Sunday, November 13, 2005

I want to be rich!

This year I realized it feels much better to be “rich” than wealthy. In June, as we were close to wrapping up work on the Turbo Jam™ infomercial I had a few moments to reflect on the experience. I had experienced richness, wealth and even a few moments of emotional poverty. What I have learned is that those of us who share with others are truly “rich”.

Honestly, it was the most challenging thing I’d ever been through. I pride myself on keeping my kids first and everything else second. That was the part that killed me. When you own your own business you can let things slide if there’s an important baseball game or ballet recital. When you’re working with other entities, that’s not always an option. Despite the challenges, everything went so well thanks to my “family” at Powder Blue and my family-family. I truly couldn’t be more blessed to have found a spouse who graciously stepped up to the plate to took over 100% of the matters of our family and running our business in my brief absence. He mastered the art of pony tail making on a moving target, cooked the meals, chauferred the kids, chatted with the other Moms at dance class, finished the laundry and the end of the year school reports and all the while being my biggest cheerleader. He kept me motivated on the days that I (literally) worked through the night and pumped me back up when I felt a little deflated. I am richly in love with a great guy.

I am also certain that we chose the right company to bring Turbo Jam™ to the masses. I have radar for people with good hearts. When I met Jon and Carl (the founders of BeachBody), they immediately set off my “good peeps” alarms! These are “my kind”. They’re all about customer service, but they like to take chances and do “real” fitness. They’re hip, they’re cool, they're nice, they’re funny, they wear jeans to the office and get this… they’re fit!!!! I can’t tell you how many unfit fitness executives I met with. Carl, Jon and especially Lara Ross have made sure my program is represented with authenticity and all the kooky-crazy-non-conventional stuff that’s “just me”, flaws and all. Let me just tell you, BeachBody has more than earned my respect. When I explained that Turbo is all about the music they agreed. They put together the biggest budget for music I’ve ever heard of! Turbo Jam™ is everything I hoped it would be… and so much more! They took such good care of me. There were always flowers and fresh fruit waiting in my hotel room, thoughtful calls and thank you notes from their staff when I should have been thanking THEM! I felt so honored. rocks! Turbo enthusiasts will be proud!

Aside from constantly worrying about missing moments with my kids, the second most challenging part of the project was preparing the choreography and music for the 7 workouts. Those who know me are well aware of my need to be a “control freak” when it comes to music. If I were 15, I’d write to MTV and see if I could be “MADE” into a dance club D.J. I’m a music freak. I like to add perfectly timed sound effects, just the right bass lines, and hard core motivating re-mixing! As is typical for me, I finished all of this prep work at about 3 a.m. on the 1st day of our 3 day shoot for the first 7 exercise videos to be filmed in three exhausting days (8 am to 8 pm). I was still tinkering with the musical sound tracks in my dressing room up until about 5 minutes before they announced “We’re rollin’!” With my heart pounding, my head racing, and the make-up lady chasing me, I would sprint to the set with a CD and in hand yelling, “Wait, I have a better version!”

I had this great group of incredible Turbo friends behind me, my sister and best friends, like Anna-Rita, Holly and Mindy. They created a killer set and hired the best exercise video director in the business. We were filming in an actual movie studio sound stage with real camera men, video editors, a team of make-up artists (which I desperately needed having lost so much sleep), kraft services and all the “Hollywood” stuff I had only dreamed of! I finished taping each workout and the director (watching remotely from an editing truck) would announce over the p.a. system, “Okay…let’s move on.” Things went great. Everyone said it was the best “cast” they’ve ever seen. They couldn’t believe we were all friends and how much fun everyone had. The various crews could be seen dancing, kicking and punching while we filmed each section. Many commented they were blown away with how cool this workout was, how contagious the energy, and motivating the music. I should have been feeling pretty good about things at that moment. I should have been soaking in all of the compliments and kuddos. But something felt wrong, off, not right.

As for the wealth vs. rich part, I was about to get a big fat check for something I’d gladly do for free (ssssshhhhh! Let's keep that between us!) I love sharing Turbo Jam and motivating people to move! We had just wrapped filming all the videos. Friends and long time business associates were calling to congratulate me. They all opened with, “Aren’t you excited? Don’t you feel great?”

