Monday, April 14, 2008

Come Dance with Me! Camp Turbo Kick 2008

Many of you have stumbled upon my Blog through your exposure to Turbo Jam, my at-home exercise video series offered through Beachbody. I get hundreds of emails each week asking if I'm actually a teacher (that's so funny!), or people wanting to know where they can take a live class or how they can take a live workout with me. So, I thought I'd tell you exactly how to do that, and a little more! can take a live class with me, but better than that, you can spend 4 days with me and a couple hundred of your closest Turbo friends and leave thinner, happier, more motivated and inspired than you ever thought possible!

A little history ....

You see... Turbo Jam is the "at home" version of a class I've been teaching for health clubs across the country for over 11 years, called Turbo Kick. Turbo Kick is the club version, Turbo Jam is the home version. Many Turbo Jammers fall in love with the program, master it and then wonder what's next. That's when so many of you do a little internet investigation and learn that there is a way to take your new passion for Turbo to the streets and you make the jump from exerciser to instructor! YES! You CAN become a Turbo Kick certified instructor. My company, Powder Blue Productions (which I have operated along with my husband for 12 plus years) offers training programs to become a certified Turbo Kick instructor in locations across the United States and dozens of International locations every weekend. To learn more....check out my website at

But YO! That's not what I'm blogging about today. Today, I wanted to tell you about an event that brings people who love Turbo, hip hop, dance and all things positive together for 4 days of fit-tab-ulous FUN with me and all your favoirte Turbo Video stars! It's called Camp Turbo Kick! You don't have to be an instructor. You don't have to be in great shape. You don't have to be an experienced Turbo person. All you have to be open minded, positive and ready to have a fit-tab-ulous good time.

Camp Turbo is a one time, one location event held every summer in Southern California. (And don't even botha asking... cuz we ain't gonna do one in your town, or in the winter or in your state, or a different week....Love it or leave it. It's one time a year, one location!)

So... the what's the big deal???...

In a nutshell, here a few quotes from people who went to Camp Turbo Kick 2007....

"It was like adult cheer camp for those of us who never got to be a cheerleader!"

"It's like lightening in a bottle."

"It gave me high that I feel could last me the whole year."

"I've never felt so supported or good about myself in all my life. "

"I'm a changed woman. I leave today with a better body and a plan for a better marriage."

"I will never look at Turbo or any exercise the same way again."

"I feel 10 years younger. ""It's like going back to a highschool pep rally that lasts 4 days and didn't include the mean girls!

""I wont be able to sleep for weeks. This is just the pick me up I needed."

"I arrived knowing not a soul. I left with 300 new friends."

"I have no idea how to put into words what this weekend has done for my spirt."

So if 300 hundred hyper, happy, music crazy, turbo frenzied workout fanatics doesn't sound like your cup of tea, this might not be your thaaaang. We ask that all "Debbie Downers" stay home. This is 4 days of motivation. This is an investment in your personal battery pack!

You'll workout with me several times every day! Even though there will be 350 participants, you can select to be on any team you want. Being on the team helps you to get to know a small group and really feel connected. Here's a run down of our team captains, which were selected based on your votes!

Your team rallies around their 'team color" and your team leaders will make sure you feel a welcome part of the family. Even if you come to camp all by yourself without knowing a soul, you'll feel welcome and supported! You can pick the team you want to be on! Then let the fun begin! We'll work-out, do an evening dance party, shopping, motivational lectures, hip hop for the non funky, healthy food, body shaping and loads of shopping..So what can you expect? You can expect a nice mix of workouts blended with motivational workshops and lectures. It might look like alot of exercise, but there's just enough spacing for you to regain your energy, even if your not in great shape.

Honestly camp attendance is about 85% female, with many gals bringing along husbands (who don't seem too terribly disappointed to be in the minority...note the huge smile on my husbands face in the photo below). Heck, what better gift to give your husband than to surround him with hundreds of energetic women who love to dance! Of course we have a decent and ever growing population of Turbo Men each year who also seem to love being in the minority! As a matter of fact, we have three male Team Captains this year who can shake it with the best of them! During the day you'll be wearing workout clothes from sun up til sun down. The evenings are speical events like our meet and greet photo session on Thursday, Friday's fabulous LA style fashion show, and Saturday nights dance party!

Basically you'll be having fun and burning calories from sun up to sun down! Check out the slide show from last year's camp at the bottom of the page... limit attendance every year so that it's more of a personal experience. We are already approaching capacity.

I had not planned to mention camp on my blog until June, but with so few spaces left and teams filling up fast I didn't want you to miss out on the fun or the early bird discount!Come on! I promise you wont regret it!See you at camp!

Koom-buy- yah!Chalene


Anonymous said...
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Alice said...

No really, Turbo Camp is off the charts fun. Miss you Chalene!

Charlotte said...

Wow! I wish I could go this year but with no money I can't. Maybe next year I can come kick it into gear with you!

Amy Schwartz said...

I can't wait for Camp Turbo Kick! I've been wanting to go since 2006 and this year I'll be there!

I started as a Turbo Jam fanatic, became Turbo Kick certified, and now I'm a Turbo Kick addict! Can't get enough Turbo and can't talk about it enough!

I'm excited to meet you, Chalene.

One of your biggest fans...
- Amy

Erin B said...


Tara said...

Chalene it would be soo great to meet you and the cast! Will you ever do a class in Hollywood? That's where I am and I just looooove Turbo Jam and your energy. Turbo Jam makes it fun for me to get up and get healthy. Well please let me know where your live class is, I will trek it out there! I cant go to the camp, thats my moms bday...So I want to go to a live class at least.
You Rock
Tara Erickson LA,CA

Jessica said...

Hi Chalene!

Just thought you should know you have huge fans in the Peace Corps! We live in Jordan and working out outside is not an option. I didnt get ahold of turbo jam until my second year and its changed my life! Thanks!