Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Gasp! Fitness fashion girl posts kitchen gadget at Bomb Bay of the Day? Pick your jaw off the floor, it's true. And those of you who have been following along know that most all of my recipes are only going to be tested and prepared by my DH. He's a wonderful chef and truly a masterful artiste in the culinary department. (But could care less about the difference between a flat head and a phillips). We all have our strengths!

Meat lovers unite. My apologies to vegans and vegetarians! I love ya and certainly don't want to offend you with
meat talk! As my good friend Jay Blahnik always says, "I don't like to eat things that have eyes or a mother." It's never stopped me from enjoy fresh fish or meat, but it cracks me up every time he says it!

So I discovered this bomb bay through Bret. This little gadget is the Bomb Bay if you enjoy tender, juicy, cut it with a butter knife chicken and beef! I'm not kidding! Even I, the girl who burns toaster waffles, can cook a tender chicken breast with this little tool in my arsenal. Love it!

I bought mine after seeing a demo on QVC. We've had this one for over a year and we give them as gifts to everyone we know. In my search on line today, I found it at several locations all under $20.00, even as low as $16.00. We throw ours in the dishwasher and use it nearly everyday. It's in great condition.

How it works...Basically you just hold on to the top and press or punch it into and all over your piece of meat. I find the more I press it, the tenderer the meat and the less time it takes to cook (probably due to the tiny holes that are created)

As you can see, as the bottom of the device is pressed, the blades (nearly 50 of them) create tiny angled
cuts in your piece of meat.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene! I am a high school student in need of losing weight. I started working out with your Turbo Jam videos, but I lose my hope too easily, and even though I've stuck to it, I feel pretty depressed with what I see everyday in the mirror. Thank you for being your fun self!

Kim Taylor said...

YEAH! Picked this up for my mad-grillin dad for Father's Day! Thanks for the suggestion!!!

turbogirl said...

You are hilarious! You can never underestimate the power of a good meat tenderizer! I want to thank you for Turbo Jam...I have personally lost 30 pounds (30 to go!) and my friend that gets up every morning at 5:00 to do Turbo Jam with me has lost 40! We just did your Fat Blaster (YIKES) and at the end saw your beautiful home but what caught our eye was.....your car decal! WHERE DO WE GET ONE? I have been searching the net and can't find them :( Please help us...we are true Turbo Girls (did I mention we get up at 5:00 AM?) and we want Wisconsin to know it! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, anonymous.
I don't know if you'll drop back here again anytime soon.
I've been there friend......truly.
Try hard to set short term goals to celebrate them. As in, make it your goal to so the parts of turbo that are harder for you (squats are mine)
promising yourself that you're going to give it all that you got.
Then, when you're done, you will be shocked and blessed that you were able to do what you committed to. (it's character building too actually, because being a person who DOES what they commit to doing is really amazing thing)

Don't be discouraged when you see the road before you either.....just keep looking at the next 20 feet coming up....and preach to yourself "I CAN do this"

It has to come from you, no external encourgement will last friend.
I'll be praying for you....don't give up.

Bronwyn said...

One of Alton Brown's favorite tools— you go, girl! :~)

Anonymous said...

I really miss your posts. I check your blog everyday hoping there is something new on here. I'd love for you to keep it's so much fun to read. PS-I LOVE Turbojam!

Jen2 said...

Seriously Chalene....where you at girl ??

Hope that you're enjoying your family and perhaps some time off....but know that your blogging tips are missed !

later friend ~

Mrs Mo said...

HI Chalene! I love your video workouts. I've always struggled with weight and still do. Your strength training makes me feel great. I hope I have your energy and body after I have kids!

Lauren said...

That was a funny post about the meat tenderizer!

I'd be one of those vegetarians you speak of ;-) The comment about what your friend Jay always says reminds me of how I explain my vegetarianism to others, I usually go with the "I don't eat anything with a face or a mother". Usually keeps things pretty clear cut and usually gets a chuckle or two!

marthafaapepele said...

Hi Chalene, my names Martha and I live in New Zealand. I started doing Turbo Jam last year and I really enjoy it. I have lost nearly 20kgs from eating healthy food and doing TJ. I wanted to know if you would ever consider bringing your classes to NZ. The classes here are alright but not as much fun. I've spoken to other ladys around the country and they all love TJ and would attend classes. Thank you for creating Turbo Jam. Totally love it.

Erin said...

Chalene, where have you gone??

deedmeyer said...

U can get the decal at They also have magnets so you don't have to put a sticker on your car!

courtney said...

Hi Chalene. My name is Courtney, and i've been trying to find a way to get in touch with you. Its kinda confindental what i wanted to tell you, so if you could e-mail me at or that would be great! Its nothing that important i would just like to tell you something. :D k thank you and have a great day!!


crystal said...

Hello Chalene!
I am 36 yrs young and have 4 children, well I love your Turbo Jam videos!!! U make me laugh, through the burn! My tummy is the uglyest of my body(I think) I am looking to the road 20 feet ahead... keeping my chin up! thank you for putting the fun into working out! Crystal.....

Anonymous said...

Hi Chalene,
Can you give me the brand and/or name of the sneakers you are wearing in turbojam CD with the red springy coils on the bottom? I think your sister is wearing the same ones but in another color. Thanks for any help you can give.