I didn’t know how to answer. The truth was I felt “weird”. I tried to hide the fact that I just felt “empty”. In fact, I felt shame for not feeling “elated” to have finally realized this huge goal I had been working towards for so many years. I couldn’t put my finger on it. These were perhaps the most important workouts of my life and I felt… well… I felt…. “weird”. I can’t think of a better word. I just didn’t feel like me. It was uncomfortable.

I went back to my normal teaching schedule on Tuesday of the following week. Whew… I began to feel “normal” again. It’s true. I’m not an actress and I guess that’s why it felt so “weird” after filming the videos. Where was my Turbo family? Where were my loyal front row regulars? I was missing the faces, energy and personalities that inspire me to lift them up. I never realized how much my own students, like Leili, Astrid, Claire, Ed, Zane, Danielle, Scott, Tina, Camilla, Carol etc. etc. have done to inspire me each time I teach. It brings out the best in me when I see the beautiful face of a woman with 75 pounds to lose or a man who is sure this couldn’t be an intense workout. I do what I do for them. I need the inspiration of these people as much as they need mine. It feels like I’m flying when I’m in a room full of people sweating and smiling all at once. It must be like what a pastor feels when the congregation affirms with an infectious, “Aaaaaaamen!!” on Sunday morn. It’s like heaven on earth for this little fitness preacher. Motivating a group of people makes me feel like a rich woman.

But, they weren’t there. I was missing the tall guy in the front who makes noise all hour, the grimaces, the smiles, and struggles that so fuel me. Instead of feeding off of the amazing energy of the people I know and love, I was trying to get something back from the reflective lens of a camera. I felt like I was teaching to a faceless class. Strange.

We finished filming and I was emotionally and physically spent. It took about 4 days to fully recover. That week I filmed the outdoor Turbo Jam class at Universal City Walk. There to support me was a close friend and fellow fitness professional. I confided with him my “weirdness”. As if it were so obvious anyone should be able to figure it out, he said, “That’s because you’re not an actress and last week you had to play the part of an instructor. We [fitness professionals] do what we do NOT because of the paycheck, but because it is fulfilling to see people’s faces light up when they’re having a great time and the joy people feel when they reach a new goal, or just master a move.”
This photo was captured by someone as we were discussing this very topic. The person who snapped it had no idea how profound this moment was. I'm so grateful to have this picture. This is that moment.

Not but 5 minutes later I met a woman who had lost 30 pounds doing Power 90. She explained she was happy to hear that Turbo Jam would be coming to BeachBody and excited to invite me into her home. We spoke for only minutes, but for me it was a connection. She told me of the message boards at Beachbody and the many people she’d met. Her name was Andrea and she probably has no idea, but she cured me. I was out of my funk. The cloud of “weirdness” had lifted.

Andrea, or at least the person who Andrea represented, was exactly what I needed to lose that “weird” feeling. I finally had a face. That’s all I needed. I just needed a face. All I wanted was someone I could “see” when I looked into the camera and assured, “You can get through this!”

I recently finished another set of Turbo Jam videos. What a different experience. The viewer will probably not detect a difference, but man did I feel a connection this time! I now look into the camera and see the many faces I see everyday on the message boards, those who work out with me on Wowy and the special people who have visited me in Southern California since finding Turbo Jam through the infomercial. This time I could see so many faces and the experience was truly fulfilling.

I am richly blessed to do what I do. It’s no wonder that many instructors by night are doctors, lawyers and independently wealthy folks by day. It’s no wonder that despite his amazing success with TaeBo, Billy Blanks still teaches a healthy dose of “real” classes at his facility in Sherman Oaks, CA. It’s no wonder that when I ask a room full of people to raise their hands if they “love” their job, the ones that do are in professions that help others, teachers, nurses, firemen, mothers, personal trainers. To do what you love will make you rich, maybe not wealthy, but I’d rather be rich.

[Side note: I always read my mini-articles out load to Bret when I’m done writing them. I do it because I like to see if the words sound as conversational as I intend them. Boy, this one was tough to get through. It will probably read like a normal account of my month, but for me, this one represents so much. It was a turning point. I couldn’t read two words without doing a lip quivering sob. I don’t know if writing this was therapeutic, or just that rush of emotion when you have a (insert Oprah voice here) “light bulb moment” or perhaps I’m just pre-menstral (sorry…too much information) All I know is that I’m so happy now; cured of my “weirdness” and rich, rich rich...richer than I thought I could feel! ]


Belle said...

