 years and still counting, I have lost over 60pounds or more.about 2 1/2 years ago I came across your workout over the TV and I thought this would be a great program to start-So when to me in the mail, I could not wait.
At this rate I have lost count as to few many pounds I have lost. I go by the way my clothes fit now. When I go back to relaxing on my workouts, I always turn back to yours because it's sooo much fun and you always push me and when you say "come on baby doll- you can do it! push your self!" Well I do just that! I always feel great after a workout and almost want to keep going!... Crazy isn't it! You are so right-when you are half way through the workout, I always get my second wind.
I hope you read this and I love what you are doing and keep it coming!! Don't stop!
Cheers Tara-Mae Kreft :)
PS- My husband loves my new look!

pkay said...

I wonder how that would taste with barcadi? Not too fond of Tequila.
Love your site girl. You rock.


stephanie said...

I can't wait to try the cocktail. I work in a bar so it is hard to find a drink that is very low in calories with no sugar. I also love your workout program. I heard about it from a friend who lost 45 pounds. I tried the tapes & loved them and have lost 25 pounds. I recently got my husband hooked and he has lost 25 pounds also. The great part is that our two kids try to workout with us & I think i'm giving them a great start on staying fit even at a young age. Thank you for great tapes, great food ideas, and constant encouragment

Toque (Lesley) said...

Awesome, thanks Chalene!

M. K. Clarke said...

Hi, Chalene!

The link for the CE House Party's a dead one, that may have to be re-routed.

BTW: CE kicks boot-tay!!! Thank you!!!

M. Keith said...

:) This post made me smile!

Brandi said...

YUM!! That's a great recipe! Definitely going on my list of new fun things to try :)

Melissa Johnson said...


Thank you SO much for this recipe!! Of course, I am a big fan of yours! I have been instructing fitness classes for 18 years and LOVE every minute of it! I started loving it even more (which I didn't think possible) after being introduced to Turbo Jam and then Turbo Kick. : ) I just sent in my cert tape for Turbo Kick and want to go for the GOLD soon!! : )

I own a small studio in a small town in Minnesota, called "The FitZone". I introduced Turbo them about 5 months ago... and EVERYONE loves it!! Thank you!!

Thank you for this recipe as I struggle with something that tastes good but won't be a ton of calories!! I can't wait to try this recipe tonight!! Thank you!!

You've been a blessing in my life, thank you for what you do for many people out there! People think I ROCK with my fitness classes, I tell them just wait until you see Chalene Johnson!!!

Happy New Year Chalene and thank you again!


Melissa Johnson

P.S. You also started following my husband and my blog last night on twitter, I was BLOWN away and excited to see that! It's Myjambusines on twitter. : )