Monday, June 30, 2008


I Think I found a long lost sister!!! Lisa Lillien the author of Hungry Girl, I swear we share a brain.  Her website and book is THE BOMB!!!! I am sure she won't mind, but I am going to feature a few things from the book and website.  I hope you find them as great as I have.


1.  Nonstick cooking spray instead of oil ( for stove top)
2.  Canned pumpkin instead of eggs or oil ( for baking)
3.  Light vanilla soymilk instead of milk or cream
4.  Fat-free liquid egg substitute instead of eggs
5.  No-sugar-added applesauce instead of butter
6.  Ground-beef-style soy crumbles instead of ground beef
7.  Splenda no calorie sweetener (granular) instead of sugar
8.  Butternut squash instead of potatoes 


Caitlin said...

Hi Chalene :-) I <3 You! I just wanted to say that my mom bought this cookbook and the recipes in it are amazing!!!! They even have margaritas that are low-cal and delicious!!! It's a great way to find food that is still delicious and is good for you too! Thanks Chalene! Can't wait for Cha-LEAN Extreme :-D

Tanya said...

Oh, Chalene, a girl after my own heart!

I NEVER use cookbooks, but since finding the HG cookbook, I eat something out of there almost every day. It's funny, I bought it for my Mom for Mother's Day, and I use it more than she does.

It is VERY vegetarian-friendly and I haven't found one thing that I don't love! Lisa also introduced me to the deliciousness that is the Vitatop Muffin!

So glad you updated your blog and I too am anxious for the ChaLEAN Extreme--I just found TJ a month ago and can't believe I found something that gets me EXCITED to workout! Thanks for being my inspiration! <3 <3

jencut said...

She has a great website too!! Check it out at

Thanks Chalene - you're the best. I love when you are the celebrity in WOWY! It is so fun to have you there!

Chantel Carvery said...

Hi Charlene, I bought the Turbo Jam videos last year and because I procrastonate quite a bit I just started using them faithfully. I actually misplaced the schedule that tells you which workout to do on which day so I am just putting in what I have time for. I love the videos and I feel great after the workout. I just have to stay motivated and figure out how to eat right..!! That can be hard if you have no clue, like me :) I do have a question in regards to the newer Turbo Jam videos reciently available with the gloves etc..If you have the set of videos that were available last year (originals) is there any way to ge the additional items without having to purchase the entire package again?? Please advise. Thank you so much for your time,
Chantel Carvery

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