Friday, November 10, 2006


Hey everyone sorry it has been quite some time since my last weekely update, but I can only name about five hundred thousand reasons why I have not had the opportunity to keep you posted. These past few weeks have been utterly insane! I have been diligently working on getting round 29 done and off to be finished, and let me tell you, round 29 ROCKS! I have previewed it in some of my classes locally and it seems to be a big hit.

Secondly, we have just concluded the first part of the Turbo Jam 2007 informercial. Man was that a blast! It was so amazing to finally meet all of those individuals that have put so much time and energy into Turbo Jam. They have literally made Turbo their life! They have seen some fantastic results and the pounds have just melted right off of them.
One of my testimonials had lost well over 100 pounds doing TJ in her living room. Also, funny story, one of the testimonials, she went out and spent thousands on a bigger tv stereo system so that she could really rock TJ! The people that I met are those people that make this all worth while. This is what I set out to do when I created the program and now I see such tremendous results, it literally leaves me speechless. Me speechless, by the way, does not happen often.

Finally, we made another trip out to Philly to QVC headquarters. I took some of my best girls and we rocked it for sure! I must take time to mention a funny thing that happened while we are on QVC. So they pulled a few random audience members to come up with us and give the "pump" a whirl. And for all of you that may have seen it, let me just say that one of the ladies may have crossed the line from R rating to X rated. All I can say is, it was a blast! QVC was a success and I had a great time while I was there with all my goofy ladies. I look forward to all of the new workouts and I hope that you will as well becuase they are rockin!

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