Chalene, this entry is deeply moving and very heartfelt. I can only imagine how "different" it was for you to be filming w/os, but I hope you never underestimate the impact you've had on so many people. Speaking for myself, I've been a longtime home video exerciser for several years, but I love Turbo Jam and can't wait for what else your creativity brings us! And more importantly, you've inspired TONS of people who have never exercised before, and that is truly a profound accomplishment. Thank you and your family for all YOUR hard work and time that you've spent bringing US an amazing fitness product!

AZTLGRL said...

WOW...WOW....I mean just WOW...Chalene that was AWESOME...I felt ya sistah! Just know that I am one of those "smiling faces" when you look in that camera as are sooooo many here. You rock lady!

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene

I cried reading your entry this morning. I am a SAHWM and have really let myself go. I always found myself striving to be something/someone different, wanting to have the lifestyle of a star, more money, so and so's hairstyle, teeth, Jennifer Aniston's body etc. etc. Then, I came across you and TJ. I have "always given up on myself" but, now thanks to you and TJ, I realize more than ever that I am 'worth the effort'. No other workout has done that for me EVER!I have realized with you and TJ that 'attitude is contagious and mine, well, wasn't worth catching' to be honest. That is all changing since I am taking the time to do TJ and spend my days with you, Jenelle, Mindy and Anna Rita. :o)
I still have a long way to reach my goals but, you give me hope. I was always searching for a change of scenery when all I really needed is a change of self. I know with TJ I won't quit on myself (again)and I feel like you are rooting me on (do you know what that means to me)? No, you couldn't possibly know Chalene but, it means the world to me. If I could hug you, I would. I am 'just a mom' but, I would love to be able to say " I am a mom AND a TJ instructor".

Finally on the right path thanks to TJ and Chalene (and very grateful) Keep those TJ workouts comin' Chanlene and btw, great job.


PS. Chalene - what brand of shoes are the orange bottom ones in the workout's ... I love them.

Kimi said...


GIRL!! You are by far the coolest mother, boss, friend, and all around lady that I have ever known! I am so proud to be part of your wonderful team- it makes me proud to be part of an organization that makes so many other people feel so good about themselves!

Rock on, Chalene!! xoxo



KellyC_bb said...

Chalene, as Heather said:

Your post made me think again about doing what you love in this life.
It's been almost 40 years, and I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. But more and more, after a few years with BeachBody, I am leaning towards helping people over 35 with fitness/health stuff.
Thanks so much for being around the boards, and really caring!

Jenelle said...

Chalene, oh my! That one had me in tears. I know how hard you've worked not only with BB but to keep your own business thriving and somehow manage to keep family first. And I'm too far away to even see it ALL. But just from what I have witnessed, you never cease to amaze don't belong on MTV's "MADE", you belong on MTV's "DRIVEN"!!!

Thanks for the inspiration once again. I will tell everyone I know to read it.


Anonymous said...


I only post here when I am moved. Girlie, when I first met Tony (on DVD) I said, "Aye, papi que rico eres". Then I met Debbie and said "Girl, you so crazy" Then I met you and said, "Babydoll, how'd you know I always wanted to "pump it" like new kids on the block! *smile*!

I am so glad that I ordered Turbo Jam. I have 100 pounds to lose. I have been doing the other BB programs (I love them) but needed a little extra excitement! You and your crew make this totally ghetto girl shake her moneymaker (hey where'd that come from).*smile*

Thanks for having PMS and writing such an inspiring post!

BTW, I love dancing and singing to my favorite song, "The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire..."

G-Mama aka grendelsmama

Mindy said...

Oh, Chalene. I love, love, love you like a sister. You are mentor a friend and an inspiration for the X-chubby Texan as well as many others. Your article is profound and touching as is your true self. I love teaching to my classes as well and get more from them than I EVER give.
Your articles are always full of grace and salt(which gives flavor and an ability to preserve), and you know how to speak to everyone. sniff, sniff XOXO

Carl Daikeler said...

