Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Yummy Mondays- Curried Chicken Salad

• 2 tablespoon raisins
• 2 tablespoon reduced-fat(I prefer non-fat) mayonnaise

• 1 teaspoon curry powder
• 2 teaspoon lemon juice
• 1 scallion,

• 4 ounce cooked chicken,
• . Salt and pepper to taste
• . Baby spinach leaves,
Fresh grapes cut in halves

In a small bowl, soak raisins in hot water for 10 minutes until plump. Drain and set aside. Whisk together mayonnaise, curry powder, and lemon juice until smooth. Stir in scallions, raisins, and chicken. Season with salt and pepper. Line two plates with spinach leaves and mound equal amounts of salad on each plate.

I love this salad because it is fast, easy and it will keep in the refrigerator for more than one day. That is as long as you keep seperated the chicken mixture from your lettuce. Yet another recipe that is healthy and keeps you full for a long time! What more could you ask for!!

Calories 210 Carbs 22
Fat 8 Cholesterol
Fiber 2 Sodium 700
Protein 14

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Amanda said...

This is on the top of my must try list!

Keep'em comin!!