Sunday, March 09, 2008

WOOOHOOO!! Back to the Blog!

Well, it's a start. Today will just be a few paragraphs and my return of the Yummy Mondays.

So let me tell ya what I'm up to today and later I'll fill ya in on what's been going on
in the last couple of months :)

As for today...I'm typing this from my MacBook (I totally heart all things Apple) from the desk chair of
my hotel room in the lovely Burbank, California (about an hour from my home). My call time is
7:30 am, which is when my fabulous friend and make-up artist Tiffany (who seems to know
every fashion, make-up and beauty tip the celebrities use) will take me
from "OMG...SCARY" to camera ready! Most days we've finished around 7:30 pm! Long -
long days lately.

I'm filming a new series called, "ChaLEAN Extreme" (little play on my name...that btw..
does not have Mom very happy to have my name intentionally
misspelled. The program name is growing on me! The program itself I couldn't be more
excited about. More details to come, but in a nutshell, it's a strength training program
built on the science and research I have been studying for the past year. The program
is built on the concept of Undulating Periodization and heavy weights to create very
different results in men than we see in women. Men get leaner and bigger, women get
leaner, but smaller. Both species are happy!

Every 30 days the program changes. Every 30 days you do a different style of lifting..
a different program. The results of all of our testing are jaw dropping, eye popping
and life changing for me.

So... in order to replicate exactly what I've been doing with these people every
week (5 days a week)... I had to film 5 to 6 workouts for every 30 days to last
people 3 to 4 months! The result...somewhere between 16 and 18 fat stripping,
metabolism blasting workouts that I really think are the most sound and
and life changing workouts anyone will have seen to date on the market. Not
because I created it, but because I really used the best University studies to
create something based 100% on what works.

Whew. I've filmed 14 so far, 4 more this week! It' a bit taxing (okay to be honest..
I'm completely insane and off my rocker right now..,) but only because it
takes me out of my normal daily routine and temporarily away from my kids and
hubby several days a week... which me "no likey". My family and my routine
keep me sane.

(Now picture me in a yoga pose breathing deeply) But I'm blessed to do what I do and
this is a small price to pay for the huge impact I know this will make on people, especially
those who like me (approaching 40) thought that their age had something to do
with the metabolism slowing... it's actually a loss of muscle. More on that later.

Anyway... to summarize I have been working on this project 7 days a week for the past
6 months. I apologize for my momentary absence from my blog, but when my
workload increases, I cut back in luxories (like blogging) so that I don't have to cut
back on family time.

Well....4 more videos this week, then I promise a deep breath, some
snowboarding, and a detailed update and all the juicy details about a program
that will turn at home exercise on its head! Til then, here's a Yummy




Rony said...

I just discovered you a few short weeks ago and love your work-out!!

Anonymous said...

So so glad you're back! I check your blog everyday and can't tell you how excited i was to see a post today. I am one of your biggest fans! Love Turbo Jam!!

allie said...

Hi Chalene, anyways The other day while I was in bed I saw the infomercial for Turbojam, and it seem like such a good, entertaing, fun work-out that I had to try it.
I've never really worked out in my life, i never had the power to do it, specially cardio...untill turbojam. THe first day I did it, I felt grat I couldn't beleive that I had just done a whole 35 minutes of cardio!! I love it, I still have a long way to go , it is so difficult for me to get out of bed to work out but I'm trying. So thanks.

By the way are you aware of the website where people are complaining aboout turbojam? people are getting billed way more than they are suppose to and not getting a package at all or receving it months later instead of weeks? or being force to sign up to things that they don't want. I'm not making this up google it, you'll find it.

I think that's pretty sad since I think that it is such a great work out and they are cheating people out of buying it. I'm glad that I bought mine somewhere else and didn't have to dea lwith this hassel.

MelanieB said...

I'm looking sooo forward to these! Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my P90X, but I'm eagerly waiting to see what you can dish out! My strength training needs a new breathe, and I have a feeling this will be it! So, I'm waiting on baited breathe for these.
I enjoyed working out with you sooo much this weekend at the Summit (as I always do). Thanks for the chance to shake it on stage with you (and Bryan, of course). We had a blast!
Much love and thanks! Keep on jammin'!

wickedmom12 said...

Chalene -

I have to say that I love Turbo Jam. I am excited about your new workout videos and was wondering when they are due to hit the store or website and where will I be able to find them? You have been an inspiration to me and I truly appreciate you and all that you do without even knowing it. I look forward to hearing from you.