Great post Chalene. It's one of those posts that makes me look good, because I know that people suspect I am selling when I say how genuine and "real" you are in my blog or in conversations. I've seen you light up a room and a set, and now even a blog.

Funny thing about your weirdness (which I share when I reluctantly and clumsily face the lense myself) is, a person who has a gift for doing this is one who feels the weirdness, and still manages to speak through to the individual who's watching. Heather sees it in you, and thousands lucky enough to have Turbo Jam on their video shelf see it in you. You have a gift, and we have a chance to share it in a way that will make in-home exercise more approachable and fun. This experience is what makes our jobs rich! And that culture which you fit so well into is what will continue to define Beachbody as a brand that connects with the person. So, on behalf of the great community that we call Beachbody, thank YOU for picking us, and going for it even though it felt weird.

We love you girl! (tear)


Leili said...

You are simply awesome and one of a kind. You are such an inspiration to me (and to so many others)! I am still trying to figure out who I am and what directions I want to take in my life. I feel like a big ole question mark. And to have someone like you as a (what I like to think of you)…mah friend, has really had an impact on me as a whole! Your amazing with your family, friends, employees, bosses, students, and I’m sure with strangers too :) Love ya!!

mermandrea said...

Chalene.... don't know if you're talking about me... but whether you are or aren't...

Going to that filming at Universal changed my life....

I had NEVER had so much fun working out. I have an extensive background in dance, and movement to great music has always brought joy to me.... I had just never found the right combo to excite me about sweatin' every day... Then, thanks to the boards here... last May I met you....and was introduced to Turbo!

When I found Tony-- P90-- and Beachbody, I learned that I could have FUN working out and actually love taking care of myself and start to learn to LOVE myself.

I truly felt when I met you and your devotees... Anna-Rita was a doll too... that Beachbody had hit the mark yet again!!!

I've met so many wonderful people through BB... And thanks to BB and the wonderful, talented and caring trainers who work so hard to make great programs for us, I have totally changed my life. I actually worked extra hours to afford to go to fitness "camp" in Aug. here in Santa Monica! CRAZY!!!

Last month I lost my 39 year old step-sister to breast cancer. I didn't really feel like Jamming for a LONG time--- laughing and groovin' was just not something I found terribly appealing... and in the past, I would have used this depressing time to just give up and go back to my old habits....

But I've printed out the times of the TurboJam classes at the gym and planned my AT HOME Jam Sessions.... I'm ready to get back into the world of the living...

Life goes on and I NEED to be here and healthy, AND set a good example, for my 2 nieces who have been left without a mother.

I can't think of a better way to motivate me back into Jammin' every day than to Jam with you, Chalene. I would VERY much like to take you up on your offer to come down to the OC and take a class with you... PLEASE let me know when and I'll buzz down the 5!!!!

I'll be huffin' and puffin' through class, cuz I've lost a month of Jammin'... but, hey... gotta start AGAIN somewhere...

My email is:

Thank you for bringing the Jam to me!!!

Love, Andrea

laura52 said...


Your words came through so clearly with the emotion inside of you, I didn't need to get to the last paragraph to know that your heart was pounding as you recounted your amazing journey into a true lightbulb moment.

Thank you so much for the geniune friendship you bring to me through BeachBody, even if we have never met eye to eye.

You are so rich in reality it bleeds through everything you do.

Who would have thought that "weird" could end up being so wonderful.

When we least expect it, it was staring us in the eyes all along.

See you on the boards, in WOWY and in my LIVINGROOM, where life really is real. :-)


stephanie said...

Awww Chalene this entry touched me so much. You are just so sweet. I too, as heather said, am one of those smiling faces...I'm also hootin' and hollering, clapping & yelling along with others out there during the workouts. I've never never had this much fun with a workout before. You are the BEST! Just the best.
Jenelle, I agree with you that Chalene should be on MTVs driven - totally!

Anonymous said...

Chalene I loved your post. Your are such an awesome person with such a big heart. I absolutely love the Turbo Jam workouts. It feels like you are right there in the room with me cheering me on. I hope you know how truly awesome and special you are. You have touched so many peoples lives that have never even met you!!!! There are so many people that can not go to your live classes...but having the turbo jam dvd's are such a blessing. Thank you for your big heart and sharing your precious time!!!!

