Friday, February 19, 2010

Ask me Anything! Mailbag Friday

By: Chalene Johnson


RaspberryKidz said...

started following you the other week, Chalene. Love your blog. : )

Alaina Perry said...

I LOVE TURBO JAMZ! This is amaizing and I feel amaizing doing it and afterwards. This is fun and I look forward to doing this daily. You make it sooo much fun with you upbeat attitude and fun workout. I have told all of my friends about turbo jamz and have plastered you all over facebook. Thank you. I was wondering where to get the turbo girl sticker for my car.
Alaina Perry

Lethe said...

Dear Chalene,
I just want to thank you so MUCH for creating the Chalene Extreme workout program! Sticking to it has made such a difference in my body, mind and soul! I truly think you are such an amazing person!

I am on my final week of the lean month and I've never looked so good in my life ( I am 29 years old)! I can't honestly say that I followed the program 100 percent, especially the eating plan, but I'm still leaner, stronger and more confident than I've every been! Thank you again for sharing your talent and passion!

Much Aloha,