Friday, February 09, 2007

New Infomercial shoot

I'm so excited for people to see the new infomercial for Turbo Jam and hear about the exciting research regarding use of the gloves with Turbo Jam. I think the results will speak for themselves.

I had the most fantastic experience filming this show. We put out the word for Turbo fans to join me to shoot a huge workout. In less than a weeks time we assembled 100 plus of the hottest, most energetic, fun loving jammers you could ever imagine. Though most were from right here in Southern California, people traveled from as far away as Ohio. We shot two days worth new material and by the end of the day on Wednesday we even had the camera crew pumpin' it!
Here are a few highlights...

My OC girls....Nikki, Toni, Asia and from Colorado...Mary...

Auntie Ricky and Supermodel Danielle

Cindy and Tiffany

A few kicks for the booty!

Mcayla workin' the front row and sweet glove wraps...

We used 5 real life women who do Turbo Jam to demonstratethe moves this time. All are mom's except Bethany (far right) and the best news of all... as documented in this photo...THEY EAT!

And they chill....

How hot is my sister??? She rocked! I can't wait to see the footage.
Daaayyymmmnnn Girl! Are you sure you had a baby?

Some call her a make-up artist...I call her my miracle worker.
Tiffany is the best! It doesnt hurt that she's got a sassy sense of
style and does Turbo Jam with me at the gym every
am before the crack of dawn. She rubed the lipstick off my teeth,
told me their was a booger hanging from my nose, gave me a
secret tip about how to keep the whites of your eyes really white, (which I
would share with you now, except then I'd have to kill you) and who
was a total treat to spend two days with!

But at the end of the day...when the eyes are glassy, the body
tired, the mind turns to mush and self tanner starts to
wear off...there's nothing better than
to have someone sitting in your corner ready to wrap his big
arms around you, put a kiss on your forehead and whisper..."I'm proud of you."

I couldn't do what I do without my partner. I appreciate all that he does for me and the kids.

Thank you to everyone who dedicated their day to Turbo Jam. I had so much fun and I truly believe the room was filled with the most positve fun loving supportive people you could ever assemble. I have no doubt that because of their energy and their shared passion to help others understand that exercise can be a blast that this infomercial will change even more lives!

Many thanks to Lara, Carl, DJ Heather, Erica, Cort, Phil, Patty, Jonathan, Jon, Julie and David, Tiffany, Frank, Darren, Sean, DJ Gabe, Pierre, Mary, Toni, Jenelle, Bret, Bryan, Giovanna, Bethany and even the guy who drove the Java truck!

A debt of gratitude to each person who encourages their neighbor, sister, brother, friend or co-worker to try this workout and a big hug to all the Mom's who are making better choices for their family!


Morgan Ferrin said...

Hey I love Turbo Jam! and I was wondering where I could get one of your Turbo Girl stickers? Also do you have a soundtrack of some of the Turbo Jam music?

Heather said...

Thats Great....can't wait to see more new TJ videos. Keep them coming! Love it, love it, love it!

Linda said...

Hello! Can't wait to see this nest spot! I'm from Quebec, Canada and after editing my profile and writing my bio and story in English (I'm French speaking) I realise that I could'nt enter the milliondollar contest... I'm disapointed but still, I wanted to express my gratitude, thank you and congratulate you for your works. Turbo Jam is the best work of all, as well balance for an old 58 model like me or my daughter, 19 who got a 100% marks in her gym class because she's a turbo jammer. She lost 40 pounds since last june and myself I lost more than 50 pounds and I've never been that shaped (even though I was an athlete in my teen. I recommend your workout to my friends! I wish you all the best.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE Turbo Jam! Chalene is such an inspiration! I can't waite to get the new Turbo Jam videos.


Jeanny said...

Hey Chalene! I used to Turbo Jam with you at Gold's and I miss it so much! I have bought your tapes, but it doesn't even compare to your high energy in class. Can you have TJ at LA Fitness?? They have a turbo kick class which is mediocre. We need TJ at LA Fitness! Miss you!

Linda said...

I'm so happy to hear you're still working on TJ and continuously promoting it. I truly hope the response to this new infomercial is good because I'm dying for more videos. I have the maximum results package, in fact I have every single TJ video available. I absolutely love them, and can't seem to get enough. So keep up the hard work Chalene! I look forward to more videos!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Chalene, I just wanted to say that I've been "Turbo Jamming" for about 2 months now, and I feel GREAT! I've tried lots of different workout programs before, but they just weren't for me. Now I have fun (and my husband even does it sometimes!). It's great to see you include guys and girls, lots of different ethnicities, ages and body types in your videos - they show that fitness is for everyone! Thanks again and keep up the good work!

BossyMommy said...


I LOVE LOVE LOVE the TJ workouts. I have TONS of other workouts but they're all dust collectors now. I have all except the ball workouts (not into the ball thing). But I love the rest and thank you so much for putting them out there. Will there be new workouts along with the new infomercial??

Carrie said...

I have been doing Turbo Jam since January and am addicted. I'm 47 and have more power and flexibility than I did in my 20's. I've done Jeet Kun Do for years but now I feel stronger and more powerful than ever. I have all the DVD's and am so looking for more -- especially with more martial arts! Love it, Love it, Love it!!!!

steveapan said...

Turbo Jam is my favorite!!! All my friends are hooked on it now too!! Tonight we are getting together for our weekly Turbo Jam Party, its a blast with you! We were also wondering where we could get those Turbo Girl stickers?? I love Turbo Jam!