Mary Cecy said...

Thanks for sharing your feelings and thoughts. I have met Andrea thru the boards and phone and emails and I know exactly how you feel. That connection that the boards bring goes beyond words, the friendship, the support is so much more than what I can ask for. Even when I feel down, now I just hear the song on the radio and I can relate it to one of the TJ tapes. Funny but true, then my spirits are up and I am jamming and doing all kinds of moves while driving. People look at me like I have totally lost it! I love it.

XO Mary Cecy

babawa said...

Chalene, I am so blown away by your sincerity. I think that is what inspires me most. And your right, you are not an actress. What you deliver on your video's is the REAL you. I have never met you, and yet that is what know I see.

The workout and the music are THE BOMB. I noticed the superb timing of the beats and the lyrics with the routines. When I do the workout I feel strong. I feel like I am dancing (I love to dance). I feel like I am in the studio with you and your crew, or that all of you are with me in my living room...well, you are! This is such a fun workout, and I have been telling everybody about it.
I am doing Turbo Jam every day, 6 to 7 days per week. While it has only been three weeks and I am seeing real results, but more impressively, others are seeing my results as well.

I have a long way to go...about 40 lbs, but for the first time I can visualize a new me in 6 months or sooner. I'm getting into pants that I haven't been able to wear for a year, and I am getting results that no other workout has given me. I just ordered the lowerbody and cardio party 2 DVDs because I wanted more, more, more!

I am so glad you are sharing your workout, and motivation with those of us who cannot be in your class.
Thank you so much for helping me and so many others achieve our fitness goals and dreams. I look forward to adding more Turbo Jam DVDs to my workout.

Angie Cyr said...

Chalene, thank you for your post. It was so touching. I wanted you to know that I cried the first time I did cardio party 1 and made it through the Turbo part... it was a happy, "I did it!" kind of cry though. I am currently doing SI6 and will be done soon. I have gotten great results but really didnt have much fun. That's why I tried cardio party to put some fun into my program at least 1 time per week and I loved it so much I decided to get you TJ program and Im starting it on Dec. 1st after my rest week from Si6. I'm so excited I cannot wait! You are so motivating and fun and the music makes me want to move. I feel with TJ it will be more of a party than a workout and Im so looking forward to that. PS, I live near mission viejo and was wondering where you teach so I can come meet you in person some time!

Shellbabe said...

I had no idea you felt that way. I almost cried with you. I'm so glad that wonderful lady was able to pull you out of your "slump". You would never know by watching your videos though. I have been into fitness off and on for a long time and have never found anything that I truly love the way I LOVE Turbo Jam! Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I love ya, Girl! You're amazing!

maggie said...

Dear Chalene
Where have you been all my life? I have never seen one of your videos and just stumbled upon this blog. I have always loved to dance and workout but, other than spinning, have never found a class that inspires me in both areas.
I am soooo very interested in what you do. I live in Pacific Palisades, Ca and would love to try out a class as I am not one for working out at home by myself. Is there anywhere on the westside where I could try Turbo Jam?
Your post was so moving and I have been asking Spirit to guide me in a direction that will be fulfilling and helpful toward others. I wonder if this is an answered prayer? I am so very happy for your success and realization of your dreams. My email is I know you are so very busy so I won't hold my breath to hear from you but I will do the research to find out more!! Even if I have to trek down to Mission Viejo! Take Care Maggie

Mary Cecy said...

Happy December and may you continue be rich during this Holiday season!

Thanks for chat!

Anonymous said...

Thanks boss!! You truly are amazing!!! I really enjoyed reading this blog!! It is so nice that you open up and allow us to get to know you so well. I am VERY lucky to be a part of your team!!!

May your "rich" blessings continue!!!

Staci said...


This was awesome to read. I attend your Tues night classes in AV. I was there the night you speak of. I have only started TKB a month ago...after my triathlon this summer I was burnt on run, bike, swim and wanted something different. I LOVE your and Anna's classes. So I had to buy the Turbo Jam so I can do it on Weds night...then I signed up for this weight loss site. I am the fat girl at the back of the class...trying to learn the moves.. but your inspiration is what got me hooked. This blog is moving and very real. It is nice to hear some honesty and caring in this world. Don't ever stop are super motivational and an inspiration. One day I will be thin again....thank you!

