Saturday, March 22, 2008


Nothing is more annoying than having your bra strap show when you're wearing a sleeveless top. The Strapper is an easy device you wear to keep those bra straps up and it helps lift and support.

All I can say is its AMAZING!! So simple I wish I would have thought of this!! I'm on the petite size, so nearly every bra top I wear I used to use string, or a rubber band to pull the straps together. The problem is/was that the string or rubber band always looks "funky" or put a dent in my back. The queen of all Hollywood gadgets, my fabulous friend and make-up artist Tiffany discovered this little gem. They come in various sizes and colors.  Now you can wear all of those sexy racer back workout tops, or just keep those tacky bra straps from falling down on your arm. Its made of a soft material so it very comfortable and doesn't stick to your skin. And talk about easy to put on!!! Now, they're not perfect...I wish they were made out of a rubbery material instead of plastic as I have to admit I have had them pop out of place while working out (though rarely). So if the creators of the Strapper are reading this... please consider creating a version specifically for workout wear! 

They're the bombay


1. Before putting Bra on, loosen Straps (usually most of the way) enough so when you bring them together there is no discomfort.
2. Working behind your neck, hold the Strapper like an "H" and weave your strap around one arm of the Strapper.
3. Switch hands and do the same to the opposite side.
4. Slide down with fingers and find your Comfort Zone.

This amazing product is sold all over online, just google "The Strapper". Or for all those Target shoppers you can find it there as well.


DietMe said...

hi Chalene

i love your DVD's could you put me on a play to work it out i am looking to lose weight.

The Catwhisperer said...

Thanks for sharing this information Chalene. I've been looking for something like this for a long time.