Hedy said...

Chalene I am so excited for you! These workouts sound fabulous and just what I need. I can hardly wait! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

How exciting! I cannot wait to have these in my hands =)

Anonymous said...

WE CAN'T WAIT for your new series!!!!

Tracy said...

Chalene, your new program sounds wonderful.

When will it be available to us? Will it be through Beach body?


wickedmom12 said...

Chalene -

I just have to tell you how much I LOVE Turbo Jam. I am so excited to see you have new videos coming out. When do you expect them to be ready and WHERE CAN I BUY THEM???? I started TJ last year and just bought the rest of your DVD's. I love working out to them everyday and just got my husband to start. I look forward to the new videos. Take care and God bless.


Tara said...

CHALENE!! GREAT to "see" you! Some of my friends (including $250K winner Kimberly Barnett) just saw you at the MDB/Beachbody summit last weekend, and I'm so sad I couldn't be there--I was already traveling, but for work! (ugh)

ANYWAY, my friends told me they got a preview of your new stuff, and I cannot WAIT to see the workouts--I love your work! Your attitude is perfect for me--motivating, challenging, and fun without being cheesy. I'm looking forward to trying anything you care to dish out. :-)


wickedmom12 said...

Chalene -

The new workout sounds great. When and where will it be available? I am looking ofrward to anotehr great series of workouts from you. Keep them coming they are so addicting.

Love ya -


Anonymous said...

Chalene, it was fantastic to work out with you at the Summit! You just amazed me how you can work out with such energy and still speak! :-) I was sucking wind...LOL!

I am SO looking forward to ChaLEAN extreme!!!


tridar said...

Chalene at the chance you will read my comment.

I have had two children and gained about 22 lbs between both pregnancies. I was NEVER a very active person (no working out, use to love to go out and dance and did that often but that was it). I didn't feel I had to as I was always a skinny little did that laziness catch up with me as I got older and had two pregnancies.

Since starting turbo jam I lost 15lbs and I am getting so toned. I can't believe the muscle I am seeing....My body didn't look this good when I was just skinny. My oldest son (now 4) use to cover his eyes in shyness when Turbo Jam came on. Now he works out with me (he has a set of 1 lb weights) and tells me he wants to go to Chalene's house to play with her kids. He also tells me "Chalene is pretty". My youngest son is 14 months. The minute Turbo Jam music comes on he begins to laugh and dance. It makes me feel good to know that I am setting an example for my children so that they too will be active throughout their lives. The oldest is currently involved in many activites, but he also knows what is healthy food and what isn't. He enjoys his treats and understands that they are just that treats. Not to mention my husband. He has always been attracted to me....but he can't believe the way my body is transforming. It's been a fun journey that I plan to continue forever.

Chalene thank you for changing my life and making me realize that it is fun to be active.


Rob & Amy said...

I can't wait to see what's coming down the pipes! I heart Turbo Jam!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to see whats up your sleeve next!I am addicted to all your workouts.The things you do for people are amazing.I hope what your creating will be avalible for everyone.I am getting in better shape and loving it...Thanks to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene! I think this is the only way I know I can get in touch with you, haha, but I just wanted to say that last I lost 10 lbs between the end of my freshman year to the summer of sophore year because of your workouts! Yet, reality hit hard and my dad was diagnosed with cancer which really hit me hard, and slowly I became a little more than my starting weight by the end of last year. Ive been able to maintain it but I just want to get back to where I was. Now it my junior year (the tougest!) but I need some way to inspire myself that I can do it, my dad is healthy now and losing weight, but for me with stress and all the bumps in the road from personal issues, there's a voice in my head that's keeping me from obtaining my goal. Let's say as a big time stress reliever, I eat (im sure thats common). Will you give some advice?

Lisa Decker Griffith said...

Boy, you must be pooped!
It was great to meet you at the Summit. Thanks for squeezing it in between all that you are doing.

Best wishes on your new program. I am sure it will rock and get a bunch of people super healthy and strong!

Lisa Decker Griffith

The Youngs said...

SwEEt! I can't wait for ChaLEAN Extreme! Not that I am any where near bored with Turbo. Thanks for your dedication and sharing your family with us. You are incredible!

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOD!!! I can't wait. Please don't take too long because I'll be holding my breath. :))

Love ya.