40too said...

Chalene, reading your post today, had me in tears and I wanted to give you a big hug as only a "Mom" can do. You reminded me that you have to be happy at what you do; and I have always been happiest being a Wife and Mom first! BB products are wonderful and I have done great with them, but when I bought your videos, I thought finally, what I've been looking for all these years!! So know that you're inspiring and getting this 45 year old "Mom" back into her groove. I'll be pumpin' and shakin' it with you back in Michigan. You're such a great person and inspiration to us all.

Shabby Girl said...


CHALENE!! THANK YOU so much for this post!!! Your GOOD KARMA jumps right out of your writing!

The minute I saw your smiling face, energy and enthusiasm I KNEW I was "home", you made me get that spark back that had been missing.

Turbo had such an effect on me I KNEW I had to teach this to everyone! Since I was already teaching a cardio kickboxing class and always searching for great music (DJ AJAX has been wonderful) I felt like TURBO was exactly what I was looking for and what my class NEEDED!

I traveled up to Rochester, NY to get certified with CHRISTINE D. who was just AMAZING!!

THANK you for trusting Carl and Jon! Those of us that have been with Beach Body for years KNOW that they head an EXTRAORDINARY company! We BB customers are loyal to a fault! We'll ALWAYS have your back!

THANK YOU again CHALENE and since karma comes back to you TENFOLD, I imagine you will be RICH for many years to come!! ;)

Xena (with an X ) Warrior Princess

Rachelle said...

Chalene, I posted once in a chat with you but had to leave - you are an AWESOME person and I am so grateful that you have brought Turbo Jam into our homes. I have exercised since high school and really enjoy it - looking at me, it sure doesn't seem that way. Exercising has brought me through some tough times. I am SOOOO not a dancy person and my housing is something I wouldn't want to show in public but I LOOOVE Turbo Jam. I am so glad your "weird" moments passed and I am soooo grateful that you were able to get in front of that camera again. I can't wait for new workouts. TJ adds a whole new dimension to my workouts and I am spreading the word to everyone I talk to what a wonderful, fun workout Turbo Jam is - you have a couple of new customers because of it. I heartfully mean every word I say and I know you heartfully mean every word you say, every move you make, every song you pick - it's for us. You are so personable and it comes through so naturally. Thank your hubby for us and your kids. As a mom, I know all the hard work and time away had to be the hardest thing for you but please know you have so many of us that are so grateful for each minute you spent to bring Turbo Jam to us.

Okay, enough mush - I think you get the idea. I think you, your sister, and your friends are an awesome bunch and I enjoy working out with you every week (although I am so glad I can see you but you CAN'T see me! LOL)

Miss Victorious said...


Wow! That's all I can say! I waited all Christmas break to get the tapes and they arrived yesterday and I was sooo excited. I'm brand new to this experience and I hope that I can stick with it and stay the course until I reach my goal. I have 62 pounds to lose and I feel SO confident right now.

I'd hate to admit how many fitness machines and gimmicks I've purchased since gaining weight in college 6 years ago and trying, unsuccessfully, to take off the weight.

You make me laugh SO hard when I work out with you and the group. Singing along, along with the other little things you say just bring a smile to my face and I TALK BACK TO THE TV AS WE WORK OUT!

Anyway, it's just fantastic & I too am a music lover. In fact, I would do my tae-bo videos for maybe 5-8 minutes, then turn on my club music, then I would continue doing the moves with that music because it's just so much better.

I got so excited by the music and your energy that I stayed up late watching all of them after I worked out to Learn & Burn and (because I couldn't help myself) to Turbo Sculpt. It was so hard and yet enjoyable!

Thank you SO much. I suffer from insomnia and for the first time in ages, I am going to make it to bed before 3 or 5 am...You wore me out girl. I'm getting in the bed NOW! :)

Thanks--You marketed a fantastic product and actually, what sells it is your amazing personality. It just makes me want to work out some more. I'm sore and I had to talk myself out of popping in another DVD tonight!

Thanks & Let it Whip!


