Friday, February 26, 2010

Ask me Anything! Mailbag Friday


Cinderella said...

Chalene, 2 years ago I lost about 25 lbs in 4 months I had gained in college thru your turbo jam. Right after I noticed my breasts became soft but had always been firmer & harder. I have been lifting weights since high school & have used a personaltrainer/bodybuilder for the past 5 months. The 1st 2 months my breasts were harder but have gone back to soft. They don't droop & are still round, but at 44 I want to make them firmer & harder again like the rest of me. He has put more muscle & definition on me, but I want my firm boobs back, what is your advice?
Hope to hear from you asap.
Thank you,

Jodika101 said...

Hi Chalene, I just was wondering that since you strive to be so healthy, does that mean you eat mostly or only organic foods? I mean why consume pesticides and wreck havoc on our planet, right? Also have you ever looked into the Vegan Raw food diet/ lifestyle?
I absolutely love it, because you never feel deprived! Like if you wanted a chocolate cake, then it's totally fine AND healthy for you, because it's just nuts, dates, and raw cacao! Oh I love it so much, I got started on the diet about a little over a year ago, at a site called it is such a great site! Please if you don't mind could you check it out; and let me know!

Love CE and TK&TJ and Piyo and hip hop hustle!!


April said...

omg! you are so hysterical! I swear, you're like a mini-ME! (I'm hysterical too!) You are SO my kind of girl! (I say you're a "mini" because you're so petite and I am ... not. I'm a tall girl. :) don't be jealous....
But anyway, I am so very glad that I chose to do your Chalean Extreme program and have you for my "instructor"! I'm doing great (about 12 days in) and I just love your sassy personality and your "get-er-done" attitude! Cheers, girl!
OH! And, BTW, I love you and I can't live without you. (that's stalker talk) LOL!