Monday, March 15, 2010

Ask me Anything! Mailbag Friday

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renee said...

Don't worry about the iPhone - I have Verizon too - and I just got the DROID - a better phone Chalean (especially for us gals with nails) - hello the touch screen is a real bummer! - but with the DROID it has this cool key pad that slides out, has great apps (love calorie counter - and tons more apps for FREE!). I said I would never have one of these smart phones and now I wonder how I made it without my DROID!
And by the way - I don't work for any phone company or Verizon - I'm a Beachbody Coach - a HUGE fan of yours (finished Chalean Extreme - and loved every minute of it!!!) and a wife & mom (my most important jobs).
Hugs - Renee (DecideToBeFit)