Miss Victorious said...


Wow! That's all I can say! I waited all Christmas break to get the tapes and they arrived yesterday and I was sooo excited. I'm brand new to this experience and I hope that I can stick with it and stay the course until I reach my goal. I have 62 pounds to lose and I feel SO confident right now.

I'd hate to admit how many fitness machines and gimmicks I've purchased since gaining weight in college 6 years ago and trying, unsuccessfully, to take off the weight.

You make me laugh SO hard when I work out with you and the group. Singing along, along with the other little things you say just bring a smile to my face and I TALK BACK TO THE TV AS WE WORK OUT!

Anyway, it's just fantastic & I too am a music lover. In fact, I would do my tae-bo videos for maybe 5-8 minutes, then turn on my club music, then I would continue doing the moves with that music because it's just so much better.

I got so excited by the music and your energy that I stayed up late watching all of them after I worked out to Learn & Burn and (because I couldn't help myself) to Turbo Sculpt. It was so hard and yet enjoyable!

Thank you SO much. I suffer from insomnia and for the first time in ages, I am going to make it to bed before 3 or 5 am...You wore me out girl. I'm getting in the bed NOW! :)

Thanks--You marketed a fantastic product and actually, what sells it is your amazing personality. It just makes me want to work out some more. I'm sore and I had to talk myself out of popping in another DVD tonight!

Thanks & Let it Whip!


Northern Orchid said...

You are so cute! You remind me of a fitness obsessed friend I have. That's why I love watching you. Just remember that when you're looking at a camera lense, there are hundreds of faces looking back!

Francesca said...


You are truly amazing. When I first received the TJ series, I must admit I had a lot of doubt in my mind, mainly because I have no clue why I received them, I honestly had never heard of the series, nor seen it, but somehow my credit card had been charged and I had been holding a box FULL of the TJ series. (Maybe it was one of those automatic things that Beachbody just sends).

I AM SOOOOOOO glad that I have them. I've owned hundreds of workouts on dvd/video from bellydancing for fitness to THE Firm, Donna Richardson's series, etc, etc, etc...and this is NO BS, your series is the most fun, the most motivating (thanks Anna-Rita & Mindy for their stories) and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. I have lost 15 lbs in 1 month and I still have a ways to go, being 43 ain't no joke! So I'm going to continue too do the series and my dream would be to attend one of your live classes, and then maybe even instruct a class of my own one day. Because it truly is about EMPOWERING others, and I want to do that.

Keep it up, do your "thizzle" - more gansta-mom lingo for "thing". And keep hitting 'em hard. We've got your back.

Diane J. said...

Chalene - I just bought the first set of Turbo Jam, and WOW! I was very impressed! I must admit when I first saw the informercial I didn't think it would get me in the kind of shape I want to be in. You changed my mind about that. I looked at your body and I thought, "See! That's what I'm looking for!" After the first workout, I ordered your second set of tapes. I'm still on Learn and Burn (I'm 53 with a bit of knee pain right now), but I'm feeling really, really good again! My daughter is also very impressed with the workout, too! We find ourselves humming the music to your workouts, girl!! LOL Now, how great is that...when an exercise is so much fun you not only find yourself humming your workout music, but also find yourself going over routines in your head throughout the day! I just wanted to say thanks for giving us a workout that we REALLY look forward to doing. I enjoy you so much when I work out with you and all your gang! Take care and have a blessed day!

finesse said...

Chalene, Your Turbo Jam workout is amazing!! I am an ex-college athlete who now has a very demanding executive career. Finding the time to work in a high quality, challenging workout has been a difficult...until you and Turbo jam came into my living room! Wow!!! Turbo Jam is the most comprehensive, high intensity and FUN workout ever. I'm hooked forever!! My heartfelt thanks to you :)) Do you teach Master Classes in CA?

charlene johnson said...

Hi Chalene,
I am -small time singer/songwriter/mom from OC but now live in Colo. When people do an internet search on my name your sites often come up too because they are so similar.
So I finally decided to check out your blog and I was pleasantly surprised to read your inspiring post. Thank you. I'm honored to be confused with you ;)
Now if I will only buy one of your dvd's and lose the 30 lbs i've been holding onto;)
Charlene Johnson