Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Guard Your Words


Miss Rachel said...

I just really want to thank you for posting these videos. It's the pick me up I needed. I needed to recharge my self esteem with my weight loss and exercise goals because I was just about to give up. I've been working so hard for the last three weeks, and I know I'm getting stronger, but the scales are barely showing it. So my negative voice is telling me it's pointless and to give up, but you videos was the pick me up I needed to keep going, and to keep thinking positive. Thanks so much.

helloagol said...

Hello Chalene! I've been a Turbo Jammer for more than a year, but have had to pause for health issues. I can't wait to get back to kickin' it again.

Your blog videos inspire me and help me keep my dream alive to be the best I can be mentally and physically. You make a difference and in case you haven't heard it lately: THANK YOU!!

Heartfelt Blessings,