BYU 5th Ward said...

Of course, you have no clue who I am, but I teach, Turbo, PiYo and HHH...that's how I know you. This new format sounds awesome, but honestly...should we expect anything less from you? Can't wait to learn more about it.

Thanks for the yummy recipes. I'm always looking for something new for my family and I.

Jade and Bender said...

Yay! You're back!!! It was getting so quiet and lonely around here. I still work out to your Turbo Jam!! I love it! It's helped me shed 34 lbs! Though with this new top secret program you've been working, I can't wait! Woohoo! You rock Chalene!

Anonymous said...

I heard that this ChaLEAN workout series literally has no music. Not bad music, just complete silence. is that true? Seems like the opposite of what we love you for!

Anonymous said...

Hi Charlene! I love your workout! My mom bought it for me! I got a quick question? Can you tell me the name of the song by Daveed in your abworkout? I've been looking for this singer everywhere and can't find the name of the song I'm looking for. Could you post it in your blog ? Thanks!

wickedmom12 said...

I am so excited to see the ChaLEAN Extreme. I have lost 25 lbs so far and hope to lose 20-25 more. I have firmed up so much since I started and I can't wait to see what is up your sleeve. I will be meeting you on Saturday for HHH on Maui and I am so excited. See you there ;-)


Amy M. said...

How exciting!

I've got to say I just discovered Turbo Jam and I'm happy to have the chance to tell you how much I love it! I'm 31 and have had 5 children in the last 7 years! Including a gestational surrogacy -carrying a friend's biological twin boys, (6 lbs 13 oz and 6 lbs 8 oz -my abdominals have HAD it). I was feeling like things were just going to be downhill for me physically but now I'm feelin' positive again!

Thanks for giving me a way to take myself back -for the first time in several years I feel like I can do something to take care of me!

Waiting for ChaLean Extreme!


Jamie said...

Chalene! Your workout is fun and so addictive! I just love the music, that's what seperates your program from others (It's not boring!) plus you're gorgeous!

Ashaloo said...

Okay this brings me some serious hardcore joy! I am so excited to see your new stuff. I am slightly addicted and completely blame you for my problem lol. I bought your vids, took them with me to college and got all 4 of my roommates addicted as well.

I can't wait! Good luck with you tiring schedule!

ako said...

hi chalene, i'm mia from the philippines and have been doing your workout since 2006. i am so excited that you are coming up with ChaLEAN Extreme because i've been looking for something to supplement your turbo sculpt workout. i'm getting married in jan 2009 and need to lose 60 lbs!!! do you know when this new workout of yours will be released? i can't wait to get my hands on them!!!

Andrea said...

I love Turbo Jam and am so excited that you are coming out with such a comprehensive program. I am doing p90x and love the fact that the routines change every 30 days. I can't wait to see your take on it!!
You are such a boost in the morning (who needs coffee!). Your energy in infectious and I always feel ready to face the day after one of your workouts!

marina said...


For the past year and a half your workouts have been a daily part of my life. I just want to take this oppourtunity to thank you for a workout series that is really for the people. I truly feel as though I have a friend who truly cares about my health and well being. And to think, when I was younger I would cringe at the thought of working out. I am so excited about your new series ChaLEAN Extreme and keep checking beachbody for it !!!! I was recently in california and would have loved the oppourtunity to come say thank you personally. I'm not sure that will ever happen, so this will have to do so, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!!

Laura W. said...

I feel both slightly ridiculous and a little stalkerish for commenting, but I guess that's what a blog is for! I just wanted to let you know that after a bazillion different at-home workouts, I have found and fell in love with Turbo Jam.

My wedding is in 72 days (*scream*) and I've been TRYING to get in the best shape I can. There are days when I honestly do NOT want to workout (and some nights I don't) but EVERY time I opt to try instead of stay on the couch, I'm so uplifted and encouraged by your spirit and the workout itself. Every time I hear you say, "This is your workout." I feel like crying because I'm having SO MUCH FUN and my body is loving it!

I just wanted to thank you for what you're doing - I feel a little glimmer of hope now that I know you and your programs exist!!!! Please keep up the awesome work!!!!

God bless!

Ira Clare Reyes said...

Hi Chalene, I have been using turbo jam and getting great results. However, I wanted to know if there are options for me to purchase your Chalene Extreme since I live in the Philippines. Do you ship in